African identity is not patterned fabric


This is something done by everyone, and even Africans are not exempt from this facet of stereotyping.

I believe that Africa and it’s identity cannot, and should not, be reduced to a kind of print fabric. You hear the words often uttered with cavalier disregard, as if ethnic authenticity and a connection to the truth of Africa is best verified and engaged through the use of beads and patterns of African landscapes and animals. Much like the rest of the world, we as a continent have so much more that defines us, and in those archaic motifs continuously perpetuated, there is the potential to cultivate innovative genius.

I couple of days I ranted to my friend and to the twittersphere at large, about the recently revealed national costume our Miss South Africa is set to wear at the Miss World 2014 pageant. I was entirely irked. Looking at it through subjective and objective perspectives, anyone can deduce it’s lack of simple design aesthetic and style. It was a burnt orange and earth tone brown floor-length dress teamed with a rather flamboyant purple-feathered headpiece the likes of which would only be spotted in media personality Jennifer Su’s collection. I love the fact that the Miss South Africa has a brand initiative that supports local designers. However, I’m not inclined to like something purely for social development if the core of what it stands for is not truly a unique and beautiful truth. The dress is said to have been made by the Cape Town Fashion Design College. I just want to say: For a place dedicated entirely to the principles of fashion design, you sure dropped the ball on this. I wholeheartedly claim that I can design something that is as sophisticated and stylish, as it is patriotic. It is something that would have emphasized a progressive image of South Africa, instead of the costume she is set to wear that is quintessentially the way the world sees Africa in its entirety.

This may have been the straw that broke this camels back and her silent seething, but after writing a postgraduate thesis on the perpetuation of stereotypes around the Africa motif, I feel it prudent to write this post.

When it comes to fashion, South Africa is a cornucopia of raw inspiration and talent – Maxhosa by Laduma is proof of that. However, for other South African designers to go to Fashion Weeks and either design glamorous red carpet looks straight off the North American and European circuit, or repeat the same apparel design cut from ‘African prints’ is disheartening and annoying for a global fashion lover such as myself.

I’ll be in Europe at the start of 2015 and attending the numerous acclaimed Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks there. I hope that through my attendance I can represent numerous inspired contemporary African designs and brands, as a way of helping in the redevelopment of a new kind of image for the face of Africa and its many unique fashion industry’s from country-to-country. I am committed to networking with bloggers, designers, media, celebrities, brand associates etc. as a way of being a potential ambassador and tool that many in Africa and across the world, can utilize toward fostering a continued global fashion industry rapport.

Food, Drinks and Ambiance


 If you’ve never experienced titillating, taste-bud shaking decadence, might I suggest a little indulgence.

See, here’s the thing about being a student: You’re working on a student budget, you have no vast knowledge of the premise of Savings account, transportation is a huge issue, and all your money is poised at the ready for cheap food, alcohol and clothing….Well, maybe that’s just me.

On those rare days when you venture beyond frugality, it does wonders to go to the place notoriously known for making good food and drinks, not just the best establishment based on pompous ambiances.


I recently took some time away from writing my thesis to enjoy such luxury.

Initially my friend and I had planned on venturing to Mount Nelson for their High Tea, because I’m a sucker for Macaroons. However, the sun was close to setting and we decided on The 12 Apostles Hotel‘s Leopard Bar practically on the outskirts of Cape Town.


No one can ever utter the worlds that Hout Bay is not simply exquisite. The meeting of the two oceans makes for quite a good vibe, not to mention the establishment we were at nestled on a mountain slope and prime real-estate for Sondowners.


 I began the long trip down into feelgood’dom with a tall glass of(not something sexy unfortunately) Classic Mojito.

I’ve got to say it went down real easy anesthetizing the stress of academics that I’d been burdened under.

 I was there with this beautiful and stylish woman. IMG_0304You ever meet someone and you just click?

She talked fashion, travel and events with me and I was smitten. We’ve been best budz and planning global fashion exploits ever since.

How chic is her attire?

It’s what she calls modern “African print” styled in a two-piece cut snugly, and teamed with bling that complements her skin and bad-ass hair.

Let’s not forget the red lips and smile that brings more to an outfit that designer names ever could.


I was in a boring LBD(little black dress) with a gorgeous pair of Aldo strappy platform stilettos.

…But boy was I soaking up the ambiance behind my butterfly Spitfire shades.


We’re too classy for Selfies today so we got somebody to snap a picture of us in our man-made habitat.

I feel like War’s “Low Rider” should be playing behind this picture, right?!


“Next on the menu” you ask?

How about an Mojito that tasted a little like herbal medication?

White rum, Strawberry syrup, fresh strawberries, fresh mint
and lime juice, topped with MCC.

Not the greatest thing I’ve ever drunk I must say. I should have anticipated the taste with all that green swirling below.

Despite it all, it sure makes for a pretty picture, and induces your thirst when you’re parched and looking at this.

IMG_0306 If there was ever any need for you to feel motivated to go to The 12 Apostles Hotel, it’s for the plate below.

Home smoked chicken breast, bacon, avocado, Emmental, lettuce and tomato on ciabatta with fries.

Magnificent wonder of health, tastiness and goodness graciousness, with a side of aaaawesome.

IMG_0321 The hotel is open to any manner of folk willing to lay a little cash down for some over-all classy goodness.

I’d like to think if I have transport again, I’d head on over there and spoil myself.
The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa

 Victoria Road

Camps Bay


 Cape Town

South Africa

 +27 (0) 21 437 9000

Festive rings in at V&A


The December holiday in South Africa is filled with sunny skies and hectic prices.

I popped in at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront to see what was up in anticipation of festive fever.

The baubles and sparkles are up people. ALERT EVERYONE! Santa is literally in the building.

IMG_0227 There are mermaid murals at V&A.

How fancy is that? Our president was called out on allegedly having a twinset of mermaids doing his bidding, but alas, internet hoaxes.

Be still my mythos-loving heart.IMG_0244

Anyway, I took a walk to the newest area of V&A called The Watershed. It is home to  to more than 150 tenants who represent over 365 brands with pop-up shops, decor pieces and tourist traps like ‘african’ everything. *cue eye roll* Just stay tuned for my next story on those trappings.

But, we aren’t there now.

I visited a store of one of the designers who I had seen at Fashion Week, looking for a great summer maxi dress.

Michelle Ludek’s shop was BE-A-U-TI-FUL purely by the freshness of the decor.


Her latest pieces are in shades of lemon yellow, royal blue, white and the patterns and prints are not cheap and overbearing but are simplistic, and are teamed very well with light chiffon’s.



The best thing about V&A beyond the clothing, is probably the harbor that is filled with yachts, ferries, and other such water-based vehicles.

I snapped this picture of one such boat on a bed of blue.IMG_0249


Open 10am to 7pm, 7 days a week.

Located between the V&A Food Market and the Two Oceans Aquarium.

Favored Hideouts: Grand Daddy Hotel


I have had the privilege of staying at many a unique hotels across South Africa, and I really appreciate the aesthetic of The Grand Daddy Hotel

This is a boutique hotel nestled in the cosmopolitan 8th Wonder home-base Cape Town, South Africa. You have read all about my Long Street exploits, and this hotel is in the very heart of the vibrant tourist-centric internationally acclaimed street. Not to say that any stay you would have would be marred by the jostling sounds, on the contrary, there seems to be a cloak of veritable soundproofing over the premises.

When I stayed at The Grand Daddy Hotel during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2014, I got a really luxurious room.


It had the warmest ambiance, crispest linens, and the fluffiest pillows.


The bathrooms were bedecked with Tuscan beige tiling.


…and don’t forget the near patriotic motif in the decor.


The room in its entirety, was all class – warm but sophisticated, capturing a piece of world travel.


There is one thing that separates The Grand Daddy Hotel from any other establishment seen in South Africa.

You’ve got to take the elevator to the 3rd floor, and begin climbing up their stairwell.



Once you’ve reached the top, open the door…and be utterly amazed!

This boutique hotel transformed their rooftop to an extension of the themed rooms. They have a rooftop trailer park. For the right price you could stay in one of these  7 Airstream Trailers. They each have a motif that appeals to different sensibilities: think Karoo, Safari, Surfing, Beach, Winelands etc.


Just ensure you don’t disturb the…eeeeer…wildlife.


Keen for some drinks if you’re not staying in the hotel and just want to soak up the sun with a cold bottle of something for over 18s?

Head on over to the Skybar on the same deck, and slurp up some goodness.

I highly recommend the Sex on the beach drink – it’s pretty and potent.


The Grand Daddy Hotel does not disappoint entertainment-wise. Their deck is also outfitted with a viewing deck where the Pink Flamingo Rooftop Cinema is known to have screenings of every kind of movie.


Not impressed yet?

Well Mr or Mrs “I’m hard to impress”, The Grand Daddy Hotel also has an intimate restaurant on the ground floor, for your pleasure.

It’s got a pretty tasty selection of wines, some of which are better to be enjoyed with the variety of foods served.

The decor is very much like that of archetypal B&Bs, which isn’t something for everyone.

The L’Apero Restaurant


So: The Grand Daddy Hotel is a solid 7/10

It’s reasonably small size is calculated in so far that there is a concentration on the quality of their service and decor, and not merely the churning in-and-out of bookings. The simplest way to describe it is to reiterate my previous review:

“It is a boutique hotel harboring a corner of indulgence, simple sophistication and convenient comfort. I found the staff more than courteous; their efficiency matched by their most sincere helpfulness.”

More information:

Price Range:

R1 400.00c -R2 500.00c

Physical Address

38 Long Street

Cape Town


Contact Details

Tel: +27 21 424 7247

Fax: +27 21 424 7248


For events and functions, email:

For booking enquiries, email:

South Africa embraces Halloween Horror


As if the Irish and America has the monopoly on Samhain.

Despite a South African culture that does not include the religious celebration of All Hallows Eve and all its variations, Halloween is not a foreign event to this country’s inhabitants. With thanks to pop culture’s globalization and the extent to which the information technological revolution has progressed internationally, we are in the know about Halloween.

Since we cant celebrate the commercialized event in its true form, South Africa has altered the most interesting and noteworthy aspects to our context. Instagram and twitter timelines are flooded with snapshots of costumes worn to parties hosted in homes and clubs across the country. What was once an event that evoked emotions of a different and significant sort, has become an opportunity to embrace stigmatized sexiness and levels of fear and pop culture. Super Mario, Catwoman, Avengers, Morticia Adams, Ghosts, Murderers and cult fiction legends are some of the personas donned for Halloween.

…But Cape Town takes it to the next level of fandom: The annual Cape Town Zombie Walk.


This event has a different route mapped out each year in the city of Cape Town. Those with an inclination towards acting like scary corpses drench themselves strategically with mixes of syrup, paint and water to create the illusion of blood and gore, costumes are rented, bought and made to suit the character they wish to portray and a f*ckload of fun is had!

I was feeling the blues of having to finish my postgraduate thesis, and not being able to celebrate Halloween in true form. So I donned my onesie and sneakers, grabbed my camera, and hightailed it to the Cape Town CBD to experience some of the magic for the first time.

I was not disappointed.

Forget princess costumes, angels and sexy witches – more than 3 000 zombies walking towards you is enough Halloween excitement. 


I saw some interesting looks. No one was normal.

For amateurs, the make-up work on some of these zombies is wicked.



IMG_0383 Zombies give life and take it too.

Creative gender-bending costumeIMG_0385 The zombie reached towards me.

He just wanted a selfie.IMG_0360

What lies behind the pretty human facade?

Gory madness I tell you.

Carrie, is that you?


I waited for the Freddie Vs. Jason battle, but only got 1 half of the legendary cult duo.


The stare of death. 


Aviator zombie swag.

Forget being a zombie, sometimes cute onesies have all the power.



I know like 10 of my friends who will hate me for this because clowns are their number one fear.

Evil clowns just remind me of Stephen King’s works and Supernatural.IMG_0396 IMG_0397

His 3rd eye old-man shpiel just reminds me of an episode of Charmed.IMG_0426

Blurry image but one of the coolest looks at the Zombie walk – Evil Minion carrying a human. I giggled.IMG_0427

Taking it back into Mexican lore these ladies don attire reminiscent of the apparel and make-up used for the celebration of the Day of the Dead.


No one is exempt from Zombie reanimation.IMG_0444

Anyone spot the Resident Evil homage?


C’mon! The Walking Dead reference here was just awesome.

(I do not condone chaining up kids in reality though so…)IMG_0473

Mutated rat and disemboweled humans – Aaaah. Just another day IN WHAT WORLD?IMG_0493

Going retro with Diner waitress zombie swag; Totes fetch!IMG_0590

Probably the sexiest thing to ever happen to the Cape Town Zombie Walk was this lady. Decked out in matte black military apparel and outfitted with one wicked sniper rifle. It’s like Lara Craft entered Resident Evil domain.

Also, isn’t the girl just next to her a dead ringer to the Maggie Green character from The Walking Dead?IMG_0505

The Bad-ass take-down!


Oriental zombies all included in the Zombie deal. IMG_0511

Being a loved one only gets you so far.

What you gonna do when the munchies strike?IMG_0523

Its all in the eyes.IMG_0536

Well isn’t that just juicy?!IMG_0577

I frikken love Cosplay so I was really into this playing out.IMG_0559

The Cape Town Zombie Walk.

Come along next year on the 01st November.


PS: More pix available on my Facebook page

Malls and Men

 Don't get it twisted - Men can shop.

While some may think they are bound by the inextricable Man Code that dictates their actions to the only extreme acceptance of Metrosexuality, there are some that don’t subscribe to such trivial unwritten mandates.

While on my shopping steez, I spotted this man leaving the Gucci store in V&A Waterfront.


Interesting outfit compilation right?

…and a seriously fierce expression.

He is rocking designer from head-to-toe, the question is whether it’s considered stylish.

I’m not an advocate of board-shorts being anywhere but on the beach so already I’m against the assemblage.

However, clashing prints and patterns are in and his Alexander McQueen sneakers work with the black&white shorts.

The grey trench coat and plain white T-shirt mutes the overpowering graphics.


It’s the fedora-like Homburg hat and bag that I adore beyond reason. The Homburg hat is a lovely item to have in any wardrobe and I highly recommend getting one. It just ties in many Day outfits so well.

The portable dufflebag is calf-skin leather, black, roomey and gorgeous – reminiscent of the Yves Saint Laurent duffle.


This guy has my most coveted hat – the Big John Panama hat.


Also dug his hipster look of flannel, thrift shop grandfather jersey, worn jeans and Doc Martens.
Wish I could spot more interesting outfits around here, but guess I’ll have to wait till my worldly escapades.

Pounding pavement for style


Ever since I got my Canon camera, I’ve let the pictures I take continue to overpower my words. I somehow think they’re better able to say what I need on style or aesthetic right now.

I got a new set of wonders for you guys, taken a day ago in Cape Town, South Africa.

First off: I love this lady.

Her Advanced Style (kudos to Ari Seth Cohen for coining this) is relaxed, while expressing just how fashionable she is.


I spotted her in Zara, and while her hair is literally an accessory all on its own, it’s her lemon top teamed with it that set her out in the crowd.

Her understated diamond bling was also easy ion the eye.IMG_0243

But this is what had my heart – Her metallic bronze Prada backpack.

So fresh!IMG_0242

While looking through the Topshop sales racks I saw a lady in her 40s donned in a turquoise jumpsuit and this combo of shoes and bag. People are readily embracing Summer in South Africa, and that means loving color as all the shops and brands stock up on incredible color ranges.

The “New York” charm is darling. I liked it.

A recommendation I have for summer is invest in comfy shoes ladies. If you’re hitting beaches or cafes on the beachside, slip into wedge heels or comfy clunky strappy sandal heels like this ladies ones. They aren’t too high.


Beanie, backpacks and crop tops – the Coup de Gras of trend combinations.


A white wrap skirt, and a yellow vest top teamed with turquoise thong sandals.

Simple, summer’y and cute.



Got any suggestions for new street style trends you’ve seen?

I’d love feedback. I see too much of the same, or hideous garbage of vintage pieces teamed with those terrible Topshop clunky plastic shoes.


What constitutes a great day?


 How do you start off your day?

And tell me: What constitutes a great day? 

For some it’s in the dawning of a new day, warm light bowing in through the windows, and curtains brushing against the air like curtails.

For some it’s in the assembling of a good outfit – the armor that let’s you soldier on through the day.

Then there are the archetypal wonders who soak up their breakfast as if clinging to the dredges of warm coffee and tea is the last bit of perfection they’ll get all day.

Then there are those who need a good fixing of reading material to wake them up, to center them and focus their minds to the coming influx of information.

There’s lunch and its 1 hour madness that grips the masses, has them standing in lines like sardines waiting their turn to order before returning to repetitive action work.

…and for some, a great day is in the relaxation when the 9-5 is complete, when a hearty meal and a good glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc is sipped while looking out into the world…woe is definitely not you!

So pick your vice, your strength, your choice.

Is it in apparel?


Is it amid the pages of a newspaper or magazine while sipping Chi tea or Grande White Mocha’s?


Is it luncheons squeezed into busy schedules?


Or decadent evening delights?



What’s the sure-fire marker of a great day?

What your wardrobe needs: Menswear Part 1


Menswear – without a doubt, thee most under-appreciated forte of fashion.

I took my new Canon for a spin and caught some really good stuff that men wear, or could possibly don.

I guess, through looking at the personal style transformations and the scope of fashions progress, saying that “Clothing is genderless” is apt. Tilda Swinton and David Bowie are my favorite androgynous style icons. Their striking features and eclectically unisex apparel are commendable.

While moping about in Babette – a vintage store in Cape Town, I saw some leather shoes that are old but so perfect for the No-Holds-Barred man of today.


Chinos, shorts, skinnies etc. can be worn with any manner of shoes – high top leather boots too. England craftsmanship is evident in some vintage items so if you are lucky enough to get a piece of that foreign aristocratic sophistication – Invest!


Buttersoft leather , regardless of quality, may wear out easily if the shoes are used consistently, so the Tip of the Day: Begin making acquaintances with Tailors and shoemakers. They will help maintain some of your wardrobes most irreplaceable items – including leather belts, jackets, suit pants etc.


I’ve been told by many guy friends that belts precede cuff-lings and any other accessory for men.

Belts are important accessories and investing in a good leather belt is a good step in any modern mans wardrobe.

Simple black and brown belts are not the only options. Many affordable shops offer belts in leopard print, red, blue, and other colors and fabric mixes to ensure variety.

IMG_0067 Tourists are the trademark of Long Street, and this one stood out for me.

He doesn’t have the patented Safari regalia that almost every other foreigner dons, as if Africa will unpredictably put them in a situation demanding survival skills and all.

The relaxed street style is a jean, cotton blend of coolness.

…and whats an outfit without wicked sunnies?

Aviator Swag!

IMG_0122 Walked into a shop on Kloof street which had thee most interesting decor – 2 adjacent wooden chairs in 18th century craftsmanship, and a table laden with a miniature ship model, a miniature mini Cooper and a bottle of Kraken. clearly the ambiance they wanted to set is a contemporary study paying homage to quintessential masculine affirmations.


 Bowler hats are never far from Capetonians who have readily embraced the trend these past 6 months.

Teaming them with simple apparel or complex layering is an individuals prerogative.

Here we see the combo of the hat with Spitfire shades, a crisp white T, and black beads.IMG_0106

Enough said!

Invest in bags in general.

IMG_0170  Whether for utility or style, Backpacks are the Beezniz!IMG_0172  My campus is not that full of stylish individuals, so its nice to occasionally run into some.

I dug this dudes jacket.

Leather jackets that fits ones frame and accentuates the shoulders are a winner.


Men brave enough to rock shorts are the real MVPs.

As a public Service announcement: Men, shaving your legs this summer would be great.

Show us them calves!IMG_0190

 I used to HATE these shoes with vehemence (I still occasionally do) but when I saw this guy sitting around, he just made them work ya know?


 I’m not done with accessories and shoes.

Belt buckles and shoe laces are increasingly being made to be changed by shoe owners. You can now customize previously set clothing items.

Take the time to go to fabric stores and vintage markets where you can buy as many as you want, in any shape, and be unique in your ownership of clothing items.


 Brass, gold, aluminium, silver etc.

Buckle up!


Dont be afraid of colour, print and fabrics guys. Even if you find an outfit doesn’t work – give everything a chance once.

Learning what works with ones skin, body type and personal taste is hard.

Fabric choices are many but I recommend linen and cotton as wardrobe basics. Working around those fabrics in colors like black, white, navy, dark green, greys etc. means that wearing patterns and prints in any color will create a more tolerable aesthetic.


...stay tuned for Part II - coming soon!

Style Daily: Me on Wardrobe Essentials


Gwenyth Paltrow said that: “Beauty, for me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”

Girls have it easy.

Seriously, so much variety in our clothing and so much to do with hair.

So, let’s take a look at some wardrobe essentials.

College girls in Cape Town can be seen in Jeans and Converse All Stars.

They are the uniform of Varsity dwellers walking across many a meters in the rain in order to attend classes.

They are comfy and cheap, comfortable and can be dressed up and down.


 Being innately beautiful is quite an awesome accessory to have in an armory of style.

Spotted this pretty lady manning the desk at one of the shops I frequent called Vintage and the City.

IMG_0126  IMG_0125

 Beyond her initial beauty, she has some really wicked style mixes.

The top is so reminiscent of Ice hockey jerseys, she has a vintage gold watch, ripped jeans layered above a pair of navy pantyhose, with a pair of white Topshop sandals, and cute wavy hair. IMG_0123

 Just like men and their need for a good leather belt, womans wardrobes require an array of different kinds of belts. Stretchy belts are good for those times when you have a baggy dress or top and need something to kinch it at the waist.

I’m partial to Gold-bar belts but these multi-colored ones from Babette are fresh and affordable.


 People with great legs are usually never shy about donning shorts.

These two show us simple summer street style with plain white Ts, leather bags, Chucks, and a jersey top, light scarf and sandals respectively.


Oh! And dont forget Sunnies for every occasion.

We are partial to the Spitfire’s range.


Braids have gone viral globally now, since Solange Knowles made box braids Instagram famous.

In South Africa, they are a common sight. This lady has the bob level braids that add that special something to an outfit.

I totes dig her skirt too. It’s like a Jackson Pollock painting made simple in print.


Hair game so fierce!

This lady popped out in a crowd with her voluminous hair secured in a scarf.

Let’s not forget the Jean Jacket that seems to be a generation-to-generation fashion heirloom globally.

IMG_0120 Knit tops are summers fun.

We are reviving and maintaining the spirit of 60s Hippie.

Regardless of whether you are attending music festivals or just going to buy milk down the road, these babies are just a seasons Must-Have.

Babette has a great vintage collection, as does Second Time Around.IMG_0080

Snapshot of a lady I saw with a light and chilled outfit on campus.

Dig the gold links on her shoes.


Whats a wardrobe without a chest of jewels?

Dont be without some Gold bling this season.

The chunky necklaces that have been overdone and sold in mass quantities, are still trending.


I’ve been thinking: Could I pull off vintage dresses?

I’m no Stepford Wife-looking lady, but browsing never hurt right?


What I wore:

Olive Green Jersey top – Second Time Around

White Vest - Mr Price

Ballerina pink skirt – Mr Price

Oak brown belt – Babette

Rainbow colored pumps – Woolworths

Sunnies – Spitfire


Babette Clothing

Church Street

Cape Town City Centre


...and stay tuned for more!

Something strange happened


Strangest thing just happened.

A while ago my friends told me that I’d acquired a fan…strange since I have no claim to fame, but alas.

I was told that it was due to my blogging and style at events that had garnered me some measure of notoriety. My friends said that my ‘fan’ wanted to meet me.

So today I’m chilling in bed, not a care in the world(I lie…I got a f*ckload), unprepared to entertain. Then my friends text me to come outside. I’m literally dressed in grunge apparel. I don’t feel like my university campus deserves to see my “good” clothing so I rock up in baggie hoodies, a hat and long skirt – looking like the rapper Da Brat at Church.
…And my friends decide today is the day to introduce me to this ‘fan’ of mine. I know for a fact that once you’ve hyped someone so much in your head, its really hard for them to live up to that so my ‘fan’ was sorely disappointed meeting me.

I believe the words he used were: “OH MY GOD! Is this you?”.
My friends were indignant on my behalf but I shrugged it aside. I expected his response. Its like when you meet your favorite celebrity and they’re not in Evening gowns and Tom Ford suits. It’s a bummer!

So that was the strange thing that happened to me today. I’m still meditating on the occurrence.

Bold Chic in the Night


All those shopping trips I went on were all in the name of finding just the right outfit to shut a club down with.

I do so like to make a scene, and I love looking good while I’m doing it.

So after a hell of a time searching world-renowned stores, scouring shelves in V&A Waterfront and Canal Walk in Cape Town, I finally found it!

I went to a shop called “Journey” on Long, recommended to me by some lovely ladies at the vintage store on Long Street called “Second Time Around” – a gift on their part for me being such a loyal customer.

After tirelessly trying on too-tight Freakum dresses, too expensive couture summer dresses, and everything else between, I found something that resonated with the Beckham/Chanel style I’ve always been prone to – A sophisticated black jumpsuit by Gabriela Charlotte Fraser Designs , with some hella strategic cuts.


I donned my new baby with Jewelry by Lovisa, some old gladiator sandals of mine, a beige vintage clutch bag, Spitfire sunglasses, Rouge Red M.A.C lipstick, and one hell of an “I know I’m sexy as hell so Bow Down b*tches! “ attitude.


I attended an event with my friends hosted by Head Honcho Clothing at one of Cape Town’s premier beach clubs called Shimmy Beach Club.


We  popped some bubbly and headed to out night out.



What’s a night without Olmeca Tequila shots?


…and when the munchies hit, whats a girl to do but go H.A.M on a Chicken Tikka Pizza!


The MC of the event was MTV Base VJ Nobuzi Mabena, who continuously got us pumped, and does an intense twerk that I couldn’t pray to do without some hectic fitness schedule prior.


Partying in Cape Town is a test of “last one standing even in the face of dance battles, Body Odors,the sudden drastic decrease of your cash, and surviving drunken brawls”.


Look of the night



Blogging and networking 2.0


I’ve been talking to alot of people lately who are interested in starting blogs, but lack direction.

There are a few things one needs to understand about the bloggersphere:

  • Be in it for the enjoyment.

It’s really hard to sustain momentum doing something if you’re straining yourself, and not waking up constantly with the happiness of doing something you like.

For some, blogging is a job. I have no judgement for someone approaching it that way; After all: To each, his own. However, when you’re looking at something whose definition is already rooted in human pleasantries, understanding the way it works becomes vital. Blogging developed from technological developments in instant communication. It manifested itself singularly as an online diary, and is the way I look at it today.

Blogging is lucrative to those who want to engage in that business of exchange and such. Blogging is also a wealth of personal reflexivity. It allows for a meditation of yourself and your thoughts. It is also a platform of engaging your hobbies and networking. My enjoyment comes from doing all of this purely for myself.

  • Whether it’s food blogging, fashion, travel, literature,sport etc. ensure you’ve set up your blog to be compatible to the content.

WordPress and blogspot have really great themes to set your blog up with. I started at Blogspot but WordPress felt more efficient and easy to work with. Some themes have to be bought, but most are free and one should chose what will correlate with their blogging content. Photographers need something that works with high-res image displays, and literature critics need a theme that has easy-to-read fonts.

  • Know your blogging platforms rules on advertising

If you’re going to sell your content or advertising space, WordPress makes sure you are aware of their Terms & Conditions without being verbose and annoying. You can upgrade your accounts to receive extra benefits, get their ads removed, and be able to sell advertising space to people you negotiate with.

  • If you work it just right, many opportunities present themselves to bloggers.

Blogging hones a whole bunch of skills without you even being consciously aware of it.

From writing, photography, research, digital media managing and graphic designing, you are learning through blogging.

I have worked with some pretty amazing people thanks to the effort I’ve put into my blog. It’s all for me, but its nice to be appreciated. Getting invites to hot events and all just makes it slightly more rewarding.

However, be smart.

Do not sell your integrity off for a quick invite or free product. Be cautious. When you dont like a product, even when its free, say so or be PC in your review. Don’t sell it as amazing as that will eventually decrease your brands worth if the product is found wanting by others.

  • Communication

It’s okay if you don’t like talking to people, but today’s blogging builds itself on the premise of networking so make sure you’re “with it!”

The net is a cornucopia of communication domains. If you’re trying to develop yourself, make sure you’re navigating the crevices of the net.


Long Street shopping: Ball so hard


While searching for an outfit for an event I’m attending come Saturday, I decided to take my new baby out for a test run.

Long Street and a good budget presented the perfect time for a whole expedition.

I’ve written constantly about Long Street, it’s certifiably one of Cape Town’s best tourist attractions, and boasts a compelling amount of foreigners, things to do, and things to buy.

I hit up alotta shops, one of which is now my favorite – Afraid of Mice.


Vintage and 2nd hand never looked this good, and cost so little.

I love the decor and the L.A.M.B bag I coveted.


Long Street has lots of art studios, bars and other such establishments that cultivate the arts. It’s evident in the graphic art on buildings.


We also have really cute side cafes littering the entire neighborhood. It makes it easier for the shopaholics and business folk to take a break from their routine.


This cafe reminds me so much of cute niche bars and cafes in SoHo.



Fashion is my milieu and I found a shop further up the street, nestled next to a surf store and vintage store. I met some really great people there, swapped business cards, and browsed their catalogs of colorful, and beautifully crafted pieces made from quality fabric – All Proudly South African.

PicMonkey Collage

Inspired by Ari Seth Cohen, I captured a moment of Advanced Style on the streets.


Saw a really sunny shop!


…and my friend Kris caught me on camera during our lunch date.


 I LOVE Babette and Journey. Got some great stuff so stay tuned!


Rest stop: Grub time


Everyone needs time to recuperate from a bout of shopping, and what better way than to sit down and go H.A.M on some grub at a restaurant.

My friends and I decided to go from V&A Waterfront to Canal Walk, searching for the perfect outfits.


We got cranky and stopped in at Primi Piati.

Selfies and candids were taken and orders made.

10678660_905424322818708_2308888710587731480_n  ??????????

Here is the result.

I got me a Grande White Chocolate and Pollo Giorgio Pasta, which is made from Chicken sauteed with red&yellow peppers, onions, garlic, bay leaves, and a hint of chili in a creamy Napoletana sauce.

??????????  ??????????

Odie had a double stack Beef Burger made from butter-toasted Ciabatta, iceburg lettuce, tomato, gherkin, balsamic caramelised onions, dressed with a tangy Chipotle Mayonaise and fries.


Mandy had a California Pizza with Mozzarella cheese, tomato, Danish feta, streaky bacon, with fresh avocado.

?????????? Awesome right?

It was all tasty as sin!

OH! Dont forget all my tasty shopping from Mr Price, Topshop, Lovisa and Spitfire.


What I’ve learned working in a TV Company

If we’re being official and everything, this is technically my first “grown-up” job.

I was headhunted by a recently established company early on in July, to take on the responsibility of being a Digital Media Manager. Apparently my prowess in social media is memorable enough to warrant an offer. I had an interview, and got the job. It had been  educational, enlightening and rewarding.

Seeing my name in the credits reel after the show had me feeling so plush!


I deduced that given the company’s current preoccupation with settling in, their shows integration into prime-time television, and the upcoming release of another show, I would not be able to, in time, offer the company the entirety of what they required from a Digital Media Manager.

Since my recruitment, and subsequent employment, I made it clear that my education remains paramount in my priorities. I am currently in the final stages of my postgraduate university career, nearing the end of my thesis research. Through personal accountability, I conceded I had been so invested in this job, that I had lost sight of my initial goals – centered on academia. I realized that I am unable to multi-task to such an extent.

I voiced out that I could simply strive to learn faster and refine my talents in social media through trial and error, but I have an elementary understanding of the prerequisites that govern corporate digital media.

So here is a list of things I learned having freelanced for 2 months:
  • Always get a comprehensive outline of what your job title is, and what it entails.

This is a good way to keep guiding you through every your day-to-day tasks. I realized half of the feelings of failure or “amatuerishness” came from waddling by playing guessing games as to what is required. I re-structured what I believed to be the job they wanted of me, and included my talents in editing to make me an indispensible team member.

  •  Establish and maintain a good rapport with everyone you work with.

When dealing with the television industry I realized you have to smooth alot of easily ruffled feathers. You have to always be attentive to client requirements because Sponsors usually pay most of the bills. Constant communication, not only with your project manager, but all the bosses and business personnel is warranted because EVERYONE’S jobs are linked in this domain.

  • Make your grievances heard.

Working in an unknown domain made something manifest in my behavior that utterly shocked me – I was so subdued and wary of voicing my opinions. Sounds crazy right? I usually state with outright certainty, that I love networking, and I’m generally considered a talkative being. However, I guess insecurities of the unknown played a huge part. Also, its hard finding your footing among people who have worked together for years, and established their own rapport. It’s isolating in a sense.

  • As time progresses, make a note of your own personal skill development.

This is important for the future when you’re scouring for other jobs. Taking the time to evaluate yourself and your development means that if anyone asks you, or you simply wish to articulate the extent of your qualification, it’s easier to draw on that.

  • Lastly, be meticulous when it comes to contract signing and be uncompromising when it comes to the timing of salary payments.

This was a huge problem for me. I get that glitches in the system happen. However, delayed payments with insubstantial justifications is intolerable. Businesses are aware of the requirements necessary to properly function – paying people for work they do is part of it. You are your own asset – you are a good and you provide a service. This means that your livelihood is dependant on your talents and skills, and the system in place of exchanging the use of those for money. I was not emphatic enough when I was given an excuse as to why everyone else had been paid, and yet I was not yet. I had to remind and continuously practically beg to get what was rightfully owed to me.

So with whatever you do: either get your money upfront or make sure you make an arrangement you are comfortable with.

There’s alot more where this came from, but beyond anything, I’d just like to take the time to say what a great experience this freelance job was.

I’m forever indebted to the man who took the time to consider me worthy of the job and headhunted me. He’s a truly top bloke.

Here’s to hoping the many jobs and internships I’m applying for abroad will yield something substantial.

I’m dying to see what I can do in an entirely different setting!

A Cocofair


I’m always blessed with good timing.

When I went to the Woman’s Lifestyle Expo earlier on in the year I got to meet alot of business owners selling quality goods and services.

One such company caught my eye – Cocofair.

I attended a wine tasting that was teamed with a gourmet chocolate tasting of decadent new creations.

I was invited to visit their establishment, located in the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, any time and actually see the process their chocolate creations undergo to be that level of tasty.

 I was told of a history of chocolate, as well as the business and it’s personnel.jom

They say that they are simply: “Africa’s first Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Factory founded on Social Entrepreneurship”

The most captivating thing was finding out that in order to foster a healthy local economy, they stopped importing some of their raw ingredients from other continents, they employ hard-working local people who are also taught skills to develop their level of expertise.

The chocolate I tasted was exquisite, made more so by the richness I don’t find in regular Cadbury chocolates I scarf down.


So take the time to go visit Cocofair, and become a connoisseur of decadent treats.

Old Biscuit Mill, 373-375 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town

Contact: +27 (21) 4477355

or email at: (For General Enquiries) (For Sales Enquiries)

The wonder of Charly’s Bakery


Welcome to Charly’s Bakery

PicMonkey Collage

They had a whole TV dedicated to these baking angels.


They are located in 38 Canterbury Street, Cape Town.

They sell sweet stuff so seriously: Do you need more convincing?

Their little palace of wonder is a pink and white castle of awesome, with cute murals.

They serve cakes, cupcakes, cookies and quiches.


Despite an epic Sweet-tooth selection, I got a chocolate brownie with warm chocolate sauce.bc …but first: Grande Hot Chocolate and a Leg of Lamb Pie.??????????

Their open times

Tuesday – Friday: 8am – 5pm
Saturday: 8:30am – 2pm
Closed on Sundays, Mondays
as well as ALL public holidays


Tel: + 27 (021) 461 5181

Breakfast in a Side Studio


You walk off the train.

It’s raining.


You start walking towards work.

You smell something wonderful.


Ah Yes! Croissants!

Forgot the name of the bakery, but it’s located in the Side Street Studios building, Albert Road,Woodstock.

They serve amazing baked goodies.

PicMonkey Collage

Stepping about in Woodstock


I’m a fan of taking long walks into unfamiliar territory purely for the purpose of sight-seeing and rediscovering a forgotten landscape.

So I got on a train, took a 30min+ train ride, and spent the day in another corner of Cape Town

…and now you get to see the amateur photography I used to capture the rustic, indie hipster, and chic corners I found in one of Cape Towns most popular neighborhoods.

I began at the Old Castle Brewery.


It is currently the location of several corporate businesses, but it also has a cute little cafe nestled in the far edge of the property.

The building was internally reworked, but from the outside it retains its most famed rustic redbrick and statuesque structure.

A hop, skip, and jump over the train tracks and main road, and you’ll enter Alberts Road – home to many businesses from car service companies, furniture stores, art galleries and restaurants, all currently based in quintessential Eurocentric architectural structures that date back to the early 1900s. The backdrop of the worlds 8th wonder, Table Mountain, gives this area a really majestic ambiance.


I love window shopping, so I popped into many a shop, including one called “The Depot“, that sells an assortment of things.


I came to find a restaurant calledThe NOB, which sounds offensive, but is kind of awesome because its code for, and serves “No Ordinary Burgers”.



Their interior designing is the epitome of manly appeal, and includes car bumpers lining the walls, diner bar stools, tattooed personnel, and games.

 ??????????I really dig the artwork, and my outfit!


Don’t forget the homage to graphic novels, pulp fiction comic books, and the pseudo-religious Sons of Anarchy quotes to live by.

??????????  ??????????

Following that, I went on a pilgrimage to The Old Biscuit Mill. This is a well-known place that has seen visitors like Gordon Ramsey and Solange Knowles.


You can find food, decor, designer apparel, decadent splurges, and practical necessities there.

What has become quite popular for tourists and international buyers, is African skin and patterns designed into unique apparel. These shoes are made of various animal skins and fabrics, made by South Africans, and distributed by them. Most of the shops in the area are committed to fostering a flourishing South African economy, job creation and investing back into ones country is the 1st step.

While I can appreciate and support that endeavor, you’d never see me don these shoes. They don’t appeal to my style bone. I’m partial to understated monochrome minimalist apparel in general.

I fell in love with these Quinton Tarantino and Vogue covers artworks!


...coming up next: Chocolate tasting and baking wonderlands!


I got my dream camera


You guys remember my Birthday Dream List right?

Well, one of the things that was on there was a camcorder and a new camera.

Well, I’ve been working tirelessly for 2 months and I finally got enough scraped together to get myself one of my dreams.

Many people have recommended different places to buy cameras. For the frugal minded and realistic, scouring Game, Makro, and Incredible Connection catalogs seems the way to go. For the supremely conglomerate-minded worker bees, buying straight from the camera patent owners seems the right thing to do.

The best advice I got was from one professional photographer who told me about B&H Photography, based in New York City, that ships reliably to South Africa. She also told me about a place I had heard about around the Cape Town photographer/blogger circuit.

It’s the place I finally scored my camera from, and it is called Orms.


Known as a reliable and cost-effective option for people all over the world, Orms caters to every kind of camera-seeking need you can have.

I arrived at their store after losing myself in a walk around Gardens in Cape Town. The shop has the smell of freshly ground coffee permeating the air, saturating my creative hipster mind in the warmth of new technology and a warm ambiance.

After getting briefed on the benefits and drawbacks of certain kinds of cameras from different brands, I found myself purchasing the Canon EOS 1100D camera and it’s lens, with a 8GB memory card, and a carry bag.


They’re really sweet!


I am absolutely pleased as punch, and cannot wait to begin my photography adventure in true amateur blogger style.


Apparently the purchase of one of these cameras includes a free intro class on how to use the cameras, so if you’re interested you know what to do:



Rocking Cocoa

Theobroma Cacao (or simply cocoa) ROCKS!
Honestly, I’d sell my soul and several family members for a lifetime supply of chocolate.
No joke! I totally would.
I have an insatiable sweet tooth, and chocolate ranks as my favorite.
While working in Woodstock, I came across a chocolate wonderland called RocoCocoa. 
It is in a place called The Palms, and is primarily a restaurant/cafe.
I die for everything on their menu, but their reputation as Chocolate connoisseurs precedes them.
I got to take a mini-tour, learn the history of chocolate, talk to the faces behind those masterful creations of decadence, and taste some of their creations.
They have a great ambiance in that place.
…or maybe Im still riding the chocolate fumes!
Their Belgium chocolate makes the Chocachinos I’m addicted to, absolutely sinful.’
You can sit down or have a take away of a wide assortment of food, baked goodies and drinks.
They have fun quotes on their walls that just speak to the fat girl I am.
Their prices are also not that steep for the quality of goods they deliver.
Their site had the tastiest little quote on it:

“Follow the ambrosia of Rococoa, in the heart of the mother city and have a lingering Cocoa encounter.”

Tel: 021 461 2301
Location: Store A018, West Wing, Ground Floor.

Stay Fresh. Get Money -Hello Party Season!


While I can argue their clothes are entirely street style and bear no charismatic draw to a stylish bone in my body, others would argue differently.

One thing I can appreciate about the brand “Head Honcho” is how they have built around a fluid sense of purpose to be entirely cool – by any means necessary.

Known throughout South Africa as the Summer Party Season openers, Head Honcho has established themselves as the foremost organizers of good times that appeal to the age groups 18-35 yrs old.

Theirs is not an obligatory frigid and exclusive tête-à-tête littered with A-C listers, as most major city’s in South Africa have been known to throw.

I’ve been to all their events since I was reborn a Capetonian in 2011. They have maintained a fastidious focus on clean, refreshingly slick, and cavalier party events – like the 1 night lovechild of Spring Break and a 4th of July in the Hampton’s.

You may consider the analogy far-fetched, however, one recent announcement promises to bring elements of the analogy to fruition.

The 2013 Stay Fresh Saturday experience


 So apparently this year we are having a whole f*ckfest of awesome!



The yacht tickets are now available at

Tickets are R500 each and are limited!

The yacht will cruise around the V&A harbour for an hour and then post up right next to the Grand for another hour.Bvei5zxIQAA7AdQ

The line-up of performing artists promises all lovers of kwaito,hip hop and house, some measure of satisfaction, while the venue ( The Grand) is a certainty on its delivery of a great ambiance.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m planning to rock nautical Spring/Summer ’15 couture Resort-wear.
The past Stay Fresh events, I’ve donned relaxed apparel.

PicMonkey Collagesd

House Stark

In case you ever wondered who the number 1 ‘Game Of Thrones‘ fan is in South Africa – It’s ME!



I was not about to let anyone else have that glorious title, so I pulled a Lannister and killed off the competition with a blatant statement that combines everything I love – art, movies, fandom and Direwolves.

I saw Kit Harington(Jon Snow) and Robert Downey Jr. (Iron man/Tony Stark) wearing these T-shirts, reppin’ House Stark swag, and I couldn’t resist.

I love Arya Stark and I just had to show my fangirl!


Now many people believe any other country, save US of A and  UK is behind with the times when it comes to this franchise. You’ll be surprised to find out that mot of the country with access to internet connections watch the show with vigor. Obviously live streaming defeats the masses because no one wants to pay for anything in life. I, myself, utilized my self-taught cyber skills to acquisition a Go-Code and an open connection to the HBO site. Given time zones, I stay up till 04:00am on Sunday/Monday to watch the show as it airs, while everyone else catches it Monday and Tueday afternoons on the net.

…and I also lord the fact that I know the shows major spoilers, and what season 5 & 6 entails. 

(-_-) Don’t judge me! It’s not my fault I get the script before releases.

How many of you guys have done that whole: “Make your own House sigil” from the HBO site? It’s neat right? I made my own this one time.

JoinTheRealm_sigil (2)

Anyway, I’m still petitioning to get the cast to film near South Africa, or atleast come over for a publicity tour.

In the meantime tell me: “What house is your favorite?”

Gourmet Hipster

You know I'm led everywhere by the ravenous monster that is my tummy.

Today I visited The Kitchen.

It is on Sir Lowry Road and boasts the title of being a Woodstock institution.

The first thing I noticed is that they’re in a kitsch part of Woodstock, smack-dab in the middle of the Art Gallery Precinct.

They’ve got a really cafe, Food Lovers Market vibe that veers so far from restaurants and cafes elsewhere.


The service is good, the ambiance is that of a Hipster dive joint, and it’s on prime real estate – making it the perfect lunch place for 13h00 worker folk.


While the ingredients are lovely fresh colors, it’s the taste that keeps them coming.

Their salad compilations alone are enough to send weird vegan/vegetarian/Presbyterian/fruitarian/whatevertarians into a tizzy.

Lentil Black Rice and Coriander
Gremolata Potatoes
Classic Greek
Mediterranean Black Eyed Bean
Yellow Couscous with Roasted Tomatoes
Baby Spinach and Dukkah-ed Goats Cheese
Black Rice Salad with Red Onion
Lime and Sesame
Loads of Roasted Vegetables in all forms
Bulgar Wheat with Roasted peppers Dates and Coriander
Harissa Chickpea Salad
Jeweled Rice Salad
Beetroot Apple Coriander Salad
Lentil Aubergine
Feta and Basil Salad
Mexican Salsa Salad with Tortilla Strips
Corn and Avo
Sushi Rice Salad
Italian Crudité Salad
Wholewheat Mushroom Salad
Very Wild Vegetable Rice
Asian Noodle Salads
All kinds of Coleslaws
Roasted Smashed Potatoes with Preserved Lemon and Rosemary
Fine Bean Salad with Orange and Hazelnut
Endive, Olive, Orange Salad
Roasted Aubergine Salad with Biblical Tahini Yoghurt & Dukkah

…and many more.


Crazy right?

Today I had a Jeweled Rice Salad, Lentil Aubergine, Coleslaw and beetroot salads.


Get take-outs for:

Love Sandwich R50 - R65
Small Salad Box R35
Large Salad Box R55
Lunch Box with Chicken R73
Their times:

8:00am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday

Closed on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays.


What’s for lunch?


Working in Woodstock, Cape town has its perks.

This area is close enough to the CBD to be convenient for the 9 to 5 worker, and far enough for the hipsters and students.

Known as the Williamsburg/SoHo of a metropolitan city, it boasts a hectic lunch crowd wherever you are.

There are adorable boutique restaurants, and fast-food joints from Juggernaut global giants are few and far between. People here are obsessed with health foods at odd prices.

Today I grabbed lunch from a place in The Palms called the Psyche-Deli Cafe .



They have a Build-your-own-sandwich type deal and I made my own from some tasty options: lettuce,mayo,smoked chicken and cheddar cheese on Ciabatta.


…and don’t forget dessert. #NomNomNom


Editorial – Feral Goddess: The Elemental Divine


I, honestly, have the luck of the devil when I go on shopping expeditions.

Earlier on in the year I was at my usual haunt MilQ & Honey scouting out new items to drool over and spend my grocery money on. In the same clothing vault was fashion and commercial photographer Jürgen Knoth, and his girlfriend, scientist and make-up aficionado Dr. Heike Harzer. They had been scouting out locations and apparel for a shoot they had planned to have for some Editorials. The Dunes_Juergen Knoth_Cape Town_fashion_swimwear-13_JKTessHeike

Jurgen,Tess and Heike

Obviously I’m helpful to a fault, but they had even more of an advantage of being so respectful of clothing, and utterly fun exploring conceptualizations for their shoot. I helped them link up with designer Luiz de Laja who styled the shoot, and find key dramatic pieces to better imagine the editorial layout. We got to exploring and talking at the paradise that is Victoria&Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa.

This is the finished editorial, which I’m credited for as “Art Director”

...and yes, that makes me feel all kinds of awesome!

The shoot  was at The Atlantic Dunes – which is world-renowned for it’s almost pearl-white sands mounded together into picturesque dunes and maintaining the Table Mountain as a brilliant distant backdrop. Heike took some awesome behind-the-scenes shots of the goings-on.

PicMonkey Collage

The editorial manifests as a play on the unrestrained fierce poses of the models; the way there are no tread-marks in the sands, as if they rise from the sand element or landed there like gods. The Dunes_Juergen Knoth_Cape Town_fashion_swimwear-1 The Dunes_Juergen Knoth_Cape Town_fashion_swimwear-2 There is also a regal style to the fashion that I think fits with the title “Feral Goddess: The Elemental divine”

The Dunes_Juergen Knoth_Cape Town_fashion_swimwear-4

 Jurgen managed to use his talents, not to overpower the clothing or ambiance, but rather make it more vivid.

The Dunes_Juergen Knoth_Cape Town_fashion_swimwear-7 The Dunes_Juergen Knoth_Cape Town_fashion_swimwear-6

Check out or for more.

The Dunes_Juergen Knoth_Cape Town_fashion_swimwear-3


Photographer – Jürgen Knoth

Production – Heike Harzer

Art Director: Olwethu-Thando Klaas

Photo assistance – Elsofie Pitout and Regardt Ross

Styling – Luiz deLaja Hair & Make up – Nicole Grant @ Infidels Models – Tess and Janaina @ Base Models


Sujet 1: Tess: brown body suit – stylist’s own, creme fur vest - Metropolis

Sujet 2+3: Tess: turban - stylist’s own Janaina: creme bodysuit and black feather jacket - stylist’s own

Sujet 4+5: Janaina: White futuristic panties – Francis, neckpiece - stylist’s own Tess: red panties - Gabrielle swimwear, green fabric - stylist’s own

Sujet 6+7: Tess: striped high waisted panties - Gabrielle swimwear, jacket - Milq & Honey Janaina: blue panties - Gabrielle swimwear, coloured zip vest - Milq & Honey, necklace – Metropolis

Sujet 1+8: Tess: brown body suit – stylist’s own, creme fur vest - Metropolis Janaina: gold vest, turquoise leggings - Milq & Honey, necklace - Metropolis

 The Dunes_Juergen Knoth_Cape Town_fashion_swimwear-5

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town (Review)


Let me begin in relaying my thoughts on fashion in the steady lilt of beautifully enunciated narration, such as the ones currently made popular in North American cinematic offerings:

“Fashion is the chaos in one’s soul, which allows the birth of subjective perfection. It is finding the imperfect breath-taking. It is where things fall apart, and realizing there is no need for a centre to keep things whole.”

I am disappointed in Cape Town Fashion Week 2014.

For an event that builds itself on the premise made iconic by an immaculate global brand, it should rethink boasting on its supposed excellence. It is a mediocre offering for people whose expectations are based on colorful advertising and such immense investors.

CelebSA is a PR & Communications company who handled all the media accreditation, and it was a nightmare for some this year. While applications were given in time, many Cape Town media professionals were side-lined in the place of prioritizing out-of-province and country media. Following all the plans I had made based on the belief that accreditation would be given to me based on my prior experiences with the Africa Fashion International body; I was given bad news and sent on my way. It took angry tweets, frustrated rambles to anyone who would lend an ear, tears shed behind closed doors, ticket negotiations with present personnel before each show; and finally, a calculated and generous decision by CelebSA’s Director Davin, before I finally felt comfortable enough to do my job effectively at the event on Day 2 with all the trappings of being a media personality in place.

My annual journey on Fashion Weeks always begins with finding the perfect place to stay. I had the privilege of staying at The Grand Daddy Hotel in Long Street, Cape Town. It is a boutique hotel harboring a corner of indulgence, simple sophistication and convenient comfort. I found the staff more than courteous; their efficiency matched by their most sincere helpfulness. I stayed in a Luxury room with the warmest ambiance protecting me against the notorious bipolar-like weather of Cape Town. Crisp sheets, fluffy pillows, Tuscan beige villa-like tiles for the bathroom, funky patriotic decor, and worldly class fit into the design aesthetic of the room. It made getting ready each day, an absolute treat.


The Cape Town International Convention Centre hosted the event in time-honored tradition, the set-up and schedule much more elegant and organized than previous years, though still lacking.

I was grateful to be dressed by Spilt Milk for most of the duration of Fashion Week. While they showcased their collection, opening the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014 with Lara Klawikowsk, I donned a flowing black evening gown with stringy leather shoulder embellishments to make me seem even more regal than usual. I had styled myself for the 1st two days with a plait on my head and black on my person.


Pictures taken by Spree and the AFI Banner Wall photographer

The next day saw me attending the Africa Fashion International Fasttrack Talks in a convenient day cotton Peplum dress in maroon.

The last day had me very relaxed, while my feet were in excruciatingly beautiful pain in nude Steve Madden stilettos; I wore an old skirt from MilQ&Honey, teamed with a leather jacket, vest,make-up by M.A.C and wild curls made by a GHD team-members talent.


Lara Klawikowsk began her show with music in the genre sounds of The Kooks and Vampire Weekend.  Her show had flora-trapped-in-ice motif. It was a mix of Grecian maiden and mermaid, with texture elements of dehydrating foliage. One would wear most of Lara’s ensembles on a coastline, though the sheer green reflective madness that is one of her designer pencil skirts was so formal chic. The models shoes seem very much like they were carved from bark.


Spilt Milk was the show that followed.  The designer Alma, who also dressed me for Fashion Week, said the inspiration for this collection was being utterly submerged. I hoped it translated well – sort of like being drenched in style. Her collection had Boudoir appeal; every piece seems crafted to flow, with materials in linens, raw silk and cottons. Full swimsuits are in this season, though white isn’t for dipping in the water, Alma’s swimsuit is made for wallowing poolside.

The Day 1 shows were all-in-all, a solid 7/10 for S/S 14 because of such a cavalier disregard for conventional fabric snipping.

Banner Wall Thursday

Me, with the Spilt Milk mastermind Alma at the AFI Banner Wall

Gavin Rajah’s show saw me sitting 3rd row with Luxo Blog fashion wonder Ritza, watching contemporary Oriental Geisha themes. The tweed numbers screamed inspiration from the ‘Clueless’ costume design. We were not keen on these legging/boot cover thingies donning the models legs and feet. I have no affinity for brand names and logos on my clothing so Rajah lost respect from me in that sense. Everything seemed awfully commercial. I’ve seen some of those items in Forever New. I loved the embellishments done on each ensemble though. Who needs floral printed fabric when you can hand-detail and embellish each masterpiece? Those iron-hard belts were bitchin’! It was like Gladiator met bodybuilder with style. The ceres pink collection was absolutely lovely though; form-fitting but some pieces made loose enough to be statuesque. The Baroque designs were what stood out as haute couture for me, with some being conservative enough to appeal to Muslin ladies too.

Banner Wall Thursday

Me and Ritza at the AFI Banner Wall

Stephani Morland’s Japanese Adverts starting the show totally freaked me out in a funny way. I expected a Harajuki theme, and therefore though of Gwen Stefani and her entourage…well that didn’t pan out. The clothing and the models were trying too hard to be interesting, and therefore missed the mark of style.


I was bored by the Shana collection, and the W35T show and collection too – though the designer walk-away was entertaining.

On Day 2 I went to the annual Africa Fashion International Fast-track Talks . While waiting for entry I noticed quite a few striking attires donned by attendees.



I got the privilege of watching the official 2nd world premiere of the film/documentary “Advanced Style” by Ari Seth Cohen. We got to go on an incredible journey with amazing woman over the ages of 60, with personal hardships, and impeccably unique individual style. Ari sat down to talk to Jackie Burger about film, travel, childhood, and the subtle nuances between local and international style and perception.


Following a quick wardrobe change from my Peplum, I headed back to the CTICC for the Day 2 shows.


Michelle Ludek gave us jungle fever, model nipple flash, Jacquard print in turquoises, green and shades of yellow and blue, making the collection earthy elegance. It was the colours that stood out in an otherwise singularly normal collection, and her finale dress was so Hamptons in the 4th of July!

Tart started their show with Jay Z as their soundtrack and the crowd was pumped. The designer allowed two versions of one dress on the ramp at the same time, the crowd was keen for a beach bum summer, and the models had such awe-inspiring Amazonian attitude!


Day 2′s outfit just ruffles your feathers right?

With the next show I had the most unexpected feeling: Kobus Dippenaar and Imani made me feel like, for the first time, I was at a Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Irrespective of location, I felt a sense of globalized style and decorum.

This collection encompassed everything required from a show built on the foundations of a reputable global reputation: it maintained impeccable design decadence and innovative enchantment. The clothing was for courting, dating, engagement, wedding and honeymoons; Sheer black lace and chiffon with nudes peeking through, African mosaics and jacquard geometric prints, exquisite crystal gems teamed with floral mosaic patters on tulle and empire skirts and dresses.

Kobus Dippenaar and Imani made me believe in the frailty of genius, and the way in which it needs an audience.

Banner Wall Friday

Me, Anelisa Mangcu and the IMANI designer at the AFI Banner Wall

2nd Row at Ruald Rheeder made me favorable towards the collection. The pastel/washed out pale tones were nice teamed with the in-trend brown brogues and such. Paisley pant print in turquoise green and whites did not overpower the male form.

Men were being taught to embrace the funk with couch florals in tailored suits. The style layering reminded me of a Middle Eastern vagabond travel writer, and I saw homage to classic suits from the Dolce&Gabanna campaigns with David Gandy.

Non-European began their show with drums and t-shirts asking:

“Who am I?”

“Who are you?”

 “Who are we?”

Guess the answer is ‘Non-European’

I gave a nod.

…I see what they did there.

I feel like only surfers and Burning Man attendees would rock this designer’s collection. There was this older female model though, who stole the show. She had the most haunting and memorable face you will ever encounter.

Known public fashion faces and obscure critics were accounted for at the event, representing the masculine side of world style.


Day 3 was the final day and I accidentally missed the 1st shows due to attempts to make myself more glamorous. I ended up meeting the GlamourSA magazine editor dressed in an almost vintage wealth style, in between masses of alternative style tastes.


I got to watch Danielle Margaux show with the most desolate and utterly romantic feel, made more poignant by the use of the ‘Gladiator’ soundtrack’s song “Now we are free” by Lisa Gerrard & Hans Zimmer . It reminded me a little of Jackie O’. Nothing new came from the design aesthetic, but I have no criticism because I was captivated. Oscar De La Renta would give a nod to Danielle Margaux’s evening gowns in pale pearl and baby pinks.


Selfi was wearable, simple, very unassuming.

Leigh Schubert had a collection inspired by goldfish. There was a lovely cut jumpsuit with black piping folded over the waist to provide hip allowance, bowler dress in pink and models with Camel toe.

Loincloth and Ashes undercut the baby doll cuteness of their collection with an almost Iggy Azalea/Gaga edge. Their Earcuffs were MAGNIFICENT! Their collection was African without trying to be, which is something most fail at.

I freaked out something fierce when Lalesso had their show and played an obscure awesome Indie/Rock band’s tune – The Dandy Warhols’s “Bohemia like you”, very applicable considering the BoHo maxi-dresses. The jewelry stood out more than the designs, but I was too busy singing to criticize too much.

At some point I returned to the Media Lounge to absolute madness. They recruited me to try and fit 14 people into a new Mercedes-Benz parked in the vicinity…we only managed 9 but it was fun. There was good food and wines constantly coming around amidst our networking.


I took the time to curiously peer and consume some of my goodie bag items. I LOVE FREE STUFF!


The Craig Port show was attended by Cape Town media personalities Naledi Radebe and Anelisa Mangcu, and everyone trying to nab a seat to one of the most anticipated shows of the entire Fashion Week. Pastel khaki and pale pink, beige’s and champagne colored apparel were the order of the day. The lesson of the day was that there is no need for rough fabric on the male form, and to not fear for light (not bright) color tones. Craig chose The Beatles to usher in a new section of the collection and I felt that Here Comes the Summer. Port used 60s Hippie fashion and meshes contemporary minimalist chic.

The fashion week closer was Fabiani, with an audience standing, sitting, hovering etc. just to catch a glimpse of anything. Lana Turner said that “A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.”

…And the bearded models brought the two extremes together so cleanly.

Fabiani brought nothing innovative to the style game, but they sure did jump on the S/S 14 world trend of short summer suits for men.

Celebrities wrangled together for these last shows included: Marc Lottering, Jennifer Su, AKA, Da LES etc.

Street style had such variations and models kept things chill.


So you’re probably wondering what the verdict is on the entire event…well here it is:

If you’ve never gone to a Fashion Week before, it’s okay to go in 2015 for a first time. No one ever wants their first time to be bad, so you hype things up in your head and pray for the best. The event is really slick when you are first exposed to it. After this, never go again – for fear of having jaded perceptions of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks across the world. I give no props to anyone. A great event requires everything to work and look seamless, even in the most perilous of times.

This will be my last Cape Town Fashion week for a while. Perhaps my next foray in a couple of decades will yield great weather, efficient and considerate organization, more exaggerated and ‘Fashion Weeky’ stylish apparel worn by attendees, and designer clothing that inspires, makes me obsessed, captivates, and brings absolute awe from my soul.

look2Me on Day 3 at the AFI Banner Wall

Hot Television: “The Man Cave”


Something awesome this way comes!

If you have internet or a television, then you have hot men at your fingertips.

SABC 3 has a new show premiering 06th August in the 20:00 pm slot.

If you are familiar with the 6-pack laden TV personalities Lunga Shabalala and Janez Vermeiren, then you are in for a treat.

Man Cave ‘s trailer explains that these 2 guys will be bringing you on-screen rivalry and bromance in different settings, with different challenges, all of it geared towards retaining their Man Cards!

Are you keen?

Still wary?

Imagine Top Gear spliced with GQ with well-dressed and hot presenters!

Bet you’re intrigued now…

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction


I don’t know what you guys were saying on twitter…busy heckling for no reason.

I just watched ‘Transformers 4′ and IT. WAS. AWESOME!

Okay, so first thing first: We all love the precocious anxious levity of Shia LaBeouf’s acting delivery as it proved instrumental in initially establishing the Transformers movies as beyond childish indulgences of visual engagement. His time, as well as the initial 3-movie cast with the likes of Megan Fox, Tyrese and Josh Duhamel, has concluded.

We enter the next great Transformer adventure with the Autobots being vilified by the American human defense organization, because of money,security and world domination…you know: the usual!

The world might perish, there’s evolutionary history of Earth and Tranformers, there are knights, metal hellhounds, and cars worthy of Top Gear episodes.

There’s a swag’d out evil/assassin Transformer that tricks out into a Lamborghini I would kill for.

There is an all-star cast including names like:
Mark Wahlberg(Four Brothers, The Departed) as Cade Yeager, a hot single dad and struggling driven inventor; Stanley Tucci(The Hunger Games)as Joshua Joyce, the narcissistic and arrogant head of KSI who wants to build his own Transformers(The Dinobots);Kelsey Grammer as Harold Attinger, a post-self-serving veteran CIA agent who founded the ‘Cemetery Wind’ initiative to eliminate all Transformers from Earth;Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, Sophia Myles, Li Bingbing,and Titus Welliver.

There are exotic locations, and Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg bring the all that makes films a worthwhile experience.

Bumblebee was giggle-worthy with him having to face a Dinobot advertised as “an upgraded Bumblebee”…you’d think humans would have learned never to mess with the original.
There were moments of cute one-liners and situational comedy, but I missed a lot of the lightness the prior 3 movies had. No one liked seeing an un-epic Optimus Prime so the whole movie centered on Autobots that weren’t adored and awesome brought sadness.

However predictable the story, this 4th Transformers movie will appeal to the older consumers. It is dark in a way that leaves you contemplating the extent of humans inhumanity.
Optimus Prime, who wants championed for a safe earth free of evil galactic intervention, is hurt,shamed and hunted in a way that strips him of his very belief in us, simply for the composition of his being.

On it’s own legs, Transformers 4 ranks a 7/10 at best, and there’s a 10/10 ranking for awesomeness because Optimus Prime tamed and rode a FRIKKEN TRANSFORMER DINOSAUR!

I applaud Mark Wahlberg’s performance, as he, once again, uses his innate coolness to shock eager satisfaction from audiences when we catch glimpses of softness and goodness in his character.

To the person who orchestrated the sets: KUDOS!
Practically each frame had a different texture to it when watching the film, and while many might miss the extraordinary details that go into set construction, we can appreciate the grand narrative even more because of the total colorful and visual experience.

I’m one of those hypocrites that jump from purist to franchise-’whore’, and while I would have been okay with the Transformers franchise concluding as a trilogy, Transformers 4 brings it’s own swag to the game.

Most will criticize the movie for it’s archetypal Hollywood blockbusterness, but I think the franchise is to be commended. This is not meant to be a troubling biopic or drama. These are movies that metamorphazise from comic books to action figures,and finally landing in cinema. They are meant to be bubblegum eyesore bouts of pleasure that is both exhilaratingly adrenalin-pumping, and make one reminiscent of the idealized potential everything and everyone has to be heroes in a world that’s currently changing too rapidly to reign control over.

PS: Am I. The only one that picked up on Mark Wahlberg’s character name “Cade Yeager” as a nod to a pending franchise collision between Transformers, “Pacific Rim” and the techapocalypse of “Battleship: Los Angeles”?

I grew up. I realized


Dear Diary:
My handwriting changes in every stroke I dance onto the page in interpretive technique.

Strange this!

Is this part of growing up?
Is this an epiphany? Enlightenment seems too poignant a word to use in this realization of sorts.

See as I write I…I grew up. I realized:

Dumbledore left Harry in an abusive household,
Dobby proved defiance from authority is sometimes warranted,
And hanging onto good memories,however brief, are a part of producing the prerequisite Patronus adulthood requires.

I grew up. I realized:

The Bible was not meant to be a stagnant step-by-step manual to living,
And Priests aren’t bereft of misdeeds so who then, do they confess to?
I contemplated that God’s words spoken through Jesus’s actions were meant to guide around perilous journeys in human lives blessed with unpredictability from the almighty’s conceptualization.

I grew up. I realized:

The church and temples religions speak of are actually embodied in my existence as I am the epitome and conduit of a higher power’s magnitude.

I grew up. I realized:

TV and films could teach me so much if I took the time to listen to what I perceive as worthy.

I grew Up. I realized:

University was just another realm to learn better understanding for what others are already living,
I realized hope and despair, while I grew up to decadence and heart-wrenching fear.

I grew up. I realized:

Growing old is mandatory while growing up is optional.

I grew up. I realized:

Poetry transcended words and became taste,scent,sound,touch and simply freedom.

I grew Up. I realized:

You reading this is a type of legacy.

I grew up, and grew down, and remained somehow in-between, grappling with the fact that 21 means nothing, and that I am insignificant in the grand scheme of the big bang!

I grew up.

I realized that one day you are going to die and that I should get used to it…and that is when life screamed at me in its intensity.

                                                                                   ….And I lived.

Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival (Fashion Day 2)


Day 2 of the Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival was riddled with tempestuous style.

Fashion shows always begin with the designers and the models working in accord, and this event held no small supply of them. Before working the runways, the striking models from renowned agencies like Full Circle were seen chilling around the Crossley & Webb studio in cavalier style.

models on the move

Not to be outdone, attendees showed off their winter style in varying degrees of layering. I love the “boots work with everything” vibe.

Trench coats,fur,jerseys and leather are the order of the day.female streetwear

Tweed, Brogues and formal leather brown shoes are not for men alone.

The men of Cape Town are not to be outdone by the woman. A Fashion Festival brings out all matter of niche style where beards and hair color are accessories to be used as meticulously as jewelry in apparel adornment.


Vintage apparel, traditional African prints and contemporary gold-bar accessory trends etc. Bloggers and media personnel have their fingers on the vain of plush fashion vibes in the Southern African sphere. We love these geometric prints.


I had lunch with my friends at a lovely bistro-style restaurant called “Knead”.??????????

Who knew a Hot Dog could be so amazing!



Alexander and T-Micheal.

I frikken love these guys.

Every day they were dressed impeccably.


OW GOSH! I blame Pharrell Williams!

The Vivienne Westwood hat made an appearance at the Fashion Film Festival.


Jeans,boots and leather jackets are timeless pieces of everyone’s wardrobes, and these 3 models rock them well in different individual styles.DSCN2721

Viktorija Pashuta and Miguel Gaulthier bring the style for another day


These guys slay my fashion bone!??????????

While writing, taking pictures and networking I encountered David Tlale’s latest collection.

In a motif best described as midnight, I recognized the regality of these formal pieces worked by some striking models.

tlale Before the fun of the Red Carpet I had a little drama. Turns out I had to present for Day two for Pana Television and was not prepared for action, having arrived in relaxed day wear.

Thankfully, Alma, the head of one of the premiere Proudly South African fashion brands “Spilt Milk” saved me. She outfitted me in some incredible dramatic gettup that would have Maleficent jealous: Leather shoulder pieces attached to a velvet shoulder throw, and a high-waist white skirt with a long trail.

I had the blessing of GHD and M.A.C to do my make-up and the experience was so decadent and relaxing I’m tempted to hire a personal team at my

Icon-worthy fashion designer Beatriz Penalver and I working white sophistication. DSCN2669


The red carpet had a myriad of classy sophistication,voluptuous curves, rich textured fabric, tailored menswear suits, and wicked pointy stilettos.

redcarpet rc

Another night of being Awesome.

Fashion Photographer Viktorija Pashuta snapped in a gorgeous Ceres pink and gold gown worthy of international Red Carpet award shows.


 Quite the event this Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival right?

I had alot of fun, predominantly in networking,eating,fashion and the filmmaking.

I do hope you’ll take the time to come through next year…wherever you are in the world deary’s!

Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival (Fashion Day1)


Such events as the Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival  usually warrant the prerequisite of it’s attendees being the very epitome of style in their apparel. Cape Town has cultivated an environment of global fashion trends re-imagined through individual style teamed with our bipolar weather and hipster ambiance.

At the 1st annual Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival, the daytime  attendees who attended the panels and speakings of numerous business entities around fashion and film-making, were overshadowed by the precision of stylish tailoring the Red Carpet demanded in the evenings.

Folks like Bjorn Steinbach,Alex McGregor , and Singer and winner of the Ryan Seacrest competition Filipa, showed everyone else flames!


MilQ & Honey’s winter jumpsuits had the cold attendees at the Red Carpet all a envy.

david tlale dress

David Tlale’s dress is made of some gorgeous material.

The meticulous construction of the design could have been better sewn.

See the errors around the buttons?

PicMonkey Collag

 Some collections were just horrible.

I shudder to think who would don these pieces by Antonio Contreras Aviance from Mexico.

He’s dressed really nicely though, with those jewelry pieces by Rosalina.

That green,red,black and white dress is teamed with Mardi Gras beads

*cue sigh*


This collection by Craig Port reminded me of Marc Jacobs A/W 14 and Victoria Beckham’s S/S 13 collection with the down-to-earth element of Mango and Zara’s clothing.

Lace and Form-fitting apparel are in, as long as the material works just right.

The white mens  biker jacket is wicked and cool for winter swag.


 I like menswear that is concerned with disregarding certain gender stereotypes.

Rose print on Twisted Ross, and Javaid (Jagadi Couture) in a velvet blazers? YES!

The Simonsig champagne helps ease the sophistication.

DSCN2540 DSCN2545


They are officially my favorite designers.

I have no criticisms and all the praise for the 2 gentleman who just showed me that perfect tailoring is worthy of praise and investing in.


 Viktorjia and Miguel were the best dressed attendees at the event.

These Los Angeles-based film,music and fashion pros bought the style on both days.


If you can find one wrong thing in this picture, I’ll give you a high-5!

The event organizer Adrian Lazarus(in the jeans) and his entourage were the epitome of Red Carpet slick.

Those sparkles are life.

PicMonkey Collagejio

 After much deliberation, I decided to wear the MilQ & Honey Coachella Polodress, Forever New clutch bag, with a pair of Errol Arentz stiletto boots I had coveted from ages before buying.

Proudly South African Apparel.

goodie bag

Goodie Bags!

Thank you Mercedes-Benz for this goodie bag. Vouchers galore man!

Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival(Overview)


Film exists as an intrinsic part of the arts, and as a facet of media. It is a boundless domain of creative expression, can convey a multitude of multifaceted messages etc.

Films are made to inspire, to pay homage, and through the basest sentimentality- to be symbolic of the incomparable human spirit.

Fashion is not bereft of a connection to film. While fashion manifests itself as a tangible result of inspiration, design creation and energy, film and fashion working in accord becomes the authority of contemporary pop culture’s power.

The genre of Fashion Film was first articulated by David Simms, Bruce Webber, and the much revered Karl Lagerfeld. Since it’s inception, it has been embraced by some internationally acclaimed fashion houses and their stars, including John Galliano, Burberry, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Versage, Alexander McQueen etc. They have used the genre as a way of showcasing their brands from the SHOW Studio in London, to screens across the globe; Beyond merely the clothes, they wish to have a film reel of visual expression for the purpose of expressing the creative processing behind the image of the brands and their supposed clientele. For these fashion houses the fashion film allows the individual interpretation of  meanings garnered from films, to be doubly more emphasized through the personal relevance the brands film might evoke through emotional responses inducing reflectivity. This past week I had the opportunity to attend the 1st Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival in Crossley & Webb’s Vintage Automobile studio in Cape Town – the 1st Fashion Film Festival in Africa, and to become an annual event bringing together the global network of filmmakers, fashion foragers and their affiliates.

The event’s official site stated that: “As the creative hub of sub Saharan Africa, Cape Town is the perfect city to host Africa’s first Fashion Film Festival. Launching in the same year the city is World design Capital adds gravitas to this auspicious event. The city is already a top destination for fashion shoots and a prime location for international film crews and has a wealth of local talent in both the fashion and film industries. This even provides the opportunity to marry these two thriving industries in the city.” IMG_5748

Picture courtesy of Popupblog

I understood, from the event, that the organizers wished to bring filmmakers,writers, fashion and poignant cultural figures together in order to create visionary content by :exploring every facet of fashion through moving image, through illustrations, photography,music,costume/apparel and the written word.

The event was MC’d by Radio personality Bailey Schneider, with Natalie Backer contributing to the evening program.

I was in awe of seeing Fred Sweet, the producer of the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival and the International Fashion Film Festival, in attendance, as well as  Mikkel Aerkevik from Norway, talking about the Oslo Fashion Film Festival. Both gave a certain level of substance to the event.

I watched most of the films and some really stood out to me for their foolhardy pursuits of narrative without captivating imagery, while some did not even need a message as audiences reconciled with the incredible figures in the films and the fashion that emphasized the reason we celebrate clothing.

“Immortal game” is a 6-time nominated film by Amber Moelter and Louis Baretto Carillo ,set in Croatia, and the narrative was based on a dangerous chess game. The central protagonist looked strangely like Olga Kurylenko and Ashley Olsen, and the ambiance of the film felt like Audrey Hepburn was in James Bond:Casino Royale.

The  film “Dream nation” by Studio DT, reminded me of a Mr Price-meets-Adidas advert  because of the way in which a multitude of  race color, clothing fabric and energetic interactions were filmed.

“Elven Sky” maintained the motif of female empowerment with a Native American theme of Warrior chic-meets-hippie. One could liken it to the movie “300″, had the cast been in haute couture. It was a debauched epic of a fashion film by Warrick McLeod.

I was dazzled by the film”Mia”, by Aviv Kosloff. It is a German production and would make an excellent car and diamond advert.

Solveig Selj’s “No wallflower” was the exact replica of Woolworths advertisement before Candice Swanepoel steamrolled in.

Raul Rosillo’s film “Quimera” was one of my favorites.  The clothing was in Matador designs set up in a Spanish relic isle. The narrative was fierce woman who dine on death- the Last supper of style essentially.

Alexander Hankoff’s “Dark Narcissus”lookbook had an androgynous model who gorgeously has the look combo of Cara Delevigne  and Ke$ha. The narrative was entrenched in the supernatural mythos of Bloody Mary with her mirror mimicry leading to ones peril.

“Boulevard” had amazing music, Paris noir street-style with Dior-like monochrome.

Not that I am bias with heavy patriotism but Andrea Gwynn’s film was a South Africa production commissioned by mining company Anglo Gold was one of the best contributions to the Fashion Film Festival. It was an underground jewel aesthetic: All aspects of mineral mining to their end product brought to visual delight. Models were drenched in golden liquid which then became jewelry. There were Bodysuit chain jewelry too for the trendy. The jewelry was juxtaposed design meeting with the dimensions of grime.

“I’ll get there” was  filmed in true cinema style with an epic score. Menswear with Geometric patterns on Knitwear.

“Isonomia” was probably the most socially conscious and pop culture adjacent film there. There was the nucleus of same sex love, with Snakes, Dusty suits and a Lady gaga-like  justice of the peace at several weddings. The lyrics to Lady Gaga’s “Born this way” inspired this piece as Love is the theme, as is embracing ones true self, and dusting away self-doubt.

“You are it” was a Kenyan fashion film set in large plains and green landscapes. the narrative was of Curses being passed on, evident through he apparel transformation of the central antagonist and protagonist. The title refers to the tag game “you’re it!” and means the only way to survive is though passing the curse on.

There were many films worthy of wins, but only a few got the grand prizes.

The winning Fashion Film of the Mercedes-Benz South Africa Category with a $ 5 000 prize is Ernst Heusser for “Wanderlust”.

 BEST ACTRESS goes to: Kim Lysette in “Alive”

BEST ACTOR goes to Oliver Baggerman from “The Long Road”

BEST HAIR goes to “Quimera”

BEST MAKE UP goes to “Immortal Game”

BEST FASHION goes to “Lovers Game”

BEST VISUAL EFFECTS goes to “Black Era – Court of the Ants”

BEST ART DIRECTION goes to “Arcade” by Kirsten Goss

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY goes to Pablo Clemente for Pasos de Sirena

BEST DIRECTOR goes to Samual A Martin for “Alive”

BEST PICTURE goes to Damien Krisi for “Urban Hippie”

Big Congratulations go out to Adrian Lazarus. I got to work with him at Fashion Week last year, and this year he orchestrated the 1st ever Fashion Film Festival in Africa, in collaboration with: Mercedes-Benz, Cape Town Fashion Council, M.A.C., GHD, Truth Coffee Roasting, David Tlale, Gavin Rajah, Milk and Honey, Craig Port, Jo Carlin, Selfie, Spilt Milk Designs, Lara Klawikowski, Expresso Show, Pana Television, Amazing Spaces,Luxury Brands etc.

One hopes this event will eventually receive the attention owed to it by audiences globally, and that continuously full attendance will be one facet of validation that the Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival will be here for a while – After all: the aim is not to be the next Cannes Film Festival but slowly mold a self-sustaining and unique contribution to the many festivals that exist globally.

Spot me in this insert of the event. Xx

Resurrecting the Lifestyle


One word pretty much sums up why I’ve had an inconsistency in blogging for the past few weeks: Examinations.

Despite being in Postgraduate studies, I am still subject to the quintessential varsity experience of being marked according to what I retain in memory (which isn’t much) and what I understand (which usually fluctuates dramatically).

Anyway, I spent a couple of weeks prepping and spent 83 continuous hours on one, and a collective total of 35hrs on the others. I am beyond tired! So, after finishing the last paper on Friday at 04:30 am, sleeping for 4 hours, waking to hand in my examination for Methodology and Contemporary Sociological Theory, I decided to treat myself on my own well-earned dime.

My friends and I went to a little Bistro-style restaurant in Rondebosch, Cape Town; It’s called ‘The Hussar Grill’.


It serves some incredible food – one able to have a full 2 course meal for under R100.00 c.

I had a Cream of Butternut Soup Starter with a sliver of toasted bread. My 2nd course was a 200g 21 day aged Sirloin, topped with mushroom-optional dressing served alongside a bed of potato fries, with side dishes of spinach, and cinnamon butternut.

The entirely scrumptious tastebud delight was washed down with a cold glass of Appletizer.

PicMonkey Collage

I thoroughly enjoyed the decor of the restaurant. In deviation for the neon bright colors and cheap neo-plastic decor favored by many fast-food chains and niche coffee joints, The Hussar Grill combines the classic bistro vibe with the intimacies of in-home Scottish decor using a combination of antiquities, quality aged wines, crisp white tables and waitress-staff apparel.

PicMonkey Collagemm

Even the bathrooms are decorated with diner warmth-portraits are on every wall in the bathrooms and restaurant walls, signed by icons of different industries.


A solid 8/10 for the entire experience.

After the hearty luncheon, we departed toward the CBD, deciding to walk a little of lunch away. We went from the Cape Town Station, via City Hall, to the heart of Cape Town’s tourist hotspots: Long Street. ‘ I rocked my grey Woolworths viscose jumpsuit with some bling that borders on haute Street couture.

PicMonkey Collagedw

Neighborhood’ is a restaurant/bar with a optimal Long Street placement, a media presence following rave reviews and the occasional international celebrity visitors, as well as being one of the only few places in South Africa that serves Curly fries (my favorites) and Nachos. Their Mojitos are that tasty goodness where the drunkness creeps up on you. I had me a Classic Mojito, a Spice Mojito and a Orange & Cinnamon Mojito.

PicMonkey Collaged

The strawberry Daiquiri’s taste like Slush puppies/icies/slurpies…had my eyes poppin out with their refreshing, albeit non-alcoholic tastingness.[yes, that's a word!]

PicMonkey Collageo;

While at the restaurant I spotted some folks with really well-crafted Menswear.

Since South Africa is currently in it’s Autumn/Winter 14 phase, trenchcoats, boots, Letterman Jackets,Chinos and leather satchels are in.

This bag owned by one of the restaurant patrons was lovely, set in the design of old-school lecturer bags.


What followed the chillfest at Neighborhood’, was a 12 hour pub crawl through Long Street-from Bobs Bar (whose Dj sucked majorly), Capellos, to Club 169.

I’ve never had an experience where every piece of music I could want played is delivered at the same time, in one night and by one Dj’s set. I thoroughly enjoyed the Dj at Club 196 and hardly left the dancefloor.

This was the entire party gang from the night!



….how did you spend your weekend good people?

21st Birthday Wish List 2014


So it’s happening…

I can see the wrinkles forming, the garrison calling, my fate no longer stalling.

I recently had my students do an essay on what a birthday means, and some of the things they pointed out made me realize the extent of the coming responsibilities I’ll have.

On the 09th of June 2014 I turn 21.


Anyway, it’s not that I don’t want to age but I had clear goals set for my 21st and none of them will be panning out. I wanted to be at one of my dream universities, New York University, and celebrating my coming of age singing cliché tunes tone-deaf through some street in Manhattan or Williamsburg. At some point I thought maybe turning 21 would mean I’d be ascending…maybe waking up at 12:05, the exact time of my birth and finding I have superpowers because my life is a DC Comic satire. I wanted to be on a train in Europe maybe, ushering my 21st with an epic trip from London to Amsterdam for a night of questionable wonder. Sometimes I think agents will usher me into the back room of a restaurant to tell me who I really am – you know, something Epic!

As like many of my dreams, this is unlikely to pan out.

While significance can be found in 21st birthday celebrations, such as the symbolism of getting a 21st key handed to you by a parent, I find myself thinking it will be like any other day. I’ve never really celebrated my birthday they way others have…not since I was really young. Low-key or nothing at all has become the norm. I think it’s because my birthday always fell during exams in this part of the world so most people forgot.

Anyway, I was meditating on my awesomeness and decided to blog a short list of  dream Birthday gifts this year.

Am I weird that I’ve never wanted a car?

Here goes:

PicMonkey Collage

Tomorrowland Tickets- Steve Aoki’s baby is an incredible music festival experience. I’m a fan of amazeballs visual stimulation so a week-long partyfest with music, fellow music lovers, hipster locales , and a combo of gorgeous Eurofolk etc. is the coup de gras of awesome.

San Diego Comic convention COME ON! It’s COMIC FRIKKEN CON! This needs no explanation. I’d sell your soul and your grandmother for VIP All-Access passes. It’d probably settle the debate the voices in my head argue about: Marvel Vs. DC


Canon Camera: I’ve been drooling for a blogger camera for more reasons than simple want. I found out that quality pictures pay, and since I have a knack for photography apparently, It’d be awesome to get one of these Canons.

They’d also be awesome for Fashion Weeks. I can never get good photos, despite front row seats or whatever.

Samsung Camcorder: I kind of have a predisposition to adore Cinema, and I really wanna go to Tisch, which is a branch of New York University. I’d really like to apply there but you need to turn in video footage of a short film you made . Since I started working at HitRECordJOE as a freelance contributor, it’d also be awesome to add to my artistic repertoire.

PicMonkey Collage

30 Seconds to Mars: My favorite  band in the history of whatever. I would sell my soul LITERALLY to get the VIP Adventure in Wonderland package for their concert in Cape Town come June. I wanna meet Jared, Tomo and Shannon. This is not a beautiful lie, nor a perfect denial. YES! Lyrical reference folks.

New York City plane ticket: My blog is like an homage to all things New York. Most people have dreams that are careers

…but my dream is a city.

Getting to go to New York would be the highest point of my life. It’s the end game though so it’s okay if I only get to go when I’m like 28. I have plans to buy a building in Brooklyn.

….So yeah! That’s my birthday wish list. XX

Judgements lived by an Only child


It is not like we grow up asking to be the singular most important individual our guardians choose to revolve around.

It’s not by random happenstance, or impeccable planning, that we are reared the way we are.

We are not these anomalies to be studied meticulously from high pedestals of judgment, and mocked with vehemence, with a hurtful consistency.

Since I was young I’ve been told by people who don’t know me, that I am spoiled. I’e been spoken to about being coddled by people who deign to think they know my life. Even those gifted with the blessing of being in the know, using deflecting humor, sound jealous in their intent to ridicule every aspect of my life and rearing as symptomatic of an indulgent parent.

The assumptions people usually have is that we exit the womb riding on a unicorns back with a cool and calm bad-assery. Apparently we are wiped down with the baby Jesus’s manger blankets before being sent through to our parents on a sun-beam….even if you’re born at night, the darkness takes the time for a coffee break.

Anyway, the world generally believes that we proceed to grow up pooping rainbows into gold-flecked diapers, and then move from puree to solid food with the seductive cooking techniques of a gourmet chef. Upon graduating to grand prepubescence, we begin actually walking on the floor, having spent the beginning stages of adolescence crawling on clouds.

Hormones are a non-issue as we usher pubescence with a sophisticated calm, our parents having taken the time to call up Mother nature to save everyone the perils that surely come with such plebeian realities. Having spent a childhood playing, not with expensive porcelain dolls, but rather human recreations of toys bought to move at our every whim, we enter primary and high school with designer apparel and haughty stature.

When tallying up, up to this point: one has either had a life of envy from their perceived peers and underlings, or utter bullying and ridicule,such as I’ve experienced. People actually believe the way your parent buys you clothing, feeds, and cares for you is all an elaborate ploy to irritate them. So people spend hours turning their heads and whispering to those beside them: “Does she think she’s better than us?”. From crowded school hallways, to sports field the mass consciousness grows until words and phrases like ‘baby’, ‘only-child syndrome’, ‘spoiled brat’, ‘label whore’, ‘coconut’ etc. saturate themselves into your mentality and you spend the next 5 years attempting to run away from them, make attempts to embrace them, desperately try to cling to indifference in the face of them, settle for justifying others cruelty as necessary for others grip on reality, and then land up here: a place where you write a blog post meditating on human logic, and if others have such power over the identity you were meant to mold yourself etc.

Incredible how we spend our lives listening to the television shows, teachers, parents, lovers, friends who tell you to “be who you want to be” , and yet, when tracing your childhood, you find that every encounter has guided this identity into what it is. Its as if every judgement lead to 2 paths: one where you could not listen and go about your life, or another where you pay the words mind, and your reaction, even if it rebels, is a causality of the statements.

URGH! I’m confused, and tired, and utterly pissed.

I’ve been told I don’t share well because I’ve never had siblings. I’ve been told I’m spoiled because my mother chose to not have any children and could therefore take the time to shower me with love and attention. I’ve been told my life and my attentions have been bought and defined by material items that I have had, and just because some with siblings lack them, that it makes me doubly spoiled and unique. I’ve been told because of how I speak to my mother, because I have such a close relationship with her and that we possess our own mannerisms of communication, that it somehow means I am a baby in context.

I have been told all this.

…And what I know is what I have lived, and what I have lived is a life charmed uniquely for me.

I don’t want to have to explain myself, why I do what I do, and why I have what another does not.

I should not have to be made to feel guilty for the blessings I may have. People shouldn’t go about deducing what they have no business in attempting to understand.

Only-children are different from everyone else-it’s the  nature of humanity to be individualized so. However,so are those with siblings different.

Are you not spoiled for having 2-7 siblings by comparison?

Are you not spoiled for having messy breakfasts every week, and crowded houses where there is always someone to run to?

Are you not spoiled as a not-only-child?

I beg you to think of yourself as much more blessed, before judging us as the only child.

“Miners shot down” : Spoiler Film Review


Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to watch a screening of “Miners Shot Down” 2 months before its official cinematic release.

The film is directed by Rehad Desai and is considered a documentary in association with Ford Foundation and Uhuru Productions. It helped in regulating the noise of media coherently. The documentary documents the events causing, leading up to, and the ramifications after what the media have dubbed the “Marikana massacre”. For 7 days, the Marikana mine in South Africa was the home of extreme bloodshed and the violation of gross human rights. Mine workers were protesting for an increase  in wages, from platinum mining business Lonmin,in the face of escalating problems in work conditions and the general circumstances of basic survival in South Africa. This has been dubbed a “Political thriller” and reveals the almost dystopic reality we exist in where the extent of the “mechanism of power in South Africa” could be likened to a jagganuat fixated purely on expansion, indifferent to the exploitation of the poorest.

Essentially, the film conveyed the way in which international money protects itself by any, and all means, necessary. Cyril Ramaphosa said that: “There is no such thing as a Liberal Bourgeoisie”. Today Cyril, a prior pioneer of trade union justice, sits on the board of the Lonmin mine company-the company central to the Marikana debacle. He stated his understanding of the South African way of voicing their concerns through strikes, as well as acknowledging strikes as an integral part of the process for the pursuit of change since perceived democracy was attained in 1994. He, however, does not believe in condoning violent action in the face of getting your interests met.

The film and more specifically, the redundant verbiage of that key figure to the Marikana case that was interviewed, returns us to the perceived independence of South Africa from the Apartheid system, and makes one question what exactly has changed. Some argue that simply administration has changed, interests become skewered in the face of global conglomerate politics, the interests of the state no longer lie with the people, and that the socioeconomic situations of the ordinary man remain the same.

The film unveils the way in which the police force killed in protection of the Capitalist ideal. Statements made by the police chief assure the police force that actions taken on the day of the massacre were for “self-defence” and in service of the people of South Africa.

Marikana, and the subsequent strike actions following its occurrence are considered the longest in Post-Apartheid South African history. The massacre is equated with the violent brutality seen in the Sharpeville Massacre of 1960.

Early in the film a lists of victims rolled through the screen in homage of lives lost, and in solidarity of the grief-stricken families. Continues chronological trajectories are disregarded in the film with changes occurring in various stages. This is due to key critiques made by stately figures whose opinions are considered important in providing perspective. Their clear reflections make audiences finely assess the situation enough to have informed reactions.

The film used a combination of data retrieved during investigations by the Marikana Commission of Inquiry, sanctioned security video footage from the police, and raw footage from photojournalists and video journalists, “expert” commentary, interviews and critiques, as well as eye-witness/victim accounts of events. Tholakele and Mzoxolo were part of the strike, and are two central narrators of the film who are facing murder charges due to the perceived wrongdoings they did in the massacre.

The Press release of the company disregarded the prior approach workers used, and turned a blind eye to the negotiations the trade workers wished to instigate when they marched to the Managers offices. Issues of politics, race, education, socioeconomics, class etc. were brought to the fore by the Trade Union leaders, strike heads, as well as used in justifications of intentions, actions and general labour relation norms by the ranking officials.

I recognized a metaphor in the strikers sitting on a mountain top during the strike. Perhaps something to do with steadfastness and overcoming hurdles.

Advocate Nduma was identified as representative of the deceased’s families, and Ames Nicol was the lawyer for the deceased’s families at the Marikana Commission of Inquiry. The film proceeded to show the Marikana Commission of Inquiry proceedings. Such as the set-up was, it was reminiscent of the Truth & Reconciliation structure. Families could be seen in the audience seats crying at exposed truths on the vicious nature of the victims’ wounds and subsequent deaths, as well as the state officials’ unashamed indifference of accepting blame of the situation.

In the Marikana Commission of Inquiry, when the question cropped up of who issued orders to instigate violence on the crowd, scapegoating and vague responses relating to chain of command and mass communications agreed upon prior, lead to confusion.

Weapons like the Phanga’s were utilized as much as songs, as a tool to portray the strikers need to protect themselves due to the circumstances, and intimidate where necessary. Several days before the massacre, General Mbembe was seen as amicable before he took a phone call from his supervisor halfway through discussions with the walking group of strikers. After a terse phone call, he was radical in his endeavour to squash the strike and get the weapons with force. The Police footage shows the striking workers stated that they have no issue with the police; they simply want to fix their financial predicament when the “white mans” way had led to stagnation in their need to pursue their goal. They articulated that the police are not meant to be a shield between people and their rights.

Watching the untampered-with footage, one can see that following that initial verbal altercation, the strikers had a march towards the mountain , with a walk considered solid and deliberate, devoid of any violence, but enthused with the spirit of purpose. The problem began with teargas being thrown in the crowd, only then did people begin running. The chaos that ensued led to 3 deaths – one by stabbing. Given the location so far from the initial scene, the death looked like an execution. 2 Policeman were killed, and therefore, the deaths of 2 of the 3 workers seemed like retaliation for cop deaths.

The Necklacing that occurred during the time of Apartheid was mirrored in the following days; fierce images of a targeted person laid on the streets with a cow head on their chest – the markings of a traitor. Media – from Radio, television, photojournalism etc. – was deeply entrenched in following the process of negotiations of mine workers interests and creating awareness of the issues encountered from past to present.

The former Minister of Intelligence questioned that incident, as well as the primary day of massacre as to: why police would react that violent way when the protesters were not in possession of arms equivalently dangerous to the immense firearms the police used, were not blocking highways, were not holding court at any strategic land points, nor did they have any form of menacing tactical affiliates in dubious and restricted locations. Police brought a hostage negotiator to a passive/aggressive strike event. The Police wanted a surrendering of leaders and/or the instigators of this strike action.

An incredible transcript that was attempted to be buried revealed that the police commissioner and a Lonmin representative orchestrated a plan of violent action to take place if cooperation was not reached with the strikers. They stated that “we should kill it”. Thus this evidence proves that the actions taken on the day of the massacre were not self-defence but barefaced and ruthless carnage to maintain power and protect economic interests.

Private security, Policeman, and soldiers in full tactical military gear were at a cordoned off area. They were geared for violent attacks, while, on the mountain sat the workers who had blankets covering them, a few phanga’s, strong speeches etc. marking their presence.

Cyril declined to answer a question regarding whether he, given his stance and current job, thought to approach the mine workers. In a recovered email during the Inquisition, he advised that the strike was a criminal acts and not a labour dispute. He said he’d been in contact with a police official who would brief the president. He stated that “pointed action” should take place – this said 24hrs before the massacre.

A day before the massacre, the police refused for Joseph, the head of the trade union, to talk to the people on the mountain, except through an armoured vehicle. The Trade Union head then proceeded to say “but these are just people…Let us just walk through”. On the day of the massacre it was clear from Joseph’s speech that he was briefed on what the ramifications would be should the strikers not dissipate and return home, as words like “bloodshed” were used repetitively in his last speech.

16 August 2012 was the day of the Marikana massacre. Soldiers, 648 police deployed, and 4000 rounds of ammo were deployed. In a statement of anticipation I find so despicably clear of the police’s intentions, 4 vans from the mortuary were ordered. The policeman prayed before embarking on their shootfest. Despite ¾ of the people listening and moving after Joseph and Mambush spoke, saying that they should leave, the police continued to stand at a defensive stance to attack the homebound crowd. The Commander issued the order to initiate stage 3, which includes disarming. The police proceeded to box the outgoing crowd in, despite receiving no threat to initiate such defensive tactics. In the found footage, one can clearly see the people with their hands up in surrender, and they were crouched forward in a submissive pose. People were repeatedly shot while in those position. Victims were animalized by the police on scene. There was also an inhuman handling of the dead bodies. People were faking death to survive the post-massacre search the police did for survivors. For 20 minutes they carried on hunting people down and killing them after the initial massacre, with the high authorities briefed on the current situation at ground zero. Police footage shows the utter inhumanity of the police man. They mocked the victims, kicked dead bodies aside, shot them in their sexual organs and through their necks, and did not help those still clinging to the dredges of life.17 people were shot at scene 1, and 17 shot at scene 2. Ambulances were banned from the scenes till 1 hour after massacre.

To date, no officers have been reported or arrested.

The police commissioner stated in their speech: “The best of policing…you did what you had to do”.

If those that are in power don’t answer for this, who gave the order?

If no order was given, why aren’t the policemen who were present at the massacre not accounting for their actions?

Who is to blame?

It cannot wholly be the dead workers.

It is easy, however, to pass blame on those who cannot answer for imagined slights.

This film was a truly powerful visual journey, encompassing the realities of documentary filmmaking, quality production, creating global awareness regarding specific issues, and unleashing activist principles and activating audiences humanity ,moral thresholds and sparking critical thinking in a lucrative entertainment  platform sure to reach millions globally.

A solid 8/10

Cannes International Film Festival 2014


This is one event I absolutely adore since I first encountered it in 2006, and I wish I could go this year in any capacity.

I am officially boycotting the validity of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (a.k.a Oscars) because I cannot fathom why you could afford someone a golden statue for one good role, and disregard/snub the necessity of showering accolades on someone with a lifetime of incredible roles. The Academy disregard the very principles that make the very foundation of their brand.This year was the last year I’ll ever pay heed to the award show because that Leonardo DiCaprio snub made me lose my sh*t, which I’m still fuming about. 

The 67th annual Cannes International Film Festival is the epitome of hoity toity cinematic revelry, taking place from the 14th-24th May 2014. The location is the decadent wonder of France – Cannes, which is sort of like Monaco with an indie cool element.

The Film Festival’s premise is to acknowledge good filmmaking – from the casting,locations,to the scripts and productions in their entirety. They also believe in celebrating talent, promoting awareness of world issues, promoting branding and broadening the extent of global conglomerates reach on a platform readily recognized and afforded respect. The Cannes International Film Festival is affiliated with Cannes Lions. The Cannes Lions brand is focused on the cultivation of potential folks interests in facets of world cinema. I’ve been working on building a repertoire with one of its organizers, and it’s been fun. South Africa has had numerous movies submitted and premiered at the festival, under Cannes Lions, and while they may not be large quantities annually submitted, we have been bookmarked as a cesspool of raw material waiting to be utilized.

Anyway, the 2014 program for the festival is out. More than 1800 movies were submitted for review, 50 films were selected, and 18 of which will be in the main competition.

Opening night film:

“Grace of Monaco” – Director: Olivier Dahan

Nicole Kidman (Grace Kelly) and Tim Roth (Prince Rainier)

“Adieu au Langage” (Goodbye to Language) - Director: Jean-Luc Godard

“The Captive” – Director: Atom Egoyan

“Clouds of Sils Maria” – Director: Olivier Assayas

“Duex Jours, One Night” (Two Days, One Night) - Director: Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne

“Foxcatcher” - Director: Bennett Miller

“Futatsume no Mado” – Director: Naomi Kawase

“The Homesman” - Director: Tommy Lee Jones

“Jimmy’s Hall” – Director: Ken Loach

“Kış Uykusu” (Winter Sleep) - Director: Nuri Bilge Ceylan

“Le Meraviglie” (The Wonders) - Director: Alice Rohrwacher

“Leviafan” – Director: Andrey Zvyagintsev

“Mommy” - Director: Xavier Dolan

“Mr Turner” - Director: Mike Leigh

“Relatos Salvajes” (Wild Stories) - Director: Damian Szifron

“Saint Laurent” - Director: Bertrand Bonello

“The Search” -Director: Michel Hazanavicius

“Timbuktu” - Director: Abderrahmane Sissako

The president of the 2014 Palme d’Or jury is New Zealand-born formidable cinematic authority Jane Campion who gave me, and the world but you guys just aren’t as important as me, “The Piano”.

The Master of Ceremonies for this years Cannes Film Fest will be the 55 year old French guy from the 2nd and 3rd Matrix movie whose character programmed an orgasm into a cake because how awesome was that?! Anyway, he goes by the name Lambert Wilson and he’ll be lording over the opening and closing ceremonies.

This year the jury president for the short film and Cinefondation is Abbas Klarostami(Iran).

Accompanying jury members and directors include:  Joachim Trier(Norway), Daniela Thomas(Brazil), Mahamat-Saleh Haroun(Chad),Noemie Lvovsky(France).

For the Un Certain Regard, the Argentinean producer/director/scrptwriter Pablo Trapero will be this years president of the Jury. In 1978, the Un Certain Regard unit was established as a non-competition category, whose primary focus is on the works of new filmmakers globally.

For those in the region who cant afford the tickets, or those with no press passes, there are options. The Plage Mace is a free and open-air cinema that will be showing classic films. 

The Cannes Cinephiles is a free tent mounted on the Pantiero showing films from 09:00am-05:30pm. One can pop into the venue or the Cannes Tourist office for free tickets. Tickets to be paid for are those that are for the Directors Fortnight, whose headquarters are outside Malmaison. They are available from Croisette Theatre(JW Marriott Hotel) or through Cinephiles with prices from  €7 for one show –  €30 for 6 showings.

…. Are you guys as amped as me for this fest? Stay tuned for more info.

Woman’s Lifestyle Expo 2014: Day 2


Another day, and another opportunity to be awesome.

Gorgeous dresses were to be had- This one by Jo Carlin.


Leather Jackets were drawing folks nearer – even though the designs were utterly stagnant.


Day 2 meant the fashion brand Cigar set up their mannequins so well and the crisp and refreshingly clean ensembles appealed to me.


Novelty purchases for home decor were there in the f*ckloads-Miyu made these earth-tone items.


There was a company(Dura Lavora) that was promoting their company which is the epitome of the capitalist endeavor- they import, advertise and sell most items that celebrities make famous and all. The Fake Bake tan thing was cool though because it didn’t make me a different shade, it made me glow…I was all kinds of Midas gorgeous.


…and given my sweet tooth, seeing those stands with baked goods and loaded colorful icing just activated my munchies.


I got a facial done, and it included eyelash tinting which means that I don’t need fake lashes because my lashes pop more now.


Present at Day 2 was celebs like Danine from Expresso and Tammy from Good Hope FM.



Sunglasses were thee most important accessory given the gorgeous weather at the event deck, and folks had some real cute ones.


I managed to get my nails done. It was a lovely experience given by Eyecandy whose personnel were warm and who articulated the origins and development of their business and goods. I got a hot pink  nail polish put on with a Matte finish, and velvet coating on my 2 ring fingers.

PicMonkey Collage

The best part of the entire expo, for me, was the VIP Wine tasting. The table set-up was utterly pretty and decadent. Rhebokskloof  is the name of a wine-making brand. They allowed us to sample some of their wines paired with different organic chocolates from Cocoa Fair and Tribe Coffee.

Sauvignon Blanc teamed with white vanilla chocolate (My favorite)

Chardonnay with Dairy Milk Chocolate

Cabernet Merlot and Dark Chocolate

Pinotage and Chilli Dark Chocolate

PicMonkey Collagenn

In it’s entirety the event was a solid 6.5/10

I understand the exclusivity of promoting an event that wishes to relay advice and products geared to woman’s lifestyles. However, appealing to the men of the world as needing to invest their time in understanding the wants and needs of woman would have been good. I love that the event was not overtly crowded, but rather filled with folks who would take the time to listen to the speakers and business heads, and purchase the products and services. The organizers and their teams were so helpful and I look forward to next year and the Woman’s Lifestyle Expo evolution.


 That’s me in MilQ&Honey leggings and Ray-Ban sunnies.

Woman’s Lifestyle Expo: Day 1

I recently got invited to the 2014 Woman's Lifestyle Expo from the 18-20th April.
The event took place at one of the premier locations in the Cape Town metropolis – The Lookout, which is between Victoria & Alfred Waterfront and my favorite party location “The Grand.
The premise of this event is to identify the necessary things that make woman bask in their femininity, acknowledge and promote the investment in woman’s well-being…and just a little indulgence in some decadent quality goods and services.
For the media breakfast we had some kitsch finger food, despite the organizers promising a hearty breakfast. I found the large variety of dishes appealing, the quantities disappointing, and the taste was bland-lacking in an activation of taste-buds and a good experience of organic foods.
The Champagne was awesome though!
There have been alot of beauty and fashion brands showcasing their goods and services – both local and international.
Uber is a global business founded on the demand in the market for convenient and affordable transportation. I practically did not spend a dime this whole weekend, Uber: Cape Town was my ultimate mid-town transport. It was on-time, professional and provided many attendees with vouchers for up to R150 for the duration of the event.
Sloane&Madison – a jewelry company with luxury shopping online (4/10 for their jewelry. They are too simple a design for my taste)
Lazuli- A fashion house I saw showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Cape Town last year. Their items are those that are designed as durable staple products that outfits are built around. (7/10 because the quality of fabrics remind me of Woolworths products I like lining my wardrobe with)
Perfect- A fashion brand producing those trendy items from Streetstyle Lookbooks (5/10 because of the cuteness)
Label- another fashion label with 28-45 year old looking market designs (2/10 because there was this cute wool jersey with leather elbow patches and edges I saw)
Boheme- “conscious and chic designer footwear, interior design and installation” (2/10 because a company that does shoes and furniture leaves me wierded out and the shoes could be found at any other chain store in town)
PicMonkey Collage
Spilt Milk- a fashion brand whose owner is really chill and whose designs are perfect for rich folk living by the beach. Last time I viewed their collection at Fashion Week, the simple designs were covered by a wicked and distracting Carnival theme. ( 3/10)
Miche- Okay they have an incredible concept for their bags. You have multiple shells with thee cutest designs you can buy with magnets inside, and the inside bag is of cloth make. All you do is change according to your mood. ( 6/10 for innovation and affordability as none of their bags or shells go above R1 000)
Jagadi Couture- I know everyone else hated the dress, but if I was heading to Cannes International Film Festival this year I would rock this dress because it is out there, form-fitting and just a little unrefined- the perfect reflection of my style on occasion. (6/10)
PicMonkey Collagerf
Other fashion brands include Cigar, as well as companies for coffee, jewelry etc. 
Rubbery necklaces imported from Paris
PicMonkey ss 
This lady reminds me of Vivienne Westwood and her eccentricities.
The Pole Project- My friend, and owner of one of the fashion houses presenting at the expo(Milq & Honey), Kelly, decided to take a chance on the pole and had such funzies. The pole presentation of the company’s head dancers was awesome, and I’d totally be keen to take classes
…soon as I lose my cellulite and build-up some solid core strength.
There were fellow bloggers and photographers on the premises, including: Denzil Jacobs, Clouds Drummond, Elrico Bellingam, Ritza Janse Van Rensburg, Angel Campey etc.
 I rocked a Kelso turquoise top with my custom-made Linen pants and Zoom stilettos.
Street style was intense at the event. The girl in blue is rocking a MilQ & Honey ensemble.
The threesome is reminiscent of the Kardashians right?
Cloud Drummond soaking the sun on deck.
The incredibly stylish duo of the Luxo Blog – Ritza and Elrico.
…..Day 2 summary to follow.


Health care for the LGBT Community


I had a postgraduate seminar earlier this week and Doctor Alexandra Muller spoke to us about her current work in the realm of health care, specifically delving into the LGBT community. I found her talk most interesting. Having friends and acquaintances whom readily identify with the LGBT tags, as well as being an critical student in a particular context of the world where there are issues of violence towards this group of people, I felt it pertinent to blog about the informative nature of Dr. Muller’s presentation.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender are terms most often used in the discourse of Western health sciences. As the terms are grouped and truncated into the acronym LGBT, they present as being exclusionary, and having their own historical and geographical connotations. High levels of violence against gender non-conforming people has occurred across the world, many making it known that a contradiction occurs in their perception of their religious beliefs and the notions of homosexuality that exist. There is often an umbrella term called “sexual and gender minorities” whose purpose is to avoid the narrowing identity-based distinctions that ordinarily become prevalent.

According to research, LGBT people suffer health disparities, with risks from factors due to social exclusion and stigma. In 2011 the Institute of Medicine said: “Although LGBT people share with the rest of society the full range of health risks, they also face a profound and poorly understood set of additional health risks due largely to social stigma.”

Adequate health care for sexual and gender minorities should involve sensitivity to historical and contemporary stigmatization.

According to the DSM Manual of the APA, until 1973 Homosexuality was considered a psychiatric condition.

It was not until 1990 that Homosexuality was removed from the World Health Organization’s ICD code list.

In the world today, high levels of societal homophobia and transphobia exist, often substantiated by antiquated systems of belief and knowledge, especially in medicine and state policy.

People should be informed about differential prevalence’s of specific risk factors and health conditions, as well as the continued barriers to care. Health care providers, who are ordinary members of society, need to be knowledgeable about “culturally competent” care for sexual and gender minorities. Apparently health care providers have levels of homophobia correlating with general society.

The UN International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (1966) stated that everybody has the right to the highest attainable standard of health. However, there are no guidelines for LGBT-specific health care, and there is a general lack of public health care facilities. In some facilities there is a refusal to provide care to LGBT patients, a violation of confidentiality, unethical and unprofessional behaviour. It’s sad that the health care providers have no knowledge about LGBT sexual health, and therefore provide inadequate care.

And how then, do LGBT patients navigate heteronormative and homophobic health care spaces?

They conform to a heteronormative identity by hiding their LGBT identity, are accepting the exoticised identity ascribed to them by health care workers, and/or they do not seek care anymore.

Creating specialized care should not be something we readily accept as the end-game of health care for the LGBT community. It is necessary to shake the very foundations of medicine from the initial stages of learning that is necessary. The medicine courses present their own prejudices that eventually get taught, and ingrain themselves, in the methodological way Medical practitioners practice medicine. That binary of thinking needs to be altered in such a way that “health care” is the umbrella term that affords EVERY single individual of the world the health care they deserve.


  • Müller & Crawford-Browne. 2013. Challenging medical knowledge at the source – attempting critical teaching in the health sciences. Agenda
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Details of blogpost directly sourced from Alexandra Muller's presentation

The soul of my dream is not my design



The performed thought , whether subconscious or not

How do you figure you’ll get through life unscathed?

Die with the stories of your life etched into the fabric of your existence, its life-lines drawn into your flesh with the penmanship of higher powers and the Fates.

Slice through to the bone

They say to “find what you love and let it kill you.Let it drain you of your all. Let it cling onto your back and weigh you down into eventual nothingness.”

Dare your logic fall into a chasm of ontological indifference – this is your design

The soul of my dreams was born in the body of a serpent. Traitor to the cause it slithered away and I washed myself with the ashes of my own transgressions

Loving had been water in a storm; too much in it’s entirety. I had drowned in it, entirely willing , dying in love, with love, knowing love was drowning with another soul – neither willing to relinquish the ties that bind.

Criminal dance?
Animal in inhumanity?

I think not

You are a child of meditated rationale
Medicated through the psychosis of social convention

you are stabled by the endeavor to see the truth
Ostracized as different you burrow below to skin… of the subject
Bone deep, marrow shallow with a superficial peck of truth


If I call the phenomenon an occurrence of finding the love of my life – best be prepared to live for eternity. I will not have myself forgotten in death. Let our love give this idea eternal life.

 I got my immortality feeding on the steady metallic taste of loves rusty gushing heart.

“All is illusion – the words written, the mind at which they are aimed,the truth they are intended to express, the hands that will hold the paper, the eye that will glance at the lines. Every image floats vaguely in a sea of doubt- and the doubt itself is lost in an unexplored universe f uncertitude.” - Joseph Conrad

Bound to earth

Inevitably, we are bound and come the end, to the ground.
Held fast by the chains bolted by breathe, straight into the earth.
We’ll forever go on our toes and attempt to grasp the stars – supernova dreams.
Conrad says that every image floats vaguely in a sea of doubt.
We are restless in our freedom.
In this universe of existence, our tight reign on the breadth of rationality leads us astray from divine clarity, and into the servitude of uncertain calamity.

Alexa Chung


One of the most influential faces of the blogging circle, Alexa Chung, is an English Television presenter, model and contributing editor of British Vogue.She is known for her wordly fashion sense-a BoHo meets sophisticated sheek.

We like her for her simple enough blog and brilliant fashion logic.


Summer Apparel


Whilst many other countries are heading towards winter and the ever-easy apparel seasons, South Africa is going into extreme summer.

In Cape Town we have Long Street, dedicated to the everyday persons wardrobe.

But for summer, I draw stregnth and inspiration for my wardrobe from 2 heavyweight fashion houses:

Though I am partial to Paul Smith because their clothes allow for more practicality.

Mango goes for the sophisticated avant-garde that most people are hot for.

Basically: We Like!




The latest in trends-Colour blocking.

However, here we have color muting.

I love this high-waist and bright almost neon orange.

It is teamed with a cream blouse and black leather handbag.

We Love!

Thirty Seconds to Mars Biggest South African Fan


Whose the biggest, baddest South African fan of epic music-makers Thirty Seconds to Mars?

Yeah, that’d be me!

Don’t believe me?

PicMonkey Collagem

Who ordered a custom onesie with glow-in-the-dark words and symbols as a homage to the band?


Who got one of the expensive official wonderland packages that included CDs, t-shirts, accessories and meeting the band?

Who decided not to celebrate their birthday on the 09th of June so that they could officially celebrate it on the day of the band’s Cape Town concert?

Who got her heart broken and birthday ruined when said concert got cancelled and she had to get a refund of her wonderland package?


Olwethu-Thando  Klaas


Custom spiked Chucks, Onesie, Spiked bling, hat, leather backpack and sunnies #HipsterWithStyleMuchIMG_0593

How you like my Simon&Mary hat?IMG_0597

TRIAD in Africa


So, if by some chance the band or their reps see this: Don’t forget me when you guys come back to South Africa!