Style by night: Haute Overlay


When I saw it, I totally just spent like 10 minutes hugging the package.

Isn’t it darling?

The look of the night is sophisticated elegance; None of my usual clubbing near-hoochie babe dresses.

PicMonkey Collage.jpgedwa

I’m rocking the AX Paris Lace Overlay Midi Dress in Nude.

It fits like a dream.

Listen, I’m not ashamed – I’m a dress size 12 so my ass and boobs usually make it hard to get the ideal fits. This dress, sold by British online retailer , does not over-emphasize ones size and lumps. It is designed to be elegant, affordable and meticulously made.

There are no loose threads from factory errors. and there’s space for ass, thunder thighs and buxom boobs.

So go shop this label at GTL:

AX Paris

Going for £ 28

PicMonkey Collage.jpgfgew

Look of the Day: Trail Blazer


I’m a woman who likes the really simple side of fashion styling, so when I was at London Fashion Week dressed in such a manner, I got quite alot of requests for photo ops and interviews regarding my style. One of the people who requested my time was a liaison from one of Britain’s leading online retailers –

While I don’t market myself as a “fashion blogger” in the archetypal sense, I am a blogger with a love of fashion, and as such I welcome any opportunity to further advance the exposure South African street style gets globally.

I received a package from Getthelabel, and found myself utterly delighted at what was within.

So I decided to style each item up and premier them as my look of the day.

Today’s look? Trail Blazer.

I’m wearing a powder blue Vero Moda Womens Vmbusso Long Blazer teamed with a paisley print top, boyfriend jeans, stilettos and accessories of my choosing.

I totally adore the blazer guys – NO LIES!


Do you know how hard it is for tall people to find jackets that serve very specific functions to their needs while also looking stylish? It’s really hard.

This blazer has length that accommodates long arms, and is tailored to the female form in such a way that it does not overwhelm the silhouette, and amplifies the lines of the body creating height, and an air of elegance. The blazer is warm enough for a chilly day, but thin enough not to overheat the wearer on hot days. It can be day and night, it’s just privy to the wearers whims.

I plan to take this anywhere I travel because, until my wallet supports my Burberry coat obsession, Vero Moda has my heart for now.

Remember to shop the label:

Vero Moda

Going for £ 30

PicMonkey Collage

The perfect art to child-rearing


Let me begin by stating an absolute fact: there is no perfect art to child-rearing. Anyone who tells you different has done you a great disservice because you are pursuing something non-existent.
There isn’t a blueprint or a formula. But let me not tell you about all the “not’s”.

I’ll tell you about my mother and I, and you can interpret however you choose.

When I walked into my moms room, threw myself on her bed and started chatting she asked me some stuff about the way she raised me. One question particularly stood out: “What did I do so right?”
This isn’t arrogance, she has been asked “What did you do?” by so many people over many years – as if the measure of who I am can be quantified by adding, dividing and subtracting to the square root of discovering perfection.

I don’t consider myself to be the perfect child, but should we delve into the basic prerequisites of a perfect archetypal modern child, there are a lot of blocks I get checked in on my profile.

After my mom asked me “What did I do so right?” I told her: “It wasn’t one thing. It was everything.” I surmised that the way she reared me was reactive to the polarizing opposite of how she was raised. I told her that who I am and how I came to be wasn’t entirely her doing, but that I had developed my knowledge, behavior etc. from years of observing and reacting in kind. I evolved myself using my personality to learn and adapt in any environment.

My mom gave me an incredible opportunity to imagine and be a child beyond the limitations of what reality would eventually restrict me to.

In meditating on my own childhood I came to an understanding of one the freedoms of childhood:

Children are brave.

As a  baby my universe was what I could hear, see, taste and touch. Poets say that “there is nothing beyond the senses”, and so as a baby and into adolescence there was nothing sinister in the shadows beyond the darkness I understood in color. The comfort felt in my mothers arms meant unwavering safety and love in that moment, with no heady depth to it referencing the marks of meaningful life experience. When I was young I did not know I was breakable and weak, and therefore did not need to act strong. Because I did not know who I was in my adolescence, there was no need to don a mask and present a farce to the world for one reason or another. My world was a fortress and a universe – able to be manipulated but vast enough to be interesting and dangerous. Fear did not factor into my worlds because my mother was part of the thing that made every day so full of promise and joy.

Children just want to have fun, explore and get into trouble unwittingly whenever possible. Its adults who understand fear.

So to run amok in youthful grandeur is a gift I never took for granted. I savored my freedoms, and the rebellious rearing so far away from the stereotypes of my race.

Mom said that I used to climb on high things – cars and cupboards alike – and then scream in joy as I jumped into her arms. She said I was fearless because I knew beyond a doubt that my mommy would catch me. In every scenario as long as I live – I know my mommy will find a way to catch me.

It is probably why I can throw myself into so many unpredictable life-altering scenarios – but I have been working on weaning myself of my dependency on this safety net

…it takes time.


**I plan to write more sometime so stay tuned for a 2.0 post.

Summer Couture


You know I never fail to love a good party, and attending Head Honcho‘s annual “Stay Fresh” events becomes mandatory to maintaining my feel-good vibes.


Me and my buddy Cwenga posing at the themes “All White” Stay fresh party.

We look like we’re starring in a new music video for Usher – LOL!DSCN3353

Bathroom selfie on fleek!

Boob levels are not :(black&white

Only one of my friends picked this up, but I decided to be lazy with my apparel this year and don a near replica of my 2014 outfit to the same event.

I wore the white – and more gaping version – Gabriella Fraser Designs jumpsuit with an open back, slitted sides and plunging front. It was the only choice when it came down to it, for an event that demands a clean party with no grunge factors. I love that the material she uses is heavy enough not to blow up and reveal my special parts, but light enough to be a must-have summer item.

How would you rate the way I styled them?

I searched thee entire Cape Town CBD looking for the perfect accessories and found those gold metallic tatts to don. I teamed those skin accessories with sunnies, a white leather cuff, a vintage silver necklace and flip flops.

They tell me not to dream big


I had a chat with someone a week ago and they told me that given my status as a ‘beginner’ according to world media, that I shouldn’t consider covering the Cannes Film Festival right now.

It’s good advice I guess – very pragmatic.

I find it utterly distasteful though for myself.

Even when faced with the certainty of failure and disappointment, I’ve never stopped myself from setting some incredible goals for myself.
I know I don’t have the money for it, nor the considerable experience that is apparently required to cover such an event.

What I do have is immeasurable passion to learn.

At the end of the day, such events have been covered all across the world in nearly the same structure. However, my predecessors have only then ever appealed to a specific kind of clientele in print publication, television etc. In the same way that I learned to navigate London Fashion Week by trial and error, I hope to do the same at Cannes. My approach and my perspective is singularly unique, and I hope to capture a rather exceptional piece of the acclaimed film festival.

I refuse to dream small.

I refuse to always remain logical and pragmatic about the logistics of my dreams.

I will find a way to Cannes, in the same breathe that I say I will cover the Toronto Film Festival, San Diego Comic Convention, work at Sundance and attend New York Fashion Week either this year, or the next!

I’m stylish with a Ruff Tung


I’ve been trying to forge new avenues of potential success for myself; using my vast skill set to customize a career for myself that doesn’t leave me feeling like I’m doing something mundane. I  love media, entertainment, and above all – fashion!

So finding out that I’d won a dress in a competition I’d entered by a fashion label called ‘Ruff Tung‘, was a great feeling.

I got to talking with the owner via texting, and decided to meet up while I was in Cape Town. From reviewing their pieces on the online store Spree website, I figured I’d only be partial to a few of their pieces and have little gumption to become a raving fan.

Oh!How foolish was I in that minute!

I went to the Ruff Tung headquarters

…and proceeded to just fall in love with a new fashion brand. Fooling around in their studio with the different pieces was great fun, and I found that once their dresses were in my hand I could not do anything but love them. I like a minimalist aesthetic, comfort and style; and to find folks who design with that in mind makes me happy.

 Playing with their navy Vanessa crepe dress with sequins detail in black.



My ass looks sooooo fetch in this dress.

I usually avoid patterns and print like the plague, but I feel so grown up and sophisticated sexy in this dress.

This is their geometric-print black and cream poly spandex dress.



 Besides their black one-arm jumpsuit, I die for this gown.

I took some time out of fooling around to lounge about Daisy Buchanan style.

Isn’t the gown just incredible in color?

It feels lovely and soft on the skin and flows freely.



Now that I got a really intimate look at the workings of Ruff Tung I cannot wait to begin our journey together in fashion.

Thank you for the gifts and great experience RT!

For anyone looking to buy some really good clothing items at affordable prices, visit the online store Spree and buy buy buy!

Out and about in Cape Town


Yesterday I had a really full schedule, but I made sure I met up with my second mommy and had lunch at Beluga.

Dim Sum is apaprently very delicate and is recommended to be served hot. We ordered 3 different kinds of Deep fried Wontons:


Mushroom Beef and coriander.

Coriander Chicken

It was a lovely meal and the vibe at Beluga is very relaxed and cool, with a warm formal set up.

The Foundry
Prestwich Street
Cape Town

After lunch and hitting The Lot’s R99.00c Sale on Kloof street I went to a meet-up with some friends at a place called Yours Truly, and had a depressingly terrible-tasting cocktail while being well-dressed.

Today I wore a knit dress from The Lot and leopard-print pumps from Trenery.


Afterwards we went to The Cape Town Carnival and got to watch Beatenberg perform. They have opened for Thirty Seconds to Mars during their Cape Town leg of the world tour. I love their sound because it does not have the heavy hand of being authentically African; Its a sound that is contemporary pop house in the South African context.

How you like the glimpses of Cape Town?