Cannes International Film Festival 2014


This is one event I absolutely adore since I first encountered it in 2006, and I wish I could go this year in any capacity.

I am officially boycotting the validity of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (a.k.a Oscars) because I cannot fathom why you could afford someone a golden statue for one good role, and disregard/snub the necessity of showering accolades on someone with a lifetime of incredible roles. The Academy disregard the very principles that make the very foundation of their brand.This year was the last year I’ll ever pay heed to the award show because that Leonardo DiCaprio snub made me lose my sh*t, which I’m still fuming about. 

The 67th annual Cannes International Film Festival is the epitome of hoity toity cinematic revelry, taking place from the 14th-24th May 2014. The location is the decadent wonder of France – Cannes, which is sort of like Monaco with an indie cool element.

The Film Festival’s premise is to acknowledge good filmmaking – from the casting,locations,to the scripts and productions in their entirety. They also believe in celebrating talent, promoting awareness of world issues, promoting branding and broadening the extent of global conglomerates reach on a platform readily recognized and afforded respect. The Cannes International Film Festival is affiliated with Cannes Lions. The Cannes Lions brand is focused on the cultivation of potential folks interests in facets of world cinema. I’ve been working on building a repertoire with one of its organizers, and it’s been fun. South Africa has had numerous movies submitted and premiered at the festival, under Cannes Lions, and while they may not be large quantities annually submitted, we have been bookmarked as a cesspool of raw material waiting to be utilized.

Anyway, the 2014 program for the festival is out. More than 1800 movies were submitted for review, 50 films were selected, and 18 of which will be in the main competition.

Opening night film:

“Grace of Monaco” – Director: Olivier Dahan

Nicole Kidman (Grace Kelly) and Tim Roth (Prince Rainier)

“Adieu au Langage” (Goodbye to Language) - Director: Jean-Luc Godard

“The Captive” – Director: Atom Egoyan

“Clouds of Sils Maria” – Director: Olivier Assayas

“Duex Jours, One Night” (Two Days, One Night) - Director: Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne

“Foxcatcher” - Director: Bennett Miller

“Futatsume no Mado” – Director: Naomi Kawase

“The Homesman” - Director: Tommy Lee Jones

“Jimmy’s Hall” – Director: Ken Loach

“Kış Uykusu” (Winter Sleep) - Director: Nuri Bilge Ceylan

“Le Meraviglie” (The Wonders) - Director: Alice Rohrwacher

“Leviafan” – Director: Andrey Zvyagintsev

“Mommy” - Director: Xavier Dolan

“Mr Turner” - Director: Mike Leigh

“Relatos Salvajes” (Wild Stories) - Director: Damian Szifron

“Saint Laurent” - Director: Bertrand Bonello

“The Search” -Director: Michel Hazanavicius

“Timbuktu” - Director: Abderrahmane Sissako

The president of the 2014 Palme d’Or jury is New Zealand-born formidable cinematic authority Jane Campion who gave me, and the world but you guys just aren’t as important as me, “The Piano”.

The Master of Ceremonies for this years Cannes Film Fest will be the 55 year old French guy from the 2nd and 3rd Matrix movie whose character programmed an orgasm into a cake because how awesome was that?! Anyway, he goes by the name Lambert Wilson and he’ll be lording over the opening and closing ceremonies.

This year the jury president for the short film and Cinefondation is Abbas Klarostami(Iran).

Accompanying jury members and directors include:  Joachim Trier(Norway), Daniela Thomas(Brazil), Mahamat-Saleh Haroun(Chad),Noemie Lvovsky(France).

For the Un Certain Regard, the Argentinean producer/director/scrptwriter Pablo Trapero will be this years president of the Jury. In 1978, the Un Certain Regard unit was established as a non-competition category, whose primary focus is on the works of new filmmakers globally.

For those in the region who cant afford the tickets, or those with no press passes, there are options. The Plage Mace is a free and open-air cinema that will be showing classic films. 

The Cannes Cinephiles is a free tent mounted on the Pantiero showing films from 09:00am-05:30pm. One can pop into the venue or the Cannes Tourist office for free tickets. Tickets to be paid for are those that are for the Directors Fortnight, whose headquarters are outside Malmaison. They are available from Croisette Theatre(JW Marriott Hotel) or through Cinephiles with prices from  €7 for one show –  €30 for 6 showings.

…. Are you guys as amped as me for this fest? Stay tuned for more info.

Woman’s Lifestyle Expo 2014: Day 2


Another day, and another opportunity to be awesome.

Gorgeous dresses were to be had- This one by Jo Carlin.


Leather Jackets were drawing folks nearer – even though the designs were utterly stagnant.


Day 2 meant the fashion brand Cigar set up their mannequins so well and the crisp and refreshingly clean ensembles appealed to me.


Novelty purchases for home decor were there in the f*ckloads-Miyu made these earth-tone items.


There was a company(Dura Lavora) that was promoting their company which is the epitome of the capitalist endeavor- they import, advertise and sell most items that celebrities make famous and all. The Fake Bake tan thing was cool though because it didn’t make me a different shade, it made me glow…I was all kinds of Midas gorgeous.


…and given my sweet tooth, seeing those stands with baked goods and loaded colorful icing just activated my munchies.


I got a facial done, and it included eyelash tinting which means that I don’t need fake lashes because my lashes pop more now.


Present at Day 2 was celebs like Danine from Expresso and Tammy from Good Hope FM.



Sunglasses were thee most important accessory given the gorgeous weather at the event deck, and folks had some real cute ones.


I managed to get my nails done. It was a lovely experience given by Eyecandy whose personnel were warm and who articulated the origins and development of their business and goods. I got a hot pink  nail polish put on with a Matte finish, and velvet coating on my 2 ring fingers.

PicMonkey Collage

The best part of the entire expo, for me, was the VIP Wine tasting. The table set-up was utterly pretty and decadent. Rhebokskloof  is the name of a wine-making brand. They allowed us to sample some of their wines paired with different organic chocolates from Cocoa Fair and Tribe Coffee.

Sauvignon Blanc teamed with white vanilla chocolate (My favorite)

Chardonnay with Dairy Milk Chocolate

Cabernet Merlot and Dark Chocolate

Pinotage and Chilli Dark Chocolate

PicMonkey Collagenn

In it’s entirety the event was a solid 6.5/10

I understand the exclusivity of promoting an event that wishes to relay advice and products geared to woman’s lifestyles. However, appealing to the men of the world as needing to invest their time in understanding the wants and needs of woman would have been good. I love that the event was not overtly crowded, but rather filled with folks who would take the time to listen to the speakers and business heads, and purchase the products and services. The organizers and their teams were so helpful and I look forward to next year and the Woman’s Lifestyle Expo evolution.


 That’s me in MilQ&Honey leggings and Ray-Ban sunnies.

Woman’s Lifestyle Expo: Day 1

I recently got invited to the 2014 Woman's Lifestyle Expo from the 18-20th April.
The event took place at one of the premier locations in the Cape Town metropolis – The Lookout, which is between Victoria & Alfred Waterfront and my favorite party location “The Grand.
The premise of this event is to identify the necessary things that make woman bask in their femininity, acknowledge and promote the investment in woman’s well-being…and just a little indulgence in some decadent quality goods and services.
For the media breakfast we had some kitsch finger food, despite the organizers promising a hearty breakfast. I found the large variety of dishes appealing, the quantities disappointing, and the taste was bland-lacking in an activation of taste-buds and a good experience of organic foods.
The Champagne was awesome though!
There have been alot of beauty and fashion brands showcasing their goods and services – both local and international.
Uber is a global business founded on the demand in the market for convenient and affordable transportation. I practically did not spend a dime this whole weekend, Uber: Cape Town was my ultimate mid-town transport. It was on-time, professional and provided many attendees with vouchers for up to R150 for the duration of the event.
Sloane&Madison – a jewelry company with luxury shopping online (4/10 for their jewelry. They are too simple a design for my taste)
Lazuli- A fashion house I saw showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Cape Town last year. Their items are those that are designed as durable staple products that outfits are built around. (7/10 because the quality of fabrics remind me of Woolworths products I like lining my wardrobe with)
Perfect- A fashion brand producing those trendy items from Streetstyle Lookbooks (5/10 because of the cuteness)
Label- another fashion label with 28-45 year old looking market designs (2/10 because there was this cute wool jersey with leather elbow patches and edges I saw)
Boheme- “conscious and chic designer footwear, interior design and installation” (2/10 because a company that does shoes and furniture leaves me wierded out and the shoes could be found at any other chain store in town)
PicMonkey Collage
Spilt Milk- a fashion brand whose owner is really chill and whose designs are perfect for rich folk living by the beach. Last time I viewed their collection at Fashion Week, the simple designs were covered by a wicked and distracting Carnival theme. ( 3/10)
Miche- Okay they have an incredible concept for their bags. You have multiple shells with thee cutest designs you can buy with magnets inside, and the inside bag is of cloth make. All you do is change according to your mood. ( 6/10 for innovation and affordability as none of their bags or shells go above R1 000)
Jagadi Couture- I know everyone else hated the dress, but if I was heading to Cannes International Film Festival this year I would rock this dress because it is out there, form-fitting and just a little unrefined- the perfect reflection of my style on occasion. (6/10)
PicMonkey Collagerf
Other fashion brands include Cigar, as well as companies for coffee, jewelry etc. 
Rubbery necklaces imported from Paris
PicMonkey ss 
This lady reminds me of Vivienne Westwood and her eccentricities.
The Pole Project- My friend, and owner of one of the fashion houses presenting at the expo(Milq & Honey), Kelly, decided to take a chance on the pole and had such funzies. The pole presentation of the company’s head dancers was awesome, and I’d totally be keen to take classes
…soon as I lose my cellulite and build-up some solid core strength.
There were fellow bloggers and photographers on the premises, including: Denzil Jacobs, Clouds Drummond, Elrico Bellingam, Ritza Janse Van Rensburg, Angel Campey etc.
 I rocked a Kelso turquoise top with my custom-made Linen pants and Zoom stilettos.
Street style was intense at the event. The girl in blue is rocking a MilQ & Honey ensemble.
The threesome is reminiscent of the Kardashians right?
Cloud Drummond soaking the sun on deck.
The incredibly stylish duo of the Luxo Blog – Ritza and Elrico.
…..Day 2 summary to follow.


Health care for the LGBT Community


I had a postgraduate seminar earlier this week and Doctor Alexandra Muller spoke to us about her current work in the realm of health care, specifically delving into the LGBT community. I found her talk most interesting. Having friends and acquaintances whom readily identify with the LGBT tags, as well as being an critical student in a particular context of the world where there are issues of violence towards this group of people, I felt it pertinent to blog about the informative nature of Dr. Muller’s presentation.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender are terms most often used in the discourse of Western health sciences. As the terms are grouped and truncated into the acronym LGBT, they present as being exclusionary, and having their own historical and geographical connotations. High levels of violence against gender non-conforming people has occurred across the world, many making it known that a contradiction occurs in their perception of their religious beliefs and the notions of homosexuality that exist. There is often an umbrella term called “sexual and gender minorities” whose purpose is to avoid the narrowing identity-based distinctions that ordinarily become prevalent.

According to research, LGBT people suffer health disparities, with risks from factors due to social exclusion and stigma. In 2011 the Institute of Medicine said: “Although LGBT people share with the rest of society the full range of health risks, they also face a profound and poorly understood set of additional health risks due largely to social stigma.”

Adequate health care for sexual and gender minorities should involve sensitivity to historical and contemporary stigmatization.

According to the DSM Manual of the APA, until 1973 Homosexuality was considered a psychiatric condition.

It was not until 1990 that Homosexuality was removed from the World Health Organization’s ICD code list.

In the world today, high levels of societal homophobia and transphobia exist, often substantiated by antiquated systems of belief and knowledge, especially in medicine and state policy.

People should be informed about differential prevalence’s of specific risk factors and health conditions, as well as the continued barriers to care. Health care providers, who are ordinary members of society, need to be knowledgeable about “culturally competent” care for sexual and gender minorities. Apparently health care providers have levels of homophobia correlating with general society.

The UN International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (1966) stated that everybody has the right to the highest attainable standard of health. However, there are no guidelines for LGBT-specific health care, and there is a general lack of public health care facilities. In some facilities there is a refusal to provide care to LGBT patients, a violation of confidentiality, unethical and unprofessional behaviour. It’s sad that the health care providers have no knowledge about LGBT sexual health, and therefore provide inadequate care.

And how then, do LGBT patients navigate heteronormative and homophobic health care spaces?

They conform to a heteronormative identity by hiding their LGBT identity, are accepting the exoticised identity ascribed to them by health care workers, and/or they do not seek care anymore.

Creating specialized care should not be something we readily accept as the end-game of health care for the LGBT community. It is necessary to shake the very foundations of medicine from the initial stages of learning that is necessary. The medicine courses present their own prejudices that eventually get taught, and ingrain themselves, in the methodological way Medical practitioners practice medicine. That binary of thinking needs to be altered in such a way that “health care” is the umbrella term that affords EVERY single individual of the world the health care they deserve.


  • Müller & Crawford-Browne. 2013. Challenging medical knowledge at the source – attempting critical teaching in the health sciences. Agenda
  • Müller. 2013. Teaching Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health in a South African medical school: Addressing the Gap. BMC Medical Education 2013; 13: 174
Details of blogpost directly sourced from Alexandra Muller's presentation

MilQ & Honey: A/W 14


Autumn and Winter favors the few that choose to bask in the seasons possibilities.


Autumn and Winter are times when most know what to wear because of the cold temperatures, while others struggle with the seasons need for thicker items. Those not blessed with a good eye choose layering with no regard for style and silhouette. Atleast shops now exist with shopping assistance, and the clothing are laid out to match and style folks without effort. 

Tiger of Sweden

PicMonkey Collage

Others, such as myself, plan accordingly when winter is coming(see what I did there ‘Game of Thrones’ fans?). 

I went to the home of Milq & Honey today.

PicMonkey Collage

I went to get a dress I ordered, and had coveted since I first tried it on and it fit like a glove.

I went in with a single-minded purpose, and after some consistently amazing sales tactics on behalf of the co-owner Kelly Davids, I left having ordered an entire winter wardrobe!

PicMonkey Collagemm

Ow yes! She’s that good, and the clothes are that awesome.

Let me explain to you why I reanimated my love of the trenchcoat- suede.
MilQ & Honey’s latest collection boasts a boutique-style convention of select few designs tailored to their clientele, and exquisitely designed.

2013-09-25 16.54.10

Their items for this season are available right now, in time for the cold climates Capetonians are suffering under.

Prices range between R300-R3000 and the clothing, from the multi-paneled leggings to the dresses and coats,  are worth every cent.

News just in:

MilQ & Honey will be opening up a shop in Johannesburg sometime soon, and look out for pop-up stores in Cape Town.

For international clientele, their site is soon to be properly set up for online shopping.


Cape Town hideouts: The Terrace


There are thousands of websites, and equally as many publications, that sport reviews and recommendations of places to stay when you’re in specific cities.

This post will adhere to that convention and proceed to rave fanatically about a B&B nestled in the city of Cape Town, South Africa, with the backdrop of one of the World wonders – Table Mountain.

Earlier this year I got ready for an event in Kenilworth.

It is known as ‘The Terrace’ and owned by a lovely lady named Jane.

The location to the B&B is easily accessible, quite near the main road and the train station. It’s 5 minutes’ drive from Cavendish Shopping Mall in Claremont, 10 minutes from University of Cape Town, and Newlands Rugby/Cricket, as well as being 15 minutes from the City Bowl.

I arrived to a lovely room fit with all hotel amenities, and none of the coldness.

PicMonkey Collage3

The view from my room was to a crystal-clear pool that made me want to just dive in.

PicMonkey Collageww

I had a hearty full breakfast on a terrace with crisp air, sunshine and green refreshing foliage.

PicMonkey Collage

The decor of the B&B was a cross between the warm home vibe of Martha Steward Circu 2007, and the House & Home editions with editorial spreads championing warm skylights,pastel-toned floral furniture teamed with a white backdrop and random solid colored pieces to compliment the open-flow of a large floor-plan.

PicMonkey dd

I loved this place and highly recommend it.

Their prices are between R600.00 – R1600.00

Contact Jane: +27 (0)728488891

77504_10152183695198361_563871708_oMe and Lerato kganyago at J&B Met 2014 filmed by Vuzu TV

Academic Excellence


Sorry for being MIA, but I’ve been doing big things.

Mainly, I had my graduation ceremony on Monday and spent the better part of the last weekend with my family. My mom surprised me with my cousins and aunt showing up.

Fun times!

I rocked a pair of gorgeous Steve Madden stilettos because I do everything with style, and I was literally the tallest person in the hall. It was all kinds of empowering.

So I’m a 20 year old graduate in South Africa, with a world of prospects.

I’m bored, I want to cover Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Johannesburg but I haven’t been hired by any media platforms yet (suckitude) AND I totally got media accreditation for Cannes International Film Festival but I still have no financial backing. Anyone wanna sponsor me?

Aaaaaaanyway, how are yall doing?

PS: Feel free to drop comments regarding how cute my shoes are.

PicMonkey Collage

Partying in Cape Town: March 2014


The party season has commenced in Cape Town.

We are bombarded with advertisements left-right-and-center  on university campuses,radio shows,television shows and social networks like twitter,tumblr,instagram and facebook.

One of the leading event and street wear brands – ‘Head Honcho’ founded by one of Forbes “30 most promising young entrepreneurs in Africa’ Nick Kaoma- has been having back-to-back events between Shimmy Beach Club and Hillcrest Quarry.


Their events are usually geared towards the youthful exuberance of the resident “cool kids”. Cape Town is a cosmopolitan media city and the attendees to these events are usually photographers, bloggers,magazine designers,fashion designers,Communications and Journalism students, brand ambassadors, and trust fund babies with prepubescent small businesses who are all willing to ball so hard.

So I attended the Head Honcho Summer Picnic, and it was the first one from the La Familia franchise.I rocked a summer dress and a lovely jacket by the international fashion brand Milq & Honey.


So much fun with good weather, great music including a repertoire of South African musicians etc.

PicMonkey Collage

2014 Academy Award Oscar Winners so far


Best Supporting Actor- Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club)

“I’m going to be celebrating to the break of dawn. Look me in the eyes and trust me that I will revel.”

Best Costume Design- Catherine Martin (The Great Gatsby)

“In a Baz Luhrmann world, there’s never too much. He always strives to have the most perfect image.”

Best Make-Up-Adruitha Lee and Robin Mathews (Dallas Buyers Club)

Best Animated Short Film- Mr. Hublot

Best Animated Film- Frozen

Best Visual Effects- Gravity

Best Live Action Short Film - Helium

“This story celebrates fantasy and how kids create imaginary worlds. It’s a beautiful thing to do to ease pain.”

 Best Documentary Short Subject - The “Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life”

Best Documentary Feature- “20 Feet from Stardom”

Best Foreign Film – The Great Beauty

Best Sound Mixing- Gravity

Best Actress in a Supporting Role- Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave)

“No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid”

[Lupita has made history as the 7th Black woman to ever win an Oscar]

Embedded image permalink

 Best Cinematography-Emmanuel Lubezki (Gravity)

 Best Editing- Alfonso Cuarón and Mark Sanger (Gravity)

Best Production Design-Catherine Martin & Beverley Dunn (The Great Gatsby)

Best Score- Steven Price (Gravity)

Best Original Song-Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez :“Let It Go”(Frozen)

Best Adapted Screenplay – John Ridley (12 Years a slave)

Best Original Screenplay- Spike Jonze (Her)

Best Director-Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity)

Best Actress- Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine)

Embedded image permalink

I AM SOOOOOOOOOO ANGRY AT THIS LAST ONE (-_-) Leonardo DiCaprio should have won

Best Actor: Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club)

Best Picture- 12 Years a Slave

The 86th annual Academy Awards style diary


I am half way across the globe, in the dead of night and with crappy Wifi but I am staying awake for thee Oscars.

I have a single-minded purpose to the cause of having Leonardo DiCaprio, Lupita Nyon’o, Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey get their hard-worked for accolades at this years Academy Awards.

Right now it’s the Red Carpet moments of #Selfies , gloss interviews and artificial smiles and backhanded compliments.

In about 2 hours the actual event will commence and the snubbing with shit down Twitter.

Let anarchy reign!

Pictures courtesy of Daily Mail Celebrity and The Academy

Kelly Osbourne getting ready


Margot Robbie prepping

BhwqeXlIAAAI96c (1)

Pharrell Williams and Wife looking all Penguin cool, but shorts are unacceptable to an event of this caliber.


Robin Roberts in a lavender dress, whose shoulder-to-chest cut I d not like for her form, getting last minute picture-perfect.

Jared and Shannon Leto, of rock/alternative band 30 Seconds to Mars, heading out to the Oscars.

Apparently #Selfies are part of the Bro Code.

Embedded image permalink

 Johnny Weir-Voronov’s shoes are all sparkles.

Embedded image permalink

Chrissy Teigen in a floral number that accentuates her statuesque nature.


The most anticipated Red Carpet walker- “12 years a slave”s Lupita Nyong’o in a periwinkle blue Prada dress and Alice Band oozing simplicity and ethereal grace that’s been long missed at The Academy Awards.

Embedded image permalink

South African-born Hollywood heavyweight Charlize Theron in basic black with a piece of neck bling that brings focus to the deep cut of her dress.


Jennifer Lawerence looking good, but normal by Hollywood standards, with a backward necklace.

…and I just got the news that she tripped again #Failawerence

Embedded image permalink

Matthew McConaughey looking debonair in a white tux with black lapes, his baby mama and mother.

Embedded image permalink

Olga Kurylenko and Kellan Lutz (whose shirt seems ill-tailored to his suit)

Embedded image permalink

The only person who I have the utmost focus on, the Wolf of the Red Carpet: Leonardo DiCaprio has arrived looking like the epitome of suave in a black tux and gelled back Gatsby hair.


 Benedict Cumberbatch bringing Brit authority to the yank red carpet


Though they make a striking couple, the top part of Angelina’s dress is sitting weirdly for me.

Kate Hudson in Dior was PERFECTION!

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Johannesburg 2014


New York, London,Milan,Berlin,Paris Fashion Weeks define a period of time in which people from across the globe venture to best each other in the dance of style.

It is where the latest visionary’s of fashion display new wonders.

It is the culmination of print publication, celebrity lifestyle, social media saturation and the incomparable human spirit of independence.

South Africa is not averse to the occasion as 2 of the cosmopolitan cities of this land celebrate their own too.

Coming this March is the annual Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Johannesburg, and all the details are below.

Tickets are available for purchase at webtickets.

Looks to live by 2014


On Valentines day I had a photoshoot with Live Magazine (SA)


I basically had a 4 day “Style Diary”.

My handler, and the writer of my bio-of-sorts is Terry Sithole.

My pictures were by Ashleigh Swartz.



The beauty of Cape Town is that it is an ideal location for shoots. This is why a large amount of advertisements/commercials and movies are filmed here.


I was in the vicinity of Greenpoint and ran into South African-born international stand-up comedian Trevor Noah.


timthumb (1)

How jealous are you?


DSC_1488 “When it comes to style I see myself most clearly articulated in queued-up stilettos, the folded-up pieces of colorful material, and the antiquated jeweler box laden with the collective masses of her pieces of awesome bling .

The ramblings of a Commercial Baby


My name is Olwethu-Thando Klaas.

I am ordinary, superb only in the depths of my self-deprecating nature.

I live in South Africa, a country often classified as having moved from African countries archetypal “Third World” classification to simply “a developing nation”.

Until social stratification is eradicated, is the whole world not in a “Third World” state?

I wish to write this only through my eyes, refusing to make blatant assumptions on the situations or perceptions for others.

These are the ramblings of a post-pubescent youth, at the brink of 21.

I sometimes humorously refer to myself as a “Commercial baby”, purely to bypass the argument that I have prophesied are always nigh. If I simply refer to myself as having been an “Apartheid baby”, I am usually de-identified as nothing of the sort having been born in 1993- at the pinnacle of revolutionary changes towards 1994 democracy. They say because I could not recognise the poignancy of the sharp urgency and danger in the South African air, I do not bear the right to class myself as anything so meaningful- “An Apartheid baby”? The cheek.

So I wonder the line and find myself, through my education, a product of a new autonomous entity in the new South Africa. I am a woman who received private education in grade 1-a solid foundation my mother felt imperative in the post-Apartheid South Africa. What followed was a jump between numerous good public schools, some with rigorous disciplinary actions and others which cared to only willingly endow the bare minimal. I found myself aching for the escape of books. I found solace in the magic of JK Rowling’s “Harry Potter” book series, and an idyllic family structure in those “7th Heaven” books, as well as the show that followed. A longing for a typified family I was often told was important for a child. I eventually graduated to the emotionally dense Jodi Picoult books, the incredibly woven fantastical stories by JRR Tolkien, Nora Roberts and Anne Rice, who remain my favorite authors, and the incomparable Stephen King who made terror a captivating distraction.

 Beyond literature came television and the subsequent visual representation of adolescent fun in lands unknown, recognized as being where the zenith of human existence prospers, and the subtle indoctrination of Capitalist ideals and western ideology- undeniably addictive to this day.

2 Cartoons have always stuck with me because of what they said, as well as what they didn’t say- “Courage the Cowardly dog” and “Pinky and the Brain”.

“Courage the Cowardly dog” was a cartoon that began its episodes with a TV Anchorman’s announcement about an anthropomorphic slight agoraphobic dog living with an elderly couple in the “Middle of Nowhere” Kansas. It used the genre of supernatural/paranormal/surrealist imagery as the nucleus of the plots, articulating the representation of the problems that arise when USA government keeps secrets regarding anomalies concerning the people they are sworn to protect. One of the views that people have regarding the show, one which I ascribe to at times, is that all the “monsters” Courage encountered were merely humans that Courage saw through warped eyes because he lives in such utter isolation from civilization. The idea of humans as monstrous, and few actually being genuine and humane, is an idea people in today’s society may choose to ascribe to.

“Pinky and the brain” were two genetically modified (spliced) mice, one smart megalomaniac and one of below-average intellect representing the masses, which live in a lab. Brain constantly makes plans to take over the world, with little success due to the feasibility of them. The timeline fluctuates and we encounter historical figures that have helped in the founding and rationalizing theories of the world, human knowledge, and behavior like Sigmund Freud, H.G. Wells, Merlin and Ivan Pavlov. The show was an incredible critique on the Capitalist agenda such as looking at expanding global conglomerates like Microsoft, the uncontrollable rebellion of scientific development like Gene therapy and splicing, and the satirical rationale of celebrity’s like Christopher Walken and Bill Clinton.

It had so much Pop Culture I was in perpetual heaven!

Following the clarity I encountered learning of the propaganda evident in every facet of contemporary existence, I found my way to the realm of fashion, media and lifestyle, and I have never looked back. My abilities to write have gotten me places, my taste and ability to not be sucked into labels has made evaluating fashion easy, and understanding the extensiveness of different cultural practices has made me astute to defining different lifestyles.

My potential as a scholar and the gradual progression towards the title of “respected academic” has made me realize that while I am a student and a tutor, the world will always force me to learn new things. Understanding that I have lived a blessed life, filled with materialism and western-centric rationale, has made me constantly conscious of the socioeconomic situations around me. The political sphere seems too much a complex entity to be entirely understood, but it can be argued from many perspectives, and being a commercial baby has endeared me to the threshold of Western thinking and that thought process which I hold as my own, as I refuse to call it “indigenous”, “primitive”, “African” or the like. It is not as if the two are homogenous, these are thinkings that flex their potential reach and can be hybrid.

I am a commercial baby because I am born to a world offering me stupendous wonders I have been willed to crave as necessity.

I know my culture as my own.

I know the traditional practices I know, or participate in, are that of the Xhosa clans I was born and hardwired to respect through famial ties.

I know of the Apartheid age where the dogs of war battered bodies which wept red tears marring the streets, inconceivable losses were lived through, strength of conviction became paramount, and the basest sentimentality of humanity was everything, and I still hear the pain that cannot be forgotten echoed in this period.

South Africans are restless in their freedom.

I know the post-Apartheid era where gross human violations still occur justified under the guise of bureaucratic jargon and skewered united consciousness. I know commercialism because I buy and sell it, speak it and write it, I walk it and I know it as me. It is twisted into the fabric of who I am; I am choked by it so tightly I gasp for the remnants of air of an idyllic life dreamt of, but unattainable, till I embrace the blackness of this dystopic reality.

This is the inescapable reality- that I cannot be separated from the Juggernaut others consider despicable; that to attempt to separate me from it would strip me of a part of my identity.

The sad truth that it takes embracing a factor of this commercial body in order to birth the consciousness that finds its existence vile.

Happy Birthday Trevor Noah


A handsome depiction of modern South African masculinity.

He is a shining example of the potential, and subsequent success, Africans have to promote the hybrid South African identity through the cultivation of a healthy state of ambition, to use individual agency and not let social commentary become something boring.

Happy Birthday Trevor Noah


Me and Trevor Noah on Valentines Day 2014.

“I was born a crime”

A funny line but Trevor really was born during the regime of Apartheid, to a Xhosa woman and a white Swiss man.

This man began with an acting career,radio work,brand promotion, and a successful show in South Africa, called “That’s Racist”.

He has now performed from the shores of New Zealand, to the worlds Capitalist capital USA, colonizer homebase UK, and the tempestuous Zambia.

He was the first stand-up comedian from SA to be on The Tonight Show, and Late Show with David Letterman. In 2013 he was a guest on BBC 2 comedy panel show “QI”, and then on his own show on BBC Radio 4 under the title ” Trevor Noah: The Racist.

On his tours abroad, he is unable to distance himself from the motif of South Africa, and we are thankful as we boast a plethora of satirical content that makes us endeared to him forever-unforgettably awesome.

He has some shows coming from the 06th-09th March 2014

Show starts on:
Thursday – Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 6pm

R120 – R280 per person

Teatro at Montecasino

Paul Smith S/S 14 now in SA


 My favorite fashion houses I would kill several people to be brand ambassador of are:

Christian Siriano

Victoria Beckham


Paul Smith

They best exemplify what modern style should entail.

Style is not a fashion fad. It is a timeless embodiment of sophistication and taste.

Anyway, Paul Smith just delivered the email that their new S/S 14 collection is available in South Africa.


Cape Town Events: Head Honcho 2014


You know that Cape Town is a city of decadence and new age wonder. It’s social events are just the same.


From the people that bring you the annual Stay Fresh Saturday feel-good events, with a penchant for hosting music video-style parties, Head Honcho is one of South Africa’s leading Street wear brands-the every epitome of contemporary trending style. They are ushering the Cape Town summer with a fresh new event.

This is the 1st Annual Head Honcho Summer Picnic.

It will take place at Hillcrest Quarry in Durbanvile.

Date: 08 March 2014


Unlike the archetypal Honcho event, this one aims to be different. I’m talking fun with cool games – a chance, perhaps, to bask in a youthful ambiance much missed in such a fast-paced 21st Century.

For this event you are permitted to bring your own alcohol.

You are also permitted to bring picnic gear, comfortable apparel and prepubescent attitudes.

Early Bird tickets are available on Computicket.

R100 normal tickets are available for a limited time.

R250  are available for VIP.

My fellow University of Western Cape & the distant University of Cape Town students will have transport provided for to and back from the event by Head Honcho.

Head Honcho- La Familia

Embedded image permalink

Head Honcho SA just released the line-up for their “HHSummerPicnic” on the 08th March 2014.

They have enlisted the services of 3 major acts to perform + 10 of our favorite DJs in the party circuit game right now!

Some acts include:

Kwaito Professor Kalawa
Mr. Gushehe @CassperNyovest.
Durban boys @DreamTeamDBN
5FM’s @DJMilkshake

It’s official: Leonardo DiCaprio is getting his Oscar


The nameplate reads:

“Academy Award to Leonardo DiCaprio, Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role, The Wolf of Wall Street, 2013.”


You do not even understand guys, I have had petitions on twitter and websites made. I have scoured the net looking for reasons as to why Leo has been denied his accolades these many years.

This man may have the flaws of man, but as an actor he has had what many other actors do not – consistency in his excellence. He has a refined and impeccable talent that manifests on-screen. Leonardo DiCaprio is an amazing actor/director and philanthropic environmentalist and conservationist.

Leonardo DiCaprio, now 39 years old, is nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards (Oscars) alongside Bruce Dern for Nebraska, Christian Bale for American Hustle, Chiwetel Ejiofor for 12 Years a Slave and Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club.

While each of these actors were great in their roles, particularly Chiwetel, I have analysed every category and competition Leo has gone up in and against,  and found the logic wanting. Somebody has been tampering with the natural order of things. Given that the president if the Academy has recently passed, and then a day ago on CNN came the plaque revealing Leo’s pending win, well….you add that up!

I am just so chuffed I might get a T-Shirt done!

Now, Im proper looking forward to this years Award ceremony.

Think like a man Too (2014 Trailer)


Steve Harvey gave us a book titled “Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man” that was both entertaining and realistic – a veritable commercial hit once the movie adaptation happened.

Men around the globe were outraged at the betrayal of Brotherhood as most of their dating/sex acquisition plays, skills and mentalities were outlined for all woman to see. Woman were elated to get insights into the mental workings of the masculine identity, and together the battle of the sexes allowed the world to reflect on their own shortcomings in the real world. The movie was a visual representation of certain predictable and detrimental cultural practices people have, deeply rooted in traditional constructs of identity and antiquated gender roles.

Anyway, the sequel to the initial hit is coming, brought to you by producers Tim Story and Will Packer, and scripted byKeith Merryman and David A. Newman.

In light of a coming wedding, the premise of the movie follows the previous movies couples to America’s most notorious adult playground – Las Vegas, where a battle of genders takes place in a competition to truly bask in Bachelor/Bachelorette nights that promise series of misadventures,revelations and complications.

Actors and actresses to the sequel include: Taraji P. Henson, Michael Ealy, Kevin Hart, Terrence Jenkins, Jerry Ferrara, Romany Malco, Gary Owen, Gabrielle Union, Meagan Good, Regina Hall, Jenifer Lewis, Wendy Williams, Dennis Haysbert, Adam Brody, Wendi McLendon-Covey and David Walton.

Think Like A Man Too is scheduled for release on June 20, 2014.

Afternoon Delight


While waiting for my photoshoot to start, I took a detour.

Right now I’m at Cafe Manhattan on Dixon Street, Greenpoint.

The weather in Cape Town is ridiculous. It would probably only be appeased by the tears of Aphrodite on this special day known as Valentines Day.

Anyway, I decided to spoil myself.

I’m having a Choc Caramel Brownie and it is gooooood!

When all is said and done: The J&B Met 2014


 “Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy.” — Kimora Lee


Me, at The Terrace B&B where I prepared for the day’s proceedings.

[Picture taken by Ludwe Kobo for Hy-Se-Sy-Se Magazine]

I sometimes get philosophical about clothing. I wax poetic lyrics about the beauty and duality of it all. I sometimes wallow in self-misery at the things I cannot afford, or stew in a vat of pity at the fates decision to not will me a walk-in wardrobe to fill the ache.

However, when all is said and done, and the reality hits, I realize how fortunate I am to learn to build a personal style unique to me, and molded from an unshakable foundation of frugality and keen insight. Through my mothers rearing, watching her use what she had to wear sophisticated and crisp attires, I learned that you can never fail with simplicity. Through watching movies, calculating my spending, keeping tabs on sales and predicting trends through cross-correlating motifs, I imagined a style that is the very epitome of me. Born from the pages of antiquated magazines, portraits of esteemed Western woman, the intricate detailing of cinema wardrobe designers etc. I have learned a state of fashion I am content to follow and teach to others.

Mine is not a style of convention, as is evidence by the attires I don to events I go to.

On the 01st of February I went to a premiere outdoor horse-racing event called the J&B Met, an annual occurrence in South Africa’s most prominent metropolis Cape Town.

I could readily describe this year’s Met as the most horrid I’ve been to of the 3 I have attended.

As a media rep, I get to see what others don’t. Kenilworth media liaison Jenna Adams was the saving grace in a sea of uncertainty and snooty brand representatives from Sunglass Hut and J&B. The media center provided by Kenilworth was a refreshing stop from the hustle and bustle of the main event. In its entirety, the even was redundant. Attendees lacked their usual vibrancy, deciding on street wear and complacent attitudes to get them through the day.

Regardless of names, when it comes to fashion at the Met, one expects a certain caliber of apparel to be worn. Little effort was put into most outfits, some choosing laymen comfort over translating the theme “Made to Conquer”, into something wonderful. I witnessed scary jumpsuits straight from the feathered friends on Sesame Street, and tacky shiny Satin donned in a way that does nothing for a large persons silhouette.


From left: Minnie Dlamini, Uyanda Mbuli and Lalla Hiryama

At some point somebody decided that large headpieces were a go and so I, along with the likes of Uyanda Mbuli, wore some eye-catching pieces. Mine was an outfit designed by Luiz de Laja of Ministry. Last year I took the theme “Made to Fly” and a wore feathered skirt with a huge raven on my shoulder.

This year I asked Luiz for me to tap the line between costume and the regalia of old. I wanted Cersei Lannister of “Game of Thrones” to inspire my clothing because that HBO show is one of the worlds greatest period television shows and it boasts a cast that best exemplifies what it means to conquer and to be victors.

My headpiece was inspired my fencing – the idea of a sport not many dabble in, also considered a “rich mans sport” by some as its roots lie in aristocracy. The color palette being royal blue was a happy coincidence.


[Picture taken by Ludwe Kobo for Hy-Se-Sy-Se Magazine]

Due to the nature of drama in my ensemble, and the close translation of the theme, I made it onto many publications. Some of which include BBC , Grazia Magazine and the Sunday Times.

PicMonkey Collage

Grazia Magazine

2014s J&B Met was clearly an attempt at highlighting the transformative properties of antiquated fashion fads into something acceptably quintessential, but somehow also a contemporary juxtaposition within this context. There was no innovation this year, unfortunate considering that that should be a prerequisite of every collection designers dole out. Minnie Dlamini’s outfit could best be described as the way in which hipster aliens would interpret Hollywood red carpet trends.

However Lerato Kganyago stood out in David Tlale’s pink creation- a china-patterned design fit to form-fitting floor-length pink chiffon (something eerily reminiscent of Gert-Johan Coetzee’s “Pink” Collection).


[Picture taken Vuzu Entertainment]

Bonang Matheba cut-and-pasted the Dolce & Gabanna S/S 13 runway looks with her jeweled-up Baroque and simultaneously Byzantine gold crown,dress,shoes and scepter.

IMG_4653 - Copy

[Picture taken by Ludwe Kobo for Hy-Se-Sy-Se Magazine]

Menswear both redeemed and stagnated the flow of  energy at the event. Clashing prints, ghastly jewelry, unseemly shaped costumes were the order of the day. Some celebrities like Maps and Stoan excelled far beyond the rest, harnessing their inner Bond’s in crisp tailored suits the likes of Tom Ford with Paul Smith pastel tones.

PicMonkey Collagekj

Maps,Stoan,Janez, Somizi,Johnathan and Siv Ngesi.

The annual equestrian event was a bust this year, falling from it’s previous might.

I do hope next year brings it’s attendees more vibrancy.

Till then: await the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Johannesburg coming soon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” —Vivienne Westwood

I’m on BBC following the J&B Met 2014


Thanks to the designer Luiz De Laja of Ministry dressing me for the annual equestrian event – the J&B Met 2014, I made it onto BBC Africa.


The best advert of 2014 already


Maybe it’s the air of aristocracy.

Perhaps it is the style.

However, timeless villains of Hollywood blockbusters seem to all be British.

Jaguar introduces you to the villain-centric new advert with the F-Type Coupe, made to herald the Super Bowl’s coming.

This is an epic 1 minute I thoroughly enjoyed.

Mark Strong (“Sherlock Holmes” 2009 movie villain) ,Tom Hiddleston (Norse God Loki,misunderstood ‘villain’ in Marvel’s Avengers franchise) and Ben Kingsley(“Iron Man 3″ main villain) bring you the embodiment of tasteful coolness.


J&B Met 2014: To Enter, plunder & Conquer


As in time honored tradition, everything is being readied

(Including my accreditation)

PicMonkey Collage

The J&B Met is South Africa’s main equestrian outdoor social event.

On Saturday the 1st February 2014 at the Kenilworth Racecourse in Cape Town, the annual J&B Met will take place.

In accordance with the City of Cape Town, the city will be altered to promote this huge, enjoyable, star-studded and fashion centred event.


This year’s theme is “Made to Conquer”.

This is one of the most notorious Conquerers in history:

 The theme is hard to wear, but is a brilliant notion to live up to and easy to translate to an attitude.

Think of HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones , because Jack Gleeson as Geoffrey Baratheon, and Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister, represent the epitome of indifferent royal stature and power harnessed to conquer everything,everyone and everywhere.

“The theme celebrates those with the courage and determination to never give up in the face of any obstacle, an attitude that is found in the spirit of J&B™, a spirit that inspires us to go and show the world what we’re made of because we are all, ‘Made to Conquer.’”- J&B Met official press release

The official schedule is:

10h00    Kenilworth Racecourse opens

11h30    Racing begins

13h40    J&B Most Elegant Couple competition in association with Expresso semi-finals held on the main stage

14h55    Finals of the J&B Most Elegant Couple competition in association with Expresso held on the main stage

16h25    the J&B Met

18h00    5fm J&B Met official After Party starts

19h00    Final race of the day

00h00   Kenilworth Racecourse shuts down

I will be doing my work alongside fellow bloggers, editorial teams from the likes of GQ and Heat Magazine, the South African Broadcasting Corporation, and CNN with their horse-racing show “Winning Post” broadcasting the event.

I look forward to this year and I have a few tips to dish out from past experience:

Bring money for convenience sakes and for emergencies

Keep hydrated

Sunglasses to better see

Wedges and flats over stilettos

Bring a camera

Bring a friend

Tweet us at @hysesyse @Lady_Crunk or hashtag #HSSS #JBMet #MadeToConquer

Literature Review: “A South African Dictionary”

“Light, entertaining read. Well executed in its own context.”

Siyabonga Nyezi’s contribution to literature begins with a booklet that presides over South Africa’s biggest figures, most controversial stories, and  the behavioral mannerisms South African’s have endearing termed. Using the careful innate judgement of a fledgling navigating the crevices of politically correct phrasing and hindsight learned through real-time social media, he harnesses the negativity often evident in media in order to better explain to the layman what perceptions are, and where the facts lead.

As a booklet it does its job of entertaining , while for those who do not keep up with South African news may find themselves not understand the blatant double entendre’s used, nor the long-standing joke of South African black people’s pronunciation.

It reads like thoughts marinated in a vat of self-conscious reflexivity, and a stew of indifferent recollections of stories shared over beers and late night twitter rants.

For many South Africans it’s an overview of the ultimate fail that is our public figures, while for people like me, it is a meditation on the human condition, as well as just being a great piece to compare your life to, and laugh at the utter ludicrousness of a 21st century South Africa.

I give it a 7/10 in the hopes that a publishing firm will requisition Siyabonga Nyezi, yes that guy, for a fully fledged book so he can expand on his content enough to encompass many more quickly appearing terms,people and behaviors, and catalog them in a novelesque-type situation, with the same tempo and voice that made this booklet a good read.

Purchase the book online at:

V&A Waterfront and all it’s wonders


PicMonkey Collage2Nestled in the booming underbelly of the home of decadent tastes Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town, is a place called Mr Cobbs. It is a humbly sized treasure trove of antiquity and fine quintessential male grooming. Owned by said Mr Cobb, it boasts a large amount of grooming tools such as old-school blades and shaving cream brushes with Ivory or pure silver handles each crafted meticulously. The man himself is a debonair man with an age one could probably estimate in Sean Connery years.

I sat down and spoke to Mr Cobb. He and I had a long conversation about all things philosophical,history and the nature of human behavior. He told me his life story in a concise package, and I found generosity and insightful in his handling of his workers and customers. The fine establishment he has has Oakwoods and Cherrywoods originally from England, accompanied well with the Leather Barber chairs, gold-plated appliances and  the monogrammed everything in the shop.

I found the place an utter delight.

PicMonkey Collage4

Isabelina is a shop specializing in the miscellaneous interior decorating.

They sell aesthetically pleasing household necessities: Lamps and light fixtures made with tassels or wooden pieces, mirrors with silver plated edges, fresh flowers ready to be placed on richly decorated formal table set-ups, jewelry,etc.

They have a wonderful area utilized to show every piece in the best light,complemented by neighboring items suited to the ambiance. It’s something worthy of even Top Billing’s praise.

PicMonkey Collage6

Menswear is something I am obsessed with. Because they currently lack variety in their apparel, men use quality as their marker of difference, and it is exquisite. Fabiani is a fashion brand specializing in dressing the modern man:no longer singularly Metrosexuals, but redressing the balance of what constitutes masculinity and changing mentalities associated with classifying according to style.

Their ranges are usually stagnant in the cut of apparel,however,the vibrant colors teamed with textured fabrics make their clothing wardrobe must-haves. Bespoke has been all the rage and Fabiani,along with brands like Polo, Topman,Paul Smith and Zara use that to garner interest and steady revenue. The V&A location is ideally suited to appealing to people because one dresses for the image they want and Waterfront is the epitome of wealthy classy indifference.

PicMonkey Collage5

Unlike the rest of the world suffering under cold weather, South Africa is lucky for the sunshine and the Spring/Summer collections by many fashion houses speak to woman searching for that lovely fresh,but functional look. Burnt orange is in, as is the trend of recycling 80s looks since Dungarees make their triumphant return and Construction workers wearing jumpsuits are stylish.

V&A had a ridonculous amount of Sales going on from 30% right up to 70% off. Mango, Topshop, and Zara have been in Cape Town from 1-3yrs and they’ve been driving South Africans and tourists crazy. Affordable clothing with a name attached synonymous with style and quality is enough to render any true shopaholic euphoric. I love the Zara accessories – they are replicated beautiful wonders of great pieces worn by royalty and the likes.

PS: Burberry’s latest purse in red leather is a thing of beauty.

PicMonkey Collage3

Some snapshots of street style in the vicinity of V&A Waterfront.

PicMonkey Collage7

This is Cape Town, South Africa, and me, saying “Till next time!” xx

In and About Long Street,Cape Town


PicMonkey Collage7

Long Street is recognized as the international hub of Cape Town.

It boasts a large number of backpacker lodges, niche boutique stores,variations of food and alcohol, as well as restaurant themes, it has nooks and crannies of side streets leading to tourist attractions and vintage markets.

I affectionately refer to it as the world in one street, as it regularly plays host to people from places like Portugal, Germany,America and Australia. The accents flying about give one whiplash, given that South Africa alone has 11 official languages, each with its own unique accents and pronunciations. Walking down here is never boring.

Today I spent the day with one of my friends Kris, one of the many artsy-type hard workers of Cape Town’s buzzing metropolis. She introduced me to a health haven known as “Food Lovers Market”, for those willing to splurge on quality food made delectably well. I attempted to try everything but ended up with a delicious mix of pasta, Greek, and chicken salad with cheeky dressings of Lemon and Herb, as well as Sweet Chilli on top.

PicMonkey Collage4

While strolling about in my usual fashion I encountered the usual beautiful architecture of the Cape Town CBD area, and contemporary artworks splattered about.

PicMonkey Collage

Many roamed the streets dressed fashionably and top global brands Topman ( of Topshop) and J&B were boasting impressive advertising ahead of the J&B Met 2014 #MadeToConquer , scheduled for the 01st February. I visited one of my favorite stores called “Second Time Around” which has been renovated and elevated to awesome levels of cute with the vintage apparel it sells.

PicMonkey Collage2

I even managed to walk onto a commercial set, as is customary when I walk these streets, because there is always some manner of filming going on that I never know about till I’m ushered beyond the barriers. Apparently this was for a German commercial starring model Anastasia Bondarenko dressed in a red Zalando dress. The marketing director I spoke to said that many,including them,choose Cape Town because of it’s consistency in weather. So all those winning German ads owe a debt of gratitude to the Mother god of the Mother City for her abundant blessings of sun.

PicMonkey Collage1

What did you get up to today?

Travel by Bus?


The semesters in South Africa are January to December, and as the new year is here,studies call. My university is scheduled for actual academic work to begin in February and I’m just rushing to sort out the nitty gritties of university living.

I spent the morning,and parts of the afternoon in bed getting my chill on. Considering I was scheduled to board a bus later on in the evening, you’d think packing was a prime objective, but noooooo, Ollie was chilled as a rich man’s Chardonnay. I was staring at my room, and once again,being in wonder of how cute and totally me it is. To better know me understand that books and bling are part of my package.

So anyway, I had to rush to the salon around 4pm because lo-and-behold I arrive in Cape Town looking like something a dog chunders out. I got my curls on and headed home to wallow in self misery and do some serious rush packing. I ended up with 3 suitcases loaded with my kick-ass apparel(c’mon, when is it not?), shoes galore and other necessities like 4 cases full of jewelry.

So anyway, while I found it sad to leave my home, made home only through the presence of my beautiful mother, I’m excited to head back to the place I found the truth of me in. Despite the 12 hour trip with a comfy bus called Greyhound,filled to the brim with pie-eating,baby-having,noise producing,gas excreting people,the trip is worth it. Even though I don’t have my own space, the inky black sky is my company and I’m lavishly prepared to sleep through its creepy regard of me. Buses are cool for those who can stand long hours and being uncomfortable in every possible way. I suggest air travel, and despite peoples fears, both have chances of you becoming a statistic anyway so just roll the dice and don’t forget your seatbelt.

As I travel to the mother city I note: Cape Town helped mold who you now know. I’m a figment imagined through a perfectly abstract idea and willed into being by the sheer force of belief, perseverance and through hustle.

So as I start a new year as a Postgraduate, I realize I’m so much more than that and pledge to prove it to myself alone because there is wonder in acknowledging your own magnificence.

PS: How neat are my current new loves? I decided to read 1 new and 1 old book from my vast collection of books: (new)”The Playboy Book of Horror and the Supernatural” & “Salems Lot” by Stephen King (old).

Happy Birthday Gabriel Macht


To the man who gave us the embodiment of cool: Happy Birthday Gabriel Macht.

We are better off for having had you play Harvey Specter…and all the other roles, but we like this one best.

I’m a graphic novel fan so I admire your portrayal of Will Eisner’s masked vigilante hero ‘The Spirit’ alongside Eva Mandes, Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johannsen.

One hopes you continue to age gracefully and keep the USA Network show ‘Suits’ quality alive, alongside fellow actors like Patrick J. Adams, Gina Torres etc.

CHΔSΞ Apparel SS ’14 Range


The name to remember this year: Chase Apparel

They have something not a lot of brands focus on - quality product, not to mention Chase has a large quantity of loyal customers.
The convenience of their delivery is a huge point in their favor. They have overnight delivery.
As an avid online shopper, this is GOLD!

They’ve cornered their market through the use of Social networks and the support of local celebrities in order to garner notoriety.

Still pre-pubescent, the business was founded in 2011 by a group of men, based on the objective of providing worthy apparel for the young adults whose style has evolved beyond the norm – the uniformity of chain stores apparel, such as Mr Price.

So anyway, its a new year- 2014.
Chase Apparel has a new Spring/Summer collection out.
First preview was out tonight.

What do you guys think?

Leather,lycra vests,cotton baseball shirts, snapbacks etc. – all must have’s for the veritable fashion lover.

Jimmy Kimmel shames South Africa



We knew this would happen guys. We tweeted about it when it did, and we were vigilant about the media ramifications of a fake interpreter.

Now, we’re blasted on Kimmel’s show.

Here’s the details: When the late Nelson Mandela’s memorial was to take place, as is customary with major events involving dignitaries and general citizens, the organizing committee, overseen under the Department of International Relations and Cooperation, a Sign Language Interpreter was commissioned for those needing assistance to understand the content should they be hearing impaired.

The interpreter that was commissioned is one Thamsanqa Jantjies.

Rumors circulating state that he had no security clearance yet he stood alongside the worlds most powerful leaders interpreting bullsh*t to the global population watching the proceedings. Jantjie’s claims that he suffers from schizophrenic episodes. He states that his episodes have hindered his clarity during interpreting, and thrust a varying number of antagonistic offenses into existence, such as his multiple felonies and murder charges. I’d feel sorry for him but it was lax for the Department of International Relations and Cooperation,The Department of Defense and the Secret Service of individual leader to not screen every close-contact personnel. Protocols were bypassed and this man made away with a 1 Million+ cheque for his “work”.

…and now, instead of remembering the Nelson Mandela memorial as the pinnacle of respect paid to a man who dedicated most of his life to being one of the Architects of South African Democracy, we remember the event as another failure notch in the proverbial sh*tfest that is post-Apartheid South Africa with a faltering governing system.

….And we made it on to Jimmy Kimmel’s show – YAY! NOT!

P.S: The result of Jantjie’s interpreting is insanely funny memes such as this one I uploaded to twitter on Christmas

Embedded image permalink


More acclaim for South African music acts abroad?


The basest sentimentality of a deadbeat South African music industry is that there will never be substantial enough money to sustain musicians in the global spotlight consistently as Hollywood does.

The music industry here is founded on the premise of glory and authenticity coming from a quintessential ethnic sound. Whether this is in Rock, R&B, Kwaito or Hip Hop, hearing the elements of traditional sound are what producers looks for and what the consumers are conditioned to adore.

Apartheid is a heady influence of the way the industry functions today. Imagine a time when the state suppresses every aspect of your identity. It is often said that “music liberates the soul”; “music speaks where words fail” and “music is liberation”. It is understood, as it was during apartheid, that music would be the one to send the world the message of how the South African non-whites were being oppressed. To authenticate the mournful sounds was traditional sounds. The drums spoke of a past that echoed generations born to the cradle of mankind, colonised and never given the time and opportunity to truly bask in their innate desire to exist a certain way. Singers like Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Miriam Makeba and Brenda Fassie are recognised as the voices of black people’s soul, defying political mandates to sing songs that called out the state on their governing policies. They were world renowned, possessing unshakable emphatic souls and had incredible voices-uniquely African. They made money, but never enough to, today, being recognized as formidable and powerful figures, though they were. Today, money talks.

Goodluck, AKA, Freshlyground, HHP ,Locnville, Prokid, Lira, Micasa, Parlotones, Tumi & the Volume, Toya Delazy, Seether etc. are some acts that have achieved incredible success both in South Africa and abroad. However, they have immense followings in Europe and USA specifically.

Seether is considered one of the leaders in rock music in USA, being one of South Africa’s earliest exports with an intense heavy metal-meets-Daughtry sound.

The Parlotones are Germany’s favorite repeat offenders; often touring the nation regularly as their ‘Panic at the Disco’-meets-Arno Carstens sound is beloved.

Acts like Goldfish and Goodluck are two different bands that have taken South Africa’s house genre and infused pop music using rave-adjacent mixing methods, and now tour the globe with their songs now recognized as party anthems.

Nonhle Beryl is a powerful South African-born performer who resides in Germany and after her success with the touring world production “The Lion King”; she is now a contestant on the German version of “The Voice”.

Freshlyground uses orchestra instruments with traditional rural rhythms and lead vocals that have garnered a Grammy nomination. They are truly wonderful and songs like “Potbelly” and “I’d like” are considered SA gems. When South Africa hosted the 2010 World Cup and needed an anthem, Freshlyground worked alongside Shakira to make “Waka Waka” which was a melding of the world, as seen in the video.

Hip Hop acts like HHP and Prokid are rappers who utilize their “mother tongues” to better lead Hip Hop in South Africa into a path of non-conformity.

AKA is an arrogant controversial rapper who opened for world acts like Snoop Dogg and Kanye West, and despite twitter rants and obnoxious public statements, he is talented.

Locnville is descendant from the great Charlie Chaplin and are considered American starlight’s despite being South African. They opened for Justin Bieber and are regularly featured on Billboard Top 100 and MTV Music Awards.

Thandiswa Mazwai is one of South Africa’s most recognized musicians. She physically manifests as the epitome of contemporary African indifference and a person who revels in her traditional culture. Her music is all over the globe and she has performed alongside Stevie Wonder and other greats too , like Hugh Masekela.

Toya DeLazy and Tumi & the Volume are two effervescent hip hop acts with the enunciated American gloss. I love their music though I know their true success will only be recognized through their eventual international acclaim. Last, but certainly not least is MiCasa and Lira, two acts who performed at United States of America President Barack Obama’s second inauguration. How gnarly is that?! The simplest way to describe them: Wonderful.

Okay, after all that my point was that these are just the known acts in South Africa recognized through a disparity between the “successful” and “up-and-comers”. The money doesn’t come predominantly from CD sales because South Africans seem like they have a weird aversion to legitimate buying, and piracy is a huge issue here. (God Bless iTunes right?) Street brands and event companies hire musicians for brand-building party events (think “Stay Fresh Saturday” by Head Honcho) that emphasize maintaining the South African motif. Money comes from those ticket sales. It would seem like one needs to imitate or ride the fumes of international acts to get to the top of the ladder, tour abroad to spread your name and sound, or have substantial endorsements to promote your brand. I guess one can say the saving grace of our music industry is our radio shows: specifically 5FM and Metro FM.

One of the successes of music industries abroad is their MANY music festivals. My dream in life is to attend these festivals because of the many new acts that pop up, specifically in the Indie/Folk. Rock/Alternative genre:


Glastonbury Music Festival


Rock in Rio


Ultra Music Festival



Made in America

V Festival


We have the:

Up the Creek


Color Me Crazy



Cape Town International Jazz Festival

Rocking the Daisies

Pink Loerie Mardi Gras

Grahamstown National Arts Festival

Despite all this, remember only this: South African music is unique and it sounds really good if you take the time to listen to it. Think of this as your time to adopt a Hipster mentality-Defy the norm and listen to SA music!

Education in South Africa: Schools open for Day 1


15TH January 2014 is the start of a new era for many 5-6 year olds as today is their first day of primary school. Sense the chuffed feeling of donning new clothes, excitement at making new friends, absolute fear at leaving your guardians side, and the trepidation of the unknown.

Embedded image permalink

South Africa’s president has recently made numerous speeches talking about education reforms, such as adding an additional 2 years of education to the system in order for graduates of high school to become ‘adequate’ tertiary students. SABC 2 Morning Live presenter Leanne Manas was astute in stating that the problem is not the quantity of the education, but rather the quality of it. In no ways am I putting down education acquired through experience as inferior, but going through the system makes you perceptive to the problems faced by individuals and graduates of a post-apartheid education system. President Jacob Zuma, rather than being advised by his council on the issues students face, would be intuitive to quality being the primary issue, as opposed to considering quantity as the solution. Ironically, it takes the quantity of 12 years worth of quality learning to recognize this.

Caption:Children from the Ponelopele Secondary school waiting for Deputy President to address them.

I am a high school graduate of 2010, from a public school in Eastern Cape, a province with the lowest quantity of graduates with the lowest mark average. I was an average student at best – acing the subjects I felt comfortable with. The ones I struggled with I felt too disheartened by harsh teaching methods, to pass acceptably. I loved my grade 8-10 mathematics and technology teacher Ms Robinson. She was extremely intelligent, energetic and tolerated no distractions during her classes. I enjoyed learning with her because if you didn’t understand she repeated and emphasized and gave real-world examples. I passed her classes and English with really good marks. English has always been my milieu. My mother provided me with what she deems “a fundamental education base”. I went to a private school in Port Elizabeth in grade 1. I excelled in my studies, learned to swim properly, learned to golf, and in time honored ‘me’ tradition I also made the newspapers. From then on, I was in public schools but I passed well because I knew the English language and could understand the content through deductions. Without that grade 1, despite knowing my strengths, I would have faltered.

There are many schools in South Africa, and unfortunately the standards of education correlate with how much money parents are willing to invest. It is sad right? It is sad that over 70% of the people in South Africa will never get a solid education because of corruption in the government that launder the designated funds, depriving many children of quality.

Embedded image permalink

So on this day in 2014, when many little feet pitter-patter about in nerves, meditate on what you can do for the future of South Africa. Education is the foundation of our economy. What one learns in school goes towards the teacher who has a hand in ones engagement of knowledge and molds a will to succeed, the engineers that build this great nation, the doctors who aim to protect the health of many, the charity organizer who works to negotiate with individuals to feed, clothe, house those that cannot do it themselves etc. Invest I the future of South Africa. Even by setting up study groups, or workshops, teaching a child to use a computer and navigate a library, paying for a semester of basic education for a young child or even teaching ABC’s in your backyard.

Caption:Twitter is abuzz under the hashtag #BackToSchool.
EWN Reporter tweeted these young girls who start Grade 1 at Nkazimlo primary school in Khayelitsha today



It’s in our hands and I am doing my civil duty to inform you on the state of South Africa and it’s education system.

Blogging in South Africa


First you need to understand that online writing is not a predisposition of many in South Africa. It is merely a means to an end and in no ways an escape for the grater majority, which is the usual justification bloggers utilize. The idea of a journal that is online is a far-fetched idea. One who understands the reasoning of the pseudo reality of the ‘information age’ recognizes cyberspace as an infinite locale which can be manipulated to ones needs.

Is secrecy the innate imperative of journaling?

Or is it a means to relay the data floating in your mind most troublesome?

I see the reasoning behind blogging as the chance to be an autonomous omniscient entity to a personal context.

I now readily identify Instagram as an image journal. It speaks in mutiny to words as the primary means of expression. Pictures relay the same premise, and for some, it is way more entertaining because it is concise and the varying interpretations keep things interesting.

In South Africa, the blogging phenomenon is a substantial presence. Our celebrities do not have the luxury indulged by Hollywood where publicity, and subsequently profitability, is easily obtained and sustained by television and print media. Blogging is used less as ‘fans gushing over stars’ and more as business folk expanding their brand. Careers as socialites through blogging are few-and-far between, though Mika Stefano has been one of the lucky to nab such an opportunity.

One of the blessings of South African bloggers is the acclaim you get through cultivating your blog enough to stand-out or fit in. It’s not about the colorfulness and cramped nature of bombarding people with pictures and information.

The cornerstone of blogging as it is today is the effectiveness you have in captivating audiences. A blogger with enough traffic going through their blog can score invites to exclusive events like Fashion Week, J&B Met, Red Carpet Fashion Show, Cosmopolitan Magazines many events etc. I learned this in 2013 when I used my blog as a means of garnering the opportunities to interview and write about some amazing events in Cape Town.

  • Neatness in the structuring of your blog is actually important. I do not like visiting blogs I cannot navigate. It’s utterly confusing and frustrating.
  • It’s about the quality. I would kill for one of those Canon or Nixon blogger camera’s as their picture quality is exquisite, but alas. Anyway, there is substantial importance in the taking of one’s own photos and having them be quality pretty. I was rejected from several professional blogging platforms because the quality of my pictures was deemed “inferior”.

A sense of elitism or simply logic? I digress.

  • People love blogs that are quick with information like: breaking news, fashion trends correlating with latest fashion shows and celebrity Red Carpet looks etc. Fashion fads are quick to arrive and leave. Some choose to take on the glossy look of fashion house websites that cater to talking at people about classic styles. Some choose to go with the flow of their minds, people like me.
  • The easiest way to captivate people: pretty people. Even if it’s a personal blog, I’ve done the research and pretty people always get more blog traffic. Look at blogs such as Man of the Cloth, I.Am.Galla, Tuula Vintage, Skattie What Are You Wearing, Denzil Jacobs, The Sartorialist etc. Either the blogger is pretty or the people they snap are.

Here’s the deepest secret about South Africans not many know or refuse to acknowledge:

South Africans, regardless of whether you are a blogger or not, live their lives marketing themselves as a personal brand. A 5-minute introduction or a fully-fledged chat will always have facts that remind the person you are speaking to that you are always hustling because: We. Don’t. Stop! There is no time for stopping to be normal, or even mediocre.

The rainbow nation chooses to soar above its history of oppression and spend the rest of its life ceasing opportunities to be infinite-even if it’s just with blogging.

We evolve to show the world how awesome we are.

Global Citizen: India’s 2014 health success


I just got the email today.

I am a member and supporter of Global Citizen, and I recognize the achievement this is in the health sector.

Global Citizen have just confirmed that India has just gone 3 years without a case of Polio.

Their certification will be given in March 2014.

Polio in India affected children predominantly. The statistics stated that in 2009 India had approximately half of the worlds cases of Polio .The joint operation between private organizations and powerful world leaders, towards eradicating Polio occurrence, in a Third World country laden with such immense socioeconomic issues, is an achievement worthy of being celebrated.

Uneven progress has been made with regards to the Millennium Development Goals. India, due to blatant internal and external factors of population and economic development, has also managed to decrease their poverty-stricken population.  Millennium Development Goal 1A (halving the quantity of people living on less than $1 a day) was achieved in 2008 mainly due to the results from China and India and East Asia. China is unprecedented in many areas, and the United Nations system in China sees 2015 as a year that will mark China’s achievement of all 8 Millennium Development Goals.

“Ending polio is a critical step toward improving the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children.”

Click on the link below to support the continued success of eradicating Polio’s occurrence in the world:

Game of Thrones: Season 4 Trailer


9 million views in 2 days

“It’s tempting to see your enemy as evil, but there’s good and evil on every side in every war ever fought.” 

Spoilers and facts:

>Joffrey Baratheon (nee Lannister) getting poisoned ushers in a fan wish to end that tyranny!

> Littlefinger smuggling Sansa Stark out of King’s Landing

>Stannis fighting the Wildlings

>A rival of the “Red Wedding” is the “Purple Wedding”

>Daenarys Targaryan is not purely goodness and bad-assery.

Game of Thrones Season 4 premieres April 6 at 9PM, only on HBO.

Official 2014 Coachella Line-up


One word: OUTKAST!

They are back and in the line-up,not to mention Woodkid, Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D, Muse, Ellie Goulding etc.

This annual music event is as revered and attended as music festivals like the Glastonburg one and has had attendees like Ian Somerhalder (Damon on ‘Vampire Diaries) , Samuel Larson ( Teen Jesus on ‘Glee’) and even fellow South Africans Roxy Burger and Sade Gilberti (MTV).

If I had the money I would be there in a heartbeat but allas! I’m stuck being excited from across the globe

Written & Belonging entirely to OlwethuKlaas.

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunion


The Return of Televisions most beloved ensemble.
2014 has already proved itself worthy of the bounty of well wishes and promises.
The Secrets of TV twitter account recently revealed that the legendary 10 season hit show “Friends” will be back for a 10 year reunion.
We finally see where the paths of Rachel,Ross,Monica,Chandler,Phoebe and Joey have led.

I am so emotional.
This is great news.
This show was never cancelled so we never felt left in a proverbial plot lurch, but it will be nice to reminisce about the awesomeness of this show.

There have been emulating shows like “How I met your mother” with their own niche and incredible storylines and acting, but still remaining true to the spirit of “Friends”.

I can’t wait to see the dynamics back on screen of Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Courtney Cox (Monica), Matt Le Blanc (Joey), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), Matthew Perry (Chandler) & David Schwimmer (Ross) ♥

How amped are you?

Written & Belonging entirely to Olwethu Klaas.

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The exquisite Khloe ‘Dash


What I love most about Khloe is her unapologetic attitude,her beautiful signature Kardashian hair, and her style.

She is comfortable in her body,dresses accordingly,has a toned pair of legs I envy and a twitter feed that keeps me entertained.

PicMonkey Collage

Khloe Kardashian by James White for Cosmopolitan UK February 2014.

(Individual pictures courtesy of E!Online)

The refreshing taste of 2014


I really want to be profound…to spew words of wisdom with the soul purpose of moving an entire generation into positive action with a revered veneer of calm bad-assitude.

Alas! I am just another writer in the bloggersphere – Inconsequential to the magnitude that is the media hub, but none the less persistent in my endeavor to entertain myself and the voices in my head.

The year is 2014.

The Mayan calendar gave us a scare in 2012, perpetuated by cinematic juggernauts like “2012″ and “The Day After Tomorrow”.

2013 was riddled with colossal breaches in powerful nations national security for the purpose of global warfare,but also for opening peoples minds to the triumphs and failures of society.

What truths does 2014 bring? Will humanity finally fall?

What patterns of mind-numbing calamity are hidden in the fabric of our future?

It’s utterly maddening to consider…so many variables!

OK! So forget my philosophical rant!

How goes the New Year for you? How did you spend it?


I didn’t hit a club like I’d planned, but I sure had a good time rekindling magical ties with high school mates and old acquaintances.


Also forged new relations and generally being awesome.


I rocked my favorite number by the now  internationally renowned fashion brand Milq & Honey.


Festive Verisimilitude



I’ve been ‘Missing in Action’ for a while now owing to the fact that I’ve been committed to some serious family obligations of the traditional sort. I’ve had to migrate hundreds of kilometers to aid in the culminated closing of one of my cousins Bildungsroman ceremonies. While I was not initially keen, and woefully feeling thee highest waves of frustration, I did get the chance to represent my cultural roots in stunning traditional Xhosa apparel with some modern style twists.

PicMonkey Collage
I can tell you now that residing,however temporary, in a township or rural setting will humble you.
Believe me not?
Dare to wash in a plastic tub/basin thingy for days on end and then get back to me.


Following that humble experience of a dystopic verse of my life I roadtripped home to Port Elizabeth,known under another name that brings with it esteem and wordly obligations- “Nelson Mandela Bay“.

PicMonkey Collage

My mother made the mistake of allowing me full reign over music for the roadtrip, and in time-honored tradition I deviated almost entirely from what she’d love. My playlist included some of today’s best Indie rock,pop and feel-good blues.
Think along the lines of:

•Milo Greene – “What’s the matter?”
•Young the Giant – “Apartment”
•Metric – “Lost Kitten”
•Ornella Vanoni – “La Puntamento”
•Arno Carstens – “Another Universe”
•Woodkid – “Iron” [EP]
•30 Seconds to Mars – “End of all Days”
•Mumford & Sons – “White Blank Page”
•Gotye – “Eyes wide open”
•Weezer – “Island in the Sun”
•Joss Stone ft. Jamie Hartman – “Stalemate”
Foster the People – “Pumped up Kicks”

I only had practically a day to recover before I was shopping for Christmas apparel at my trust Woolworths, whose recent ad campaign chose to use South African-born Victoria Secret Angel and Highest paid model of 2012 Candice Swanepoel. Her limited edition “Candice shorts” are the epitome of skinny Hipster “festival going” chic. I,myself chose to buy a new leather jacket (my first EVER) and some neutral navy and white cotton and linen blend clothing.

When shopping is done and Christmas is nigh, I went onto Roadtrip 2.0- Port Elizabeth to Knysna. South Africa is notorious for its scenery and the Sunshine coast dazzled with carbon-emitting bumper-to-bumper traffic backdropped to a green pasture canvas,laden with well spaced out touristy things like the highest Bungy jump in the world, Snake parks, Wolf Sanctuaries, comfortable refreshment stops etc.


Knysna with my eerily dysfunctional family was a cramped,loud and happy. For once I wasn’t the only one young enough to do chores and could dictate my cousins like minions…aaaah, what sweet joy! (No abuse was implemented in the making of this awesome joyful feeling)

I think one thing that’s become so synonymous about black South Africans is meat and salads as meal staples, in the festive season. A christmas plate laden with 2 types of meat,6 salads is the epitome of indifference to general health guidelines.

…But boy does it taste awesome!

Knysna is one of the beacons of wealth in Africa and has properties on prime real estate,some even estimated at R 28 million. Spending a couple of days there was no hardship. I went to the township area with my mom and aunts, just off the main road and filled with dusty vibrant character.

At some point I hit Leisure Island which is as decadent as the title suggests.


Once that was done: Leisure Isle-the beach version of the water suburban area Leisure Island. Ended up having funzies with my camera and a beach bag filled with accessories,dresses and sarongs.

I had the most fun envisioning I was in Menaggio,Italy or Monaco.

PicMonkey Collagehg

So, anyway, how was your holiday?

30 Seconds to Mars is coming back to South Africa


*Cue scream*


They haven’t bee here since 2010 at the Coca Cola Festival.


They announced their tour stops yesterday and fans are besides themselves. I nearly wet myself. I’ve adored Jared Leto since I saw him act in “Requim for as dream” and “Panic room” where he sported some seriously cool cornrowed hair.

Anyway, you know Thirty Seconds to Mars‘s credentials.

Will you be attending the festival?



Get your tickets & see MARS come June 2014!

JUNE 13 • Cape Town • Grand West Casino • VIP:

JUNE 16 • JohannesburgCoca Cola Dome • VIP:

Prepping for Christmas


Out on the town I rocked my new Converse kicks, Red skinnies and a vest.

Shopping for Christmas is always a tedious task, but looking good isn’t.

So how you like me now?DSCN1375

My thanks to the late Nelson Mandela


Dear Tata uNelsonMandela

In the simplest way, you gave me my life.

I was born to a world molded into a perfect idyllic dreamscape willed from the bloody mangled bodies and tears of broken spirits.

So I give thanks to a man who gave me my eloquence and my constitution.

I am restless in my freedom but steadfast in my unshakable adoration of the man who became a legend from his selfless acts for a nation,later inspiring a globe.♥

Yours was a multitude of great moments stretched further than time, physics and all the immutable natural laws would generally permit. You became an idea.

“We are told to remember the idea, not the man, because a man can fail.
He can be caught.
He can be killed and forgotten.

But four hundred years later an idea can still change the world.

But you cannot kill an idea, cannot touch it or hold it. Ideas do not bleed, it cannot feel pain, and it does not love.

And it is not an idea that I miss, it is a man.

A man who made me remember the fifteenth of December. A man I will never forget”-V for Vandetta (adapted and remixed)

Written & Belonging entirely to Olwethu Klaas.

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Nelson Mandela Memorial Underway

“Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”

The world watches with somber notes playing through their heartstrings.

The South African population is in a slightly euphoric state celebrating a mans life and the incredible potency of the legacy he leaves behind.

On this day in 1993 Nelson Mandela receives the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway, with FW de Klerk.‪

Described as the paragon of human perfection, the embodiment of the agency of the human spirit, former President of The Republic of South Africa Nelson Mandela will have his state memorial today.

Broadcasted in every corner of the globe on various frequencies and media platforms, this is the funeral that will decimate all.

Social networks are abuzz with pictures and tweets praising the man, the heads of state, royals and other dignitaries who have landed in Pretoria and Johannesburg in order to pay homage to Madiba.

Embedded image permalink

(Picture courtesy of Stephen Grootes)

This is the FNB Stadium where people are gathering and where the worlds high profilers will sit to reflect on the life of Nelson Mandela. Unfurled Banners which show iconic images of Madiba, as well as Screens showing his portraits are on and shining at the stadium.

Embedded image permalink

(Picture courtesy of Gareth Cliff)

Embedded image permalink

The convoy with American number plates and the flags of SA and USA on the bonnets.

The famed carrier of the United States of America Commander-in-ChiefAir Force One” landed an hour ago at Lansaria Airport carrying Barack and Michelle Obama. George Bush and Bill Clinton are expected at todays proceedings too.

5 Brazilian Presidents landed have been reported to have landed earlier on too.

Picture courtesy of @qoroq on twitter


Investigative reporter Anderson Cooper who is on location, has reported that the ambiance at the stadium is amazing as people are singing and dancing outside and inside. He recently interviewed entertainer and philanthropic activist Bono regarding Nelson Mandela considering his many joint collaborations on many projects for social development.

Embedded image permalink

(Picture courtesy of Dan Calderwood)

This is the scene from the stands at the FNB Stadium

South African caricature genius Zapiro has a new one out in honor of Nelson Mandela and the late boxer Baby Jake who also passed away recently. Both men were boxers and now the heavenly host has 2 new boxers to join their divine garrison.

Again people are speculating about the subtle nuances of political strategy with the seating charts. The protocols must accommodate tensions faced by people like Raul Castro and the American presidents, Tony Blair and Robert Mugabe and lest we forget Hassan Rouhani and George W. Bush.

I’m not in Johannesburg but Ill be bringing you coverage all day.

News just in, South African native and Hollywood heavyweight Charlize Theron will land today in Johannesburg to attend the proceedings of this week. Madiba once praised her for how her acting work, following her win of an Academy Award, as her work has brought a new understanding to the vast capabilities South Africans are capable of.  He said: “She has put South Africa on the map. Even those who were ignorant of South Africa, having seen her, they must know now that there is a country like South Africa.”

Saying goodbye: Charlize Theron flew out of Los Angeles, California, on Monday ahead of Nelson Mandela's memorial

Picture courtesy of Daily Mail (UK)


A twitter picture of Charlize’s arrival at the stadium

Also in attendance will be Oprah Winfrey, Bono and Naomi Cambell.

Picture courtesy of Carien Du Plessis

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Kofi Annan arriving at the stadium.

Live footage is available from today at FNB Stadium

The Latest Logistics for Madiba’s Memorial & Funeral


Max Sisulu, the speaker of Parliament is observing all protocols.

Here is where the current statistics for Madiba’s memorial in Johannesurg, and possibly his funeral in Qunu, stand:

•91 Heads of State
•10 Former Heads of State
•26 Countries represented by Ministers.
•The World Bank, the AU & the EU will be in attendance
•Princes and Kings from the corners of the world will be coming.

Basically, there will be more heads of state coming to bury Nelson Mandela than the numbers which came to inaugurate him.

The question remains whether there will be enough “Presidential Suites” to accommodate the sheer number of presidents who will be in attendance. Recommendations I have would be for Swaziland and Lesotho to have pen hospitality as they would cipher some of the security and spatial load off South Africa and its administration. Both have facilities which can accommodate heads of state for the duration of this weeks proceedings.

According to The Telegraph, the Spice Girls are coming to Nelson Mandela’s memorial.

The Dalai Lama has been denied a VISA twice before and his spokesperson has recently stated that he has no plans to attend the funeral due to this. Given that Madiba and he have several correlation philosophies regarding humanity and gross human rights,his lack of attendance would have an impact on the morale o the entire event.

Queen Elizabeth, of Great Britain, will be absent at Mandela’s funeral.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he wont attend Mandela’s memorial because traveling is expensive. One wondered where the financial backing for a war in Palestine originates from

If you were wondering how the world first reacted to the news of Madiba’s demise, here is an amazing video at the announcement at the premier of “Long Walk to Freedom” in London.

Here is a full list of events for this week and information around tomorrow’s FNB memorial

This afternoon the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will be addressing the media at the Nelson Mandela Foundation

There will be a complete lock down at FNB stadium in Johannesburg by tonight. The Stadium will be open by 6am for the scheduled memorial service.

At least 41 Metrorail trains are to transport mourners to the memorial.

An important notice from the City of Cape Town regarding Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Event at Cape Town Stadium on Wednesday:

A press conference with Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu will be held at 20h00 at the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

News just in:  Amakrwala awazu kwazi ukuphuma kule veki kude kugqitywe umncimbi ka Madiba.” (The youths currently undergoing the end of their initiation will be unable to finish this week owing to the current state of funeral arrangements around Madiba)

courtesy of the South African Department of international relations & cooperation, this is the revised list of dignitaries, and as yet, is in the process of being updated. One will note all 4 presidents of the United States of America are not on right now.

Afghanistan, His Excellency Hamid Karzai, President Mozambique, President of Mozambique, HE Armando Emilio Guebuza
Algeria, His Excellency Mr Abdelkader Bensalah, Speaker of the Council of the Nation (Senate) – rank above the Prime Minister Namibia, His Excellency Hifikepunye Pohamba, President
Angola, His Excellency Mr Manuel Vicente, Vice President Niger, His Excellency Issoufou Mahamdou, President
Argentina, Mr Amado Boudou, Acting President of Argentina New Zealand,  Right Hon John Key, Prime Minister
Australia,  His Excellency Mr Tony Abbott, MP, Prime Minister Nigeria, His Excellency Goodluck Jonathan, President
Bahamas, Right Honourable Perry Christie, Prime Minister Niger, His Excellency Mahamadou, President of Niger
Bangladesh, His Excellency Mr Md. Abdul Hamid MD ABDUL, President Norway, His Royal Highness Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway
Belgium, His Royal Highness King Philippe Pakistan, His Excellency Mr Mamnoon Hussain, President
Benin, His Excellency Boni Yayi, President Palestinian State, His Excellency Mahmoud Abbas, President
Botswana, His Excellency Lt Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama, President Portugal, His Excellency, Anibal Cavaco Silva, President
Brazil, Her Excellency Dilma Rousseff, President Saudi Arabia, His Royal Highness Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, Crown Prince
Burundi, His Excellency Pierre Nkurunziza, President Saharawi Republic, His Excellency Mr Mohamed Abdelaziz, President
Canada, His Excellency Stephen Harper, Prime Minister Senegal, His Excellency Macky Sall, President
CHAD, His Excellency Mr Idriss Deby Itno, President Serbia, His Excellency Tomislav Nikolic, President
China, His Excellency Li Yuanchao, Vice President, Seychelles, His Excellency Mr James Alix MICHEL
COMORES, His Excellency Dr Ikiliou Dhoinine, President Spain, His Royal Highness Felipe de Borbon, The Prince of Asturias
Congo (Republic of the Congo ), His Excellency Mr Denis Sassou-Nguesso, President Sri Lanka, His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, President
Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo), His Excellency Joseph Kabila, President Suriname, His Excellency Desire Delano Bouterse, President
Cote d Ivoire, His Excellency President Allassane Ouattara, President Slovenia, His Excellency Pahor, President
Croatia, His Excellency Josipovic Ivo, President South Sudan, His Excellency General Salva Kir Mayardit, President
Cuba, His Excellency Raul Castro Ruz, President Sweden, His Royal Highness Victoria, Prime Minister
Denmark, His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Federick Switzerland, His Excellency Mr Ulrich Maurer, President
Djibouti, His Excellency Ismail Omar Guelleh, President Swaziland, His Excellency Dr Sibusiso Dlamini, Prime Minister
Ethiopia, His Excellency Ato Hailemariam  Dessalegn, Prime Minister Suriname, His Excellency Desire Delano Bouterse, President
Equatorial Guinea, His Excellency Mr Obiang Mbasogo, President Tanzania, His Excellency Dr Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, President
France, His Excellency, Francois Hollande, President Timor-Leste, His Excellency Kay Rala Xanana, Prime Minister
Finland, His Excellency Sauli Niinisto, President Tunisia, His Excellency Mohamed Moncef Marzouki, President
Gabon, His Excellency Ali Bongo Ondimba, President Trinidad and Tobago, His Excellency Mrs Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Prime Minister
The Gambia, His Excellency Prof Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh, President Sheikh Uganda, His Excellency Yoweri Kagota Museveni, President
Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, President United Arab Emirates, His Excellency Sheikh Nayahan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Culture – Special Envoy of the Emir
Germany, His Excellency Joachim Gauck, President United Kingdom, His Royal Highness Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Prime Minister David Cameron, Former Prime Ministers Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and John Major
Guyana, His Excellency Donald Ramotar, President Venezuela, His Excellency Nicolas Maduro Moros, President
Guinea, His Excellency Prof Alpha Conde, President Zimbabwe, His Excellency Robert Gabriel Mugabe, President
India, His Excellency Pranab Mukherjee, President Zambia His Excellency Michael Sata, President
Ireland, His Excellency Michael D Higgins, President Arab States League, His Excellency Amb Samir Hosny, Minister
Italy, His Excellency Enrico Letta, Prime Minister African Union Commission, Her Excellency Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, Chairperson
Japan, His Imperial Highness, Crown Prince Naruhito Commonwealth, His Excellency, Mr Kamalesh Sharma
Jamaica, Her Excellency, Portia Simpson Miller, Prime Minister European Council, His Excellency Mr Herman van Rompuy, President
Jordan, Her Royal Highness, Queen Rania Al Abdullah and His Excellency Prime Minister Dr Abdullah Ensour Mexico, His Excellency Enrique Pena Nieto President of Mexico
Kenya, His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta, President Mauritius, His Excellency Dr the Honourable Navinchandra, Prime Minister
Korea (South), His Excellency Hongwon Chung, Prime Minister Mauritania, His Excellency Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz,  President
Lebanon, His Excellency Mr Najib Mikati, Prime Minister Malawi, Her Excellency Joyce Banda, President
Lesotho, His Excellency, T Thabane, Prime Minister Grand Duchy of LUXEMBOURG, His Royal Highness Henry of Luxembourg, The Grand Duke
Liberia, Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President  

Bound to earth

Inevitably, we are bound and come the end, to the ground.
Held fast by the chains bolted by breathe, straight into the earth.
We’ll forever go on our toes and attempt to grasp the stars – supernova dreams.
Conrad says that every image floats vaguely in a sea of doubt.
We are restless in our freedom.
In this universe of existence, our tight reign on the breadth of rationality leads us astray from divine clarity, and into the servitude of uncertain calamity.

The Strategic Masterminding Miley Cyrus


I cannot actually believe the world could be this foolish.

You really think Miley is as ratchet and depraved as the public image is suggesting?

Actress,model,singer,online video personality Miley Cyrus has played the world like a fiddle.

Surviving continued Hollywood success is contingent on ones ability to constantly be remembered-whether for good or bad,its irrelevant because its lucrative either way.

Miley has orchestrated a marketing campaign with the utmost success. Fundamentally, its based on the premise of engaging the watching world in discourse. On the day she tweeted that her now infamous VMA performance had 306 000 tweets per minute. Her father and country music royalty Billy Rae Cyrus said : “Mile, if twerkin woulda been invented…. And I had a foam finger…. I woulda done the same thang you did.

 She has created a persona riddled with the flaws that would ordinarily render international entertainers disregard-able a standard based on socially accepted norms of morality. She has manifested the current trend of “ratchet” singers with destructive lifestyles and changed physical appearance as the visual manifestation of rebellion against convention.

So recently Miley had her Vogue cover cancelled by Anna Wintour.

Bad right?

As of today Miley Cyrus was Unveiled As Face Of Marc Jacobs SS14 Line(

See my logic now?

I consider her incredible. She is owning the media,and by extension society through the exploitation of consumer weaknesses.

Model singer: Miley Cyrus is the new face of Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 fashion campaign

 Spring 2014 fashion campaign for Marc Jacobs

South African-born Hollywood Sensations


South Africa has transcended the label of “Third World” to produce some of the worlds most crowned Hollywood jewels and up-and-comers. I’m really proud too be a South African when I see all the hardwork and dedication these individuals have put in to rise into a very hard industry.
Here are a a list of a few names and faces you may have seen but never knew they were South African-born:

 Dean Geyer
Glee (TV series)
Brody Weston

Tammin Sursok
Pretty Little Liars (TV series)
Jenna Marshall

Lesley-Ann Brandt
Spartacus: Blood and Sand (TV series)

Adhir Kalyan
Fired Up! (Film)

Arnold Vosloo

The Mummy (Film)


Christian Bale
(South African–born father, David Charles Howard Bale)
The Dark Knight (Film)
Batman/Bruce Wayne

Sasha Pieterse

Pretty Little Liars (TV series)
Alison DiLaurentis

Sharlto Copley
District 9 (Film)
The A-Team (Film)

District 9 writers and Peter Jackson discuss t...

Candice Swanepoel
Victoria Secret fashion show (Angel)

Peter Cartwright
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Film)
Elphias Doge

Tanit Phoenix
Death Race 2(video)
Katrina Banks Spud (Film)
Mrs. Eve Wilson
Steve Schirripa
Ugly Betty (TV series)

The Sopranos (TV series)
 Gaetano Giarizzo

Liezl Carstens
Wild Hogs (Film)

Troye Sivan
Spud (Film)
John ‘Spud’ Milton
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Film)
Young James

Charlize Theron
(Academy Award “Oscar” Winner)
Monster (Film)
Aileen Wuornos
Charlize Theron

Terry Pheto
Tsotsi (Film)
The Bold and the Beautiful (TV Soapie)
Dr. Malaika Maponya